Lenovo 17.3″ Ideapad Y900 Gaming Laptop Review – GTX 980M – Y900-17ISK

Buy it at B&H: http://lon.tv/8m7nx – Lenovo’s 17 inch Y900 gaming laptop is large and heavy but delivers exceptional gaming performance.. at a price. See more gaming: http://lon.tv/gaming and subscribe! http://lon.tv/s – Video index below:

00:45 – Hardware overview
02:37 – SSD benchmark
03:50 – Mechanical keyboard overview
05:28 – Battery life
05:50 – Keyboard configuration (macros and lighting)
07:27 – Turbo overclocking button
08:05 – Benchmarks
10:08 – Minecraft
10:46 – Counterstrike GO
11:12 – GTA V
11:50 – Rocket League
12:00 – No Man’s Sky
12:23 – Doom (2016)
13:28 – Fan noise
13:35 – GSync on the display
13:50 – Conclusion and final thoughts

The 10+ pound laptop packs a lot of gaming features into its huge form factor. This includes a true mechanical keyboard, a 17 inch 75 hz 1080p display, quad core i7 processor, 16 gigs of DDR4 RAM, and a 980M GPU.

The model I tested also has a super fast 256GB Samsung SSD and a 1 terabyte 5400 RPM hard drive. Both are replaceable.

Performance did not disappoint, with most current and popular games I tested delivering solid frame rates at close to or over 60fps. I was especially impressed with the Gsync technology on the display that kept everything running smooth with no screen tearing.

At $2600 (or thereabouts) this is not the typical budget computer we look at. But it makes for a very useful gaming system that can be moved around a little more efficiently than a gaming desktop PC. It’ll be interesting to see if Lenovo integrates the new Pascal architecture into this form factor.

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Tyler I. says:

For 400 more dollars you can get a desktop 1070 in your laptop.

saturnotaku says:

Way overpriced. For not much more than this, you can get a similar system from Sager or MSI with a GTX 1080. For a couple hundred less, those same brands offer a GTX 1070, which will still blow the 980M out of the water.

Nick Fusco says:

Most people would game with a mouse. It a track pad 🙂

Austin Childs says:

that laptop seems to be the best one IMO right now… was looking to get a Thinkpad T460p with nvidia 940mx graphics to replace my T440 but I still don’t know

รlσтнfx says:

Bought the Y700 about a month ago. Wish I knew this was coming out :/

Fisayo Dada says:

great video as always Lon, maybe you can include VR tests in future gaming laptops/devices. That might be cool to see too.

louie Looop says:

whats that mouse

Shogun Modz says:

Can you Compare the Razer stealth and the y900 please

Mike B says:

Hey, big fan of your videos. can you please review Azulle’s byte plus mini pc.

Fawzi Breidi says:

I have this laptop. It is a beast. Lenovo really outdid them self here.its build is beyond anything else in the market

EposVox says:

HUGE laptop!

Asdruval Ramirez says:

Thanks Lon for comparing the 980M to those 960M laptops. 😀 Gives me more realistic ideas of what to expect if I do choose to go that dell 7559.

Casimir Feldmann says:

Who wants a laptop with a 980m anymore knowing that the ones with Pascal GPUs are out…

Orangematz says:

980M isn’t worth it at all for the price that machine is at right now.

crysisownz says:

any idea when lenovo will release their gtx1060 15 inch lappy?

DOSTRES Alberto Cristobal de la Cruz says:

en méxico me salio en 1800 dolares y la version es de 24 gb de ram y 8gb de tarjeta grafica

James McGill says:

You mention the trackpad is disabled when using the keyboard and you sound perplexed by this. Most PC gamers are NOT going to use the trackpad while gaming, but they will use the keyboard. Any self respecting PC gamer is going to use a mouse while gaming. Disabling the trackpad prevents your wrist making any accidental clicks or movements while aiming and what not. When I used to game on my laptop I hated the trackpad getting in the way.

AMD SAM says:

great video! i don’t personally believe in “Gaming” Laptops
you could easily get a beast of a computer with that kinda of money and just use a small portable laptop for more simple tasks on the Go

Andrew S says:

Disableing the track pad is a feature. You would be dumb to use it during a game

Tony Yang says:

will this come out on chrismas


most comprehensive review

Kyle Manick says:


Timothy Baxter says:

Too expensive for me.

Joe TechN'stuff says:

love the fact that you mentioned the panel’s refresh rate

moreno522 says:

Would you say it’s worth the price? I mean it’s pretty expansive i think i have a y500 when it was new i got it for about 1000 euro i think. I just need to know how long this beast would last like if i can use this one for like 5 years without losing much of speed fps drops and other problems i might consider buying one but idk yet

Alejandro Rubio says:

Just get the 1060 laptop grade same price, but better performance


Best review lon… is that good for gaming and hows the temperature


Could you do a review of the Asus ROG Strix GL702VM-DB71 please.

Mesonicattic239 says:


lee1302 says:

hey Lon quick question i loved the mouse you was using whats the name of that mouse and can you set a color on it and do you have a gaming keyboard that dont cost much and that is great qauitly?

DBEPIC says:

This has nothing to do with anything but, I just built my first PC today with a 6600k and a 1070 today.

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