Lenovo G50 15.6″ Laptop Review

What’s up guys, here is my full review on the Lenovo G50.
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Oxi says:

Does this play super smash bros melee with dolphin emulator

MC Grindah says:

Is it good for business? For example Word Documents Excel PowerPoint. Trading on the stock market, PayPal and buying stuff on eBay and Amazon.

Pikachu Smasher says:

Nice review! It went into good detail!

Be Cool says:

It’s not a chrome book

Gamer Ninja says:

can we use software like unity 3d and adobe fireworks and after effect do they slow it down or not

Trapti Garg says:

I am not able to put earphones in dt earphone plug. it won’t get inside it…do you why?

Tony caffeine says:

Whats this a laptop you can still upgrade and has an optical drive ?
Great review. I have been using a yogo 2 for years no probs or complains lenovo makes great stuff.. IBM

Courtney Angove says:

What would you recommend for a student laptop on a budget but still a good laptop?

panji ramadhan says:

ram up to? 16 or 8 gb?

4BSTRACT says:

Hey might be a dumb question but can this work with blender program?

Xx Y zZ says:

this can play fallout 4, gta 5 and NSUNS 4 with 50+ fps??

Frogger Yoshi says:

can this laptop run crazy craft good?

BrozBB / says:

Just asking, is this computer good for homework and uploading videos to the computer???

BEYONCE lover squad says:

my mom got this on Christmas

joshua hernandez says:

would this be good for djing ?

Greg T says:

The G50 has a common fault the processor blows and takes out the HD dont buy it

BoSs iTTi says:

how long does the battery stayes?

Besmillah Moamadi says:

Hi i like your video and it is short . I need  to your help and I have a computer Lenovo B50 . But I can,t open cd play. How to use

ocelot salarian says:

biggest lump of cheap chinky dogshit masquerading as a laptop i’ve ever bought. after less than a year the speakers don’t work, the mic does’t work, the CD player doesn’t work, the screen flickers on/off constantly and it’s generally falling to bits. one piece of advice for anyone considering purchasing a lenovo laptop – DON’T!

kartik Gupta says:

is it good for games and reliblity and in all performance and does it lag

Mcpe N More JoeySenjuGaming says:

whats the average fps for gta tho? cuz I could get a amplifier

NorCalMtnBiker86 says:

The big quetion is… Will it run Crysis 3!!!???

Karar AL-Rubaay TG says:

what’s the price of the itme

deathwarrior productions says:

will gta 4 atleast run on this ?

Luis Manahan says:

Can this laptop run dota 2?

Philipg13 says:

I’m saving up for this awesome laptop, thanks for sharing this video!

It’s awesome man, i appreciate it!

Moey Comps says:

Any good for editing?

pigga239 says:

Can I run Overwatch on this computer?

Sefkolucas says:

i have Lenovo g50 i broken

Mysterious World says:

please if someone have “lenovo G50” laptop for 2 or three years answer to my questiuons :

1 – what year was made this laptop (lenovo G50 ) ??
2 – is it working good for all microsoft programs like ( word .excel and ……)
3 – how is the speed of laptop after 3 years ??
4 – does it get stop functioning for no reason ???
5 – how long the battery last without puting it in charger ?
6 – how the internet connection works ( great / good or bad ) ??

Jared Highlands says:

Is this the and one? Am looking at one that was 900 on sale for 400 not sure if is legit

Raging Gaming says:

how is it at editing videos on Sony Vegas Pro by any chance

Tom Tom Wylie says:

what’s the exact model name please

Jacob Lopez says:

does this laptop run roblox good ?

SirSnakee says:

Can it play black ops 2 smoothly?

GxCobra ._ says:

Hello. Can this laptop run gmod? And if so at what settings? Thanks! 😉

telugu film world says:

where can i download drivers for this? i didn’t find in lenovo website

Dank Harambe says:

The Amd a8 with r5 gpu version of this Lenovo laptop is much better for gaming, you can run csgo from 45-70fps and nvr dipping below 45fps, the Amd version of the Cpu runs upto 2.4ghz instead of the i3 which limits at 1.9ghz…

Vetor :P says:

When he finishes a sentence about configs, he always change the voice tone and make it smooth hahahahah

Thunder Strike says:

It’s shit! I’m sorry

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