Laptops: What I Would and Wouldn’t Buy, Oct. 2016 Edition

Lisa Gade helps you narrow down the choices when buying a laptop— from convertibles to Ultrabooks to Macs and gaming laptops. Sometimes it’s OK to save money and go with last year’s tech, other times it pays in the long run to go with the new technology (even if you have to wait). She covers Intel CPU generations, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 9 and 10 series dedicated graphics, MacBook / MacBook Pro / MacBook Air models, whether this is a good time to buy Ultrabooks and convertibles like Surface Pro 4, and display resolution choices in this laptop buying guide.


Ken says:

Some useful points I didn’t know. Thanx, Lisa 🙂

Emil kofang says:

“They give you all the gorgeous fps in your fps” 3:47

Freak Zoid says:

So which one is the best for performance, productivity and longest battery life?

E Noyles says:

I find that over all A Mac Book Pro costs less to own than a PC… As a tech I am able to keep a PC running about ten years and that is out of scope for nearly all including techs… but on average most users buy a laptop every three years… at 7 to 900 it’s a large bite… I can run all my windows programs on my mack… and all my DMG’s on it as well. if you get an Updated game PC your going to spend over 4000 on it and maybe get 4 years at full use out of it then it’s pretty much toast… I got this MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014) 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7 4-Core. 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3. Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB for $3400 and it fly’s and pre-maintenance is much easier than a PC… I am running everything from Maya to Davinci resolve studio to Premier pro to Maya 2016… and all in-between… and I know it will out last any pc… I almost don’t touch the PC anymore… I have them around to have the change in Architecture and to power take a lode off processing by creating on the mack and rendering on the PC so I can keep using the mac and not have to suffer stressing my mack out. I would tell people get the MAC and learn it… spend the money and get the top shelf….

ScubaBaby Dot says:

I just found this channel, less than 1 minute into this video, I just had to subscribe.

Bryan Pereira says:

If you’re a door to door salesman but plan on starting online businesses, with Youtube videos, and all whats the best tablet/laptop you would recommend for infield work and working at home in your business? If price weren’t a limitation!

Henry Riehl says:

Why are you scaring me ?

whitebeartigtig says:

I have a Samsung RV515 which has an AMD 450 APU

Michiah Findlay says:

What is a really good quality laptop that will be able to constantly edit videos and photos?

Nathan Pl says:

i wanna buy a laptop for college life, Asus Zenbook or Macbook Air?

Murat Moussa says:

What are your thoughts on the new Vaio S? I love the style and want to get it for mostly business work (finance). Appreciate much

Curtis King II says:

Computer language is so confusing

Rick Tobin says:

PC people typically just don’t understand how good Macs are they tend to get all bogged down on benchmarks and price. although I sold my early 2013 MacBook Air for $650CAD used it for 3 years and only paid $1199 in the first place. before that I was a windows user and was reserved to throwing out my laptops after about 2 years.

muhammad hamayun says:

please choose right category for your videos in order to get more views.

Chrissy Margo says:

You are the greatest Lisa

Aaron Ray says:

if i just wanted to play dead by daylight….could i do it on the macbook 12″ via windows bootcamp? and should i get the 2015 or 2016 model

pekerjaan kantor says:

Wow this is a good review, you are actually comparing the incremental speed vs the price for each upgrade. But why does the 1080p asus display win vs the 4k laptop ? How do you check the contrast ratio ?

BHsoFunny says:

She lowers her head a lot like she’s nodding to the camera

Latios Supnet says:

I have a AU $349 laptop with a 1080p display. It also has WiFi AC, it’s a convertible, and because my laptop is 10.1 inches (respective for the low price) the pixel density is incredible. Also has a better colour gamut than my old Acer Aspire Switch 10 (1366 x 768 display). Higher contrast ratio as well. If anyone’s interested, it is the Kogan Atlas 2-in-1 Pro. Also one of the few sub-$500 laptops that allows you to modify the BIOS on startup :).

Ashish Mishra says:

i think that dell laptops are in need of high maintain ance

Lovelle Stinnette says:

god go get therapy “join me” lol

TimGamerX says:

Is she a mom that actually understands that online games can’t be paused?

Rammsteinmaiky1 says:

Hello, I’m looking for a good laptop, my question is: do apple laptops run the MSOffice Softwares with the highest add-ins?, because I really need MS-Excel in almost all its features (pHStat, project add-ins, pivot tables, the highest statistical applications, etc.) and I don’t know if I can do all of that with a Macbook or the like from Apple.

Jawash Asalan says:

I’m looking for relatively cheap notebooks with a really great Display. (Preferably with 15-15,6 inch and preferably matte)
That’s what i’m generally missing in toplists…

Wesley Teoh says:

What about workstations? I am considering between the T560 w/ 6600u/940mx and P50 with 6820HK/m1000m.

Sayed Shabeer says:

With 1200$ which gaming laptop can I buy? I know some gaming laptops but I need your advice for buying something really good and worthy.

knighteclipse says:

LoL any fund raiser here. Sponsor me 1 Macbook air 🙁 from malaysia

Darrell Wood says:

Interesting. If it was you would you buy a dell xps 9560 or wait until the updated MacBook Pro arrives later in year. I currently have, from new a late 2008 MacBook unibody (ssd and 8gb RAM) but it is now struggling with 36mb pictures and 1080p/4K. I Have not decided if I go for adobe or fcp for editing. Thanks. I need a machine to Last and be reliable. For many years. Have not had good experience with contacting dell. Have you used their support.

Elias Kh says:

Can anyone tell me what the best laptop(s) i can get for photoshop and lightroom ? thanks!

21whichiswhich says:

I just recently bought Lenovo ideapad 100s, I got what I paid for. Hehe. I only wish they improve the trackpad and abled the multi touch function.

John G says:

Ugh, so many options! My early 2009 Imac and mid 2009 macpro are starting to die. Imac is no longer supported. They had a good long run.

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