Lenovo Ideapad 710S Review – A Cheap and Thin Laptop!

My review of the Lenovo Ideapad 710S – The XPS 13 competitor. Covering an unboxing, build quality, internal hardware, gaming and video editing performance.

Laptop Case Thing – http://amzn.to/29RLRQ8
External Drive Thing – http://amzn.to/29kyExA

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Desktop Wallpaper Download: (Can’t link this yet. Will update soon.)

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aufelixify says:

I’d remap the shift key.

DJGuyGT says:

My mom wants to buy this XD!

范君愷 Karl says:

Great and detailed review , most important of all , unbiased !

tariq al says:

this laptop is good, i bought it in black Friday (:

Hamza Mir says:

Anyone interested to buy inside UAE, I have only used it for 1 and a half month and selling is for a low local price. please find my ad on dubai.dubizzle.com http://dbzl.it/2i6P5Sv

Brussel Sprout says:

How is this CHEAP!?!?!?

braintrain5000 says:

you said cheaper?? its fucking 1200 Australian Dollors mate!

Pasiya Dabro says:

Awesome review

Thomas Vorster says:

I love your camera

The_KAZ3 says:

For those that own this laptop, do you guys have a black bar on the right side of the display?

BlueOmega says:

WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU????!?!??!!!!!! 700$ is NOT cheap!!!!!

TimmyToaster5 says:

Man I really wanted that desktop background, hope he updates it

Kj Lee says:

going to get the Ideapad 710s-plus version with i7-7500u and NVIDIA 940mx, is it good for 1080p video editing?

Jan says:

Which is better: Ideapad 710s or Yoga 710? I’m looking for a laptop for university lectures with a good keyboard. I’m a gamer so Yoga 710 with nvidia seems awesome but I’m not sure coz there are no reviews on the internet of Yoga. Can you help me?

Harri Spendley says:

Just got the ideapad 710s plus. Really love it, and judging from trying to flex the chassis/screen like you were, it seems the build quality is improved and it’s a bit stiffer

조준태 says:

Hp envy13, Lenovo710s
which one would you choose?

Wong Zhi Wei says:

Do a review on Lenovo 510s 13.3inches.

ankit bankar says:

Which laptop is best Lenovo ThinkPad T460 or Lenovo Yoga 710?
Also Lenovo Yoga 710 have high configuration and cheaper than Lenovo ThinkPad T460. Please suggest.

Friendly Potato 206 says:

i got the laptop and its running super hot! solutions anyone?

Kenny says:

I bought one and it’s new but it is so slow

Koh Yuen Qing says:

lenovo ideapad 710s or the new razer blade stealth?

Bryan Chia says:

Hi Dave, do you think this laptop is better than UX305 or HP envy 13?

ruempel1102 says:

will there be a review video on the Lenovo IdeaPad 710s Plus? It would be very interesting to see if they changed anything for the better. Thanks!

Dontpickmelast101 says:

Is it just me or are mid-range laptops becoming really rare nowadays? I’m talking the 500-600 dollar variety. They’re all either super cheap (200-300 bucks), or are more than $1000

Fe Bo says:

Could you review the 710s Plus? Great job by the way.

Jerico Tablizo says:

hi, although this is late, I just want to ask if Overwatch can run on this laptop since in your video you showcased applications that can be played. I have the (i guess) cheap build with the i5 Core. Thanks in advanced

zaiddagamseh says:

Hi Dave, can you rea;;y edit 080p video on this intel HD 520? is it usable?

Andy Kwan says:

please review miix 710 as well. thanks

LordM4rk says:

Is this computer better than Acer Aspire S13? Or should I go for that ultrabook instead of this 710s?

abdul mukti wibowo says:

should i go for hp envy 13 or this one dave?thanks

kevind1997 says:

Im just high right now vibing out to this video so chill, even though i have no idea what hes talking about

Ryan Salao says:

I was considering this for my next laptop but I went for the MIIX 510 instead for more versatility.

Hugo Nobre says:

hi can u make review of the xiaomi air 13 ?

Eltoons says:

oh so it is a thing..i have a thinkpad

Aarya Sankhe says:

u really know how to make quality videos

Joel. cs says:

dave can we upgrade the ram on this laptop??

TheDraykez says:

What graphics card does this laptop have?

Roberts Eihmanis says:

Hey guy’s. I’m going to start university soon and i’m currently looking at asus zenbook ux310. Just found out about this one Lenovo Ideapad 710s . In my country they’re about the same price. Which one should i get?

Ying Terk says:

Can you do a Review On Lenovo Ideapad 710s Plus?The one with Dedicated Graphics Card

Adam Starkie says:

Hi Dave, great review. Should I go with this or the HP Envy 13? I’m looking for a portable machine for productivity, media consumption and ideally lightweight gaming. Thanks.

Val Rios says:

pls talk about the ideapad 510s :'(

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