Legion Y520 Review – Lenovo’s Best Laptop For $850

Dave2D review of the Lenovo Y520 – One of the best gaming laptop options starting at $850 with GTX 1050 Ti
Lenovo Y520 – http://amzn.to/2oFBFnU
Blue SSD – http://amzn.to/2kKatOh

Laptop GPU Benchmarks – https://youtu.be/wEb0mWN5-gE
Lenovo Website – http://www3.lenovo.com/us/en/laptops/ideapad/lenovo-legion-y-series-laptops/c/legion-y-series

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Intro: Miami Horror – Real Slow (Robotaki Remix)
Background: Fili – Dollar For My Thoughts

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AJ Kay says:

legion? where is the predator canon?

(what’s up reddit)

Aditya Udayana says:

please review Dell XPS 15

Wabbit says:

We need more Chromebook review!

Hayden Wong says:

Cool new intro!

Pavol Vaško says:

I was worried that I would see some strange creations on the back of the laptop, but it looks really good in my opinion. Awesome review btw! As allways.

Classy Prateek says:

That red cam tho!

Damian Zając says:

I bought this one with i7/GTX 1050Ti/16Gb RAM. I can recommend it with all of my heart 😀

D.D-WORLD says:

can you review gpd win and pocket

Ariex says:

Is this better than the acervx15?

Justin Storm says:

dang those new graphics <3

TheTigeRR says:

I think Acer Aspire VX15 is better 😡

Alles Klar says:

i have the Laptop

Anup Neupane says:

please update this type of videos in the future in the future
a lot of tech channels make this kind of videos but forget that they get kinds irrelevant after some while
and a big fan of you Dave
love from nepal

waqar 8Kount1 says:

This is the first video i have watched from this channel, those animations at the end of video where done by the the guys from this channel or are they the product’s (ad or whatever)?

DimplePoji says:

would you recommend this for video rendering software like premiere?

Murad Sheshani says:

MSI 1050ti and I7 hq.. tell us about it


plz review hp omen 15 2017!!..

Basavaraju B V says:

hi.. can we use this laptop for 3dmax and other high end character designing?

LynxxLancer says:

I hate lenovo keyboards. They are generally less responsive than standard keyboard.

Sarim Ashrafi says:

Lovely animations…

Денис Ковырков says:

Will you review legion y720 when it comes out?

Sir_Sethery says:

Yeah, that’s a really odd trackpad button design. The way I usually use it (my thumb laying across between the left and right buttons), it looks almost unusable.

aamer saleem says:

Never buy Lenovo Y series laptops.. I have y510p and Y 50-70 … after a year or so of product launch they drop support;;; CANT EVEN FIND STABLE DRIVERS FOR MY LAPTOPS NOW:: Shitty Lenovo

GamingOver Galaxy says:

is it available in UK
as I’ma take admission in Cambridge

Michael Newgyn says:

hey Dave what software do you use to animate the technical drawings for laptops in all your videos?

kerodfresenbet gebremedhin says:

Throttles!!! No fuck no, I have been fooled by a reviewer before saying that a certain laptop I bought two years before doesn’t throttle much.If it throttles, it is a deal breaker I wouldn’t advise anyone to buy a laptop with even the slightest throttling.

sayyam nasir says:

Great review and video editing

Neike mimaroo says:

Hey dave great review again. Watched it with my sisters here. They loved
loved it too.


do you know what I love most a out your channel ? the way you delve into your videos with no nonsense , cutting straight to the review in a clear and articulate way, devoid of drawn out unhelpful introductions. Ace.

halllucinogen says:

how to calibrate the display ? can’t change anything but gamma and brightness …

Mohammed Hersi says:

Lenovo is garbage.

Iga Gonçalves says:

Dave can you compare the two gaming inspirons in terms of performance/price also?

Dave Lee says:

<$1000 Gaming Laptop comparison video soon. One of the laptops has had a super important update. So stay tuned. Might give something away again =) Be subscribed and follow on twitter/IG for details! Thanks for the support 2D fam

Komplete Vision Entertainment says:

Your reviews are dang near perfect. You hit all of the important points, give honest opinions, and talk about pricing and sales. Thanks for all of your hard work and hours of editing. I am looking forward to your next video. I am trying to decide on which one of these to get. I Dj and I game and do some editing. Lenovo looks like it is beating the Asus and Dell. Although dell has that super long battery life, that screen kills it for me.

adrenochrome25 says:

your amazon link says $1129.99

Hector Ziegel says:

where do you get your computer backgrounds from

Allan says:

I really love Lenovo laptops. I still have a Lenovo G480 – i5 3ºgen, my great gift.

Congrats for your video, keep your good job Dave Lee. =D

WasabiChibiChibi says:

3:18 Did i just witness you Whole Hog Sym turrets???

AntoniPvP says:

Hello Dave Lee , very good job with the review’s, thank you for the honest opinion.I know you are from Canada and and you guys from Canada and Usa got different prices , do you know or recommend any website the ship to Europe ? thank in advance!

Abhishek sengupta says:

yes a comparative video is much needed …thanks

like the terminator told ya says:

Please get the quadruple comparison ready soon.

Eric. Alexander Sørensen says:

I bought a Lenovo Y510p which has a gt 745m, it’s getting slow now, 25 fps on Just Cause 3 for example. It’s kinda depressing but I’m gonna build a gaming computer soon so whatever 🙂

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