JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth Speaker – REVIEW

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JBL Flip 4 Review


→ Music: Angelika Vee – On the Line


►Music during sound test◄
→ Ship wrek – Pain
→ Jo Cohen & Sex Whales – We Are
→ Eventide – Rain Check


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Tabish Haque says:

Hello , my flip 4 is giving only 6 hour of backup at exact 50% volume. With mixed variety of songs . I think its too less as compared to promise by company

Koji Olate says:

im using my jbl flip 4 while watching this

@nuriyosa_ says:

I did not see the charger until i saw this video. I thought charger doesnt come with it. Thank You

Joel Gilbert says:

JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth Speaker 30% OFF Here: *vdigital. info*

Chase Taylor says:

*touching bass

Max Emir says:

Ue boom 2 or flip 4??? Im looking for one

JimsReviewRoom says:

If you have the link that indicates JBL will be offering Connect PLUS for the older speakers (Charge 3/Xtreme), send it to me, I’ll pin it. Of course when I spoke with a JBL rep prior to the video… he had no idea. smh. Thank you my JRR Community. =D

suhas randive says:

superb review
Sir ji

Rahul Sk says:

Nice JBL flip4

gmoney 80 says:

Does anyonw know how what size speakers 1inch? 2inch?

songfulpower 341 says:

What color should I get this speaker I am purchasing one tomorrow and I’m interested in the red and blue one

Jmoon 87 says:

You know what’s funny I was listening to this on my flip 4

Karan Matharu says:

U can only connect jbl or any other speakers like monster

Michael Baia says:

$77 amazon prime….

bin veto says:

can i answer a phone call?

Armando Soto says:

Y’all ever try commenting on an ad?

Rishi Makhanlal says:

Finally I can listen to my music underwater!

John Gibson says:

FFS, try talking like a human.

David Richardson says:

What type of LG phone is that? It’s fire. I’m planning on checking out the JBL Bluetooth speakers only because it lasts 4 more hours than the Bose as stated on your last video I checked.

kght222 says:

ok, now i’m much more happy with this: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B01HI1908Q/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 . not that i really had a problem with it, just looking for something a little louder that can take a splash on my bike. 100 bucks? features are fun, but i don’t spend much time touching my speaker.

グールTøkÿø says:

2:09 with auto generated captions

oscar romero says:


Carlo Leon says:

Jim this or Anker SoundCore 2?

Brenden Lard says:

Can this speaker light up if it can how do u do it?

TGRC says:

In video you can’t hear the bass!! It has very good mids and bass!! Really good for 80€

Ангелина Федяева says:

Извините, а на русском нет?

Manduul Bat-Ochir says:

Well, the test on pop and rn’b was great. I wonder how it sounds metal songs tho

Stanley Chen says:

$60 right now on amazon not including tax

epic gamer says:

I’m sure you can make a DIY solution to the “doesn’t float” thing. I would attach a brightly colored balloon to the string if I was on the lake and wanted to be careful

Fooos says:

The quality of this review is absolutely insane.

Chill M8 says:

So professional

Gerardo Reyes says:

So the speakers are on the out side of the actual thing

Maverick Video's says:

Realy the person on the phone said she could here my mom in the other room whill on the phone

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