In this video I unbox and review the EXTRA BASS Sony GTK-XB7. This thing is crazy! SO LOUD, SO MUCH BASS, OH MY LORD!

This speaker isn’t for everyone, it’s a little pricy, but the sound it puts out is incredible. So clean so well presented plus it lights up! Always a nice touch.

Sony calls it the life of the party. With the extra bass button the speaker transforms into a machine that will bring the house down. It’s not the most portable but if you have a plug its easy to take with you and plug in. Having great handles and not too heavy, it will fit where you need it. It’s loaded of LED to light up the dance floor, and let everyone know you aren’t playing around!

Sony GTK – XB7 –
US Link – http://amzn.to/2gXEbRq

Music – https://www.youtube.com/user/CHUKImusic

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sofie snitkjær says:

does it need to be connected to power when you use it?

simranpalsingh kohli says:

Wow what a clear sound , can i connect this with tv or laptop?

King Taylor says:

Bose is still better , who agrees?


yay (:

Baynaa Baynaa says:

slim lewis from unbox therapy

Notorious Bart says:

Is he just copying unbox therapy?

Svenn Martinsson says:

all i want to know is it Loud.. how long does it last when volume is 100% and can i use usb stick filled with music instead of bluetooth. :)???? looking for somthing for my camp at a featival.


this speaker is for a small cook out… or a night in a garage drinking some beers am i right or whaaa

Anime4 Mii says:

Sowwhat kind speaker does walmart use???

Juan Carlos Nieves says:

You scratch the side. Great review though!

wardoyo slamet says:

what song you used?

Husain Narsingarhwala says:

His face when the bass droped said it all
How good these speakers are

Ricky Marlbro says:

Try’na be Unbox Therapy lmfao

djbadandy1 says:

you can read the box…yay. made it to 1:30

Ronin De Rooze says:

what is the name of the app

Danny says:

Nice to see another Sony Fan! Blessed.

Moses Florida says:

R u trying to be like unbox therapy ?

Dr0p Syndrome says:

the xb1t is wayy better

German Appfider says:

Give me this song Right 🙂

sonja de veuster says:

Can it plat without the powercord ?

Ronin De Rooze says:

is a remote control possible so yes how and works it on the gtk-xb5

Rational Guy says:

looks like a couple weak 6.5″ woofers

jayr122001 says:

4 inches only too big buffles

Amine jouirou says:

nice one 🙂
but you should hear the funktion 1 speakers (too pricey not for home use ) but best sound I’ve ever heard in my entire life

Hugo Bakker says:

Can I put those on my tv

Chris Anderson says:

Hey, people who can only use an aux cord can in fact still use this speaker. In the back, it has a couple of rca connections. One of them is audio in. You can buy an rca to 3.5mm jack in just about every store for as low as $5

James Goufi says:

dude look at the camera when you are speaking!!

Anthony McDonagh says:

can you use this as a speaker for a dj controller?

Milan says:

it would be so perfect if it had a battery for outdoor partys

Riku Herlevi says:

i got this in red

CrAckZ says:

Is this not one of those shitty fake watt speakers?

Yash Zinje says:

will the speaker work on 220 volts??

pinkdevilcow says:

on my desk one left and one right

Diego De la Cruz says:

Dude, great video! You just got yourself a suscriber!


Which speaker is better
LG FH6 vs Sony GTK-XB7?

exik12 says:

Mercy me.. what a Chinese shit. If this is future of hi-fi audio then kill me right now.

Audfile says:

“old school stuff” connectors actually blow bluetooth away, lmao. noobs.

loυ ccp says:

Listening on aiwa exos 9

Dub Monster says:

song what plays in backround?

Veiktoh Roemmer says:

Can you power this with any powerbank? if yes how many mAh? or can i use a car battery

Sam Adams says:


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