Item review – 3.5mm Bluetooth Dongle

In this video I review a Bluetooth receiver for audio that I bought from aliexpress. It fits any audio system (car/home etc.) that has a 3.5mm socket.

This item is just fabulous & I truly recommend it, since the following reasons:
1. Sound quality is excellent.
2. Low price.
3. Easy to use.
4. It has a phone speakerphone since it has a mic in it – great bonus feature for those who don’t have that in their car (let’s say if you rent a car it will be very necessary).

Another thing I didn’t mention in the video is that it works in a range of up to 10 meters so assuming you use it for your car (i.e. during a road trip), if it’s a big car or you are out of your car it’s still works great!

I cant think of any bad things to say about it…

*** Here are my answers for FAQ (In addition to those explained in the video) ***

Q: how long it lasts on a single charge?
A: Charging the device takes approx. 15-25 minuets. When fully charged, the device works for approx 10 hours.

Q: Can I use the device while it is charging?
A: Yes, the device can operate while charging.

Here is the user manual for this device:

This is the description of the item on Aliexpress:
Universal 3.5mm Streaming Car A2DP Wireless Bluetooth Car Kit AUX Audio Music Receiver Adapter Handsfree with Mic For Phone MP3

Here is the link to the item sold on Aliexpress:

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לידור אמסלם says:

אלללה ישראלי
רסיפקט אחי!!

Matt Bates says:

OK product I have 2 of these and the playback, compatability, ease of use is good. Unfortunately the range is appalling at around 7 metres (no obstacles) before the signal breaks up. if the range could be lengthened this would be perfect. If not moving more than a few feet then this device is perfect.

Kendra K says:

audio quality decreased a bit when i used it against aux cable. but overall it’s still useable

Juan Ferdinand Blardony says:

Sir., when this ‘Bluetooth Dongle’ connect to PC, does it can pair to 2 Bluetooth devices like speaker and headset at the same time?? Any reviews about it.

Alina says:

my laptop bluetooth is not working so can i use this to stream audio to bluetooth jbl speaker? how to turn on the aux mode in laptop?

Tom Prothero Decorating says:

could u connect 2 bluetooth wireless speakers to play from an ipod?

casper sky says:

does it work simultaneously ..for ex. plugged in car’s aux port and charging it at same time?

Narendra Patel says:

Can it be uses for calling

againandagain says:

Not making sense. Why do you need a mobile speaker when the jack is connected to the aux input of your stereo??? Doesn’t he mean that it has an inbuilt microphone that replaces the phone mic during phone calls??? Knowing the answer is important. what’s he talking about?

Joy Ruskin says:

It gives stereo or mono output to the car audio system?

Lexis46 says:

I paired this with my phone then unpaired it. Now the bluetooth receiver cannot be detected by any phone. Is there any solution? Is there any way to reset this bluetooth receiver? Help me.

dacia1311 says:

how is the performance of that device ? the sound is clear at maximum volum ?

Gur Isler says:

can it be using with steam link for PC?


how much time it takes to get charged and for how much time it works ?

Shubham Pareek says:

How to know if its fully charged?? Thanks amd nice review

luis Vargas says:

Product disconnected frequently, Bluetooth inestable, not recommended… better pay little more x real good quality, this review is totally irresponsible !

Gavin says:

how long do you hold button to turn off?

Cj Concepcion says:

can it connect to multiple wireless Bluetooth earphone at the same time????

Ravi Sun says:

m trying to connect with my android n unable to connect coz of passkey

Zahier Hazwan says:

Bluetooth ini berapa

TrelithHD says:

does this work with regular speakers? (logitech z906)

Brett Childress says:

Wtf was that video

Bless Dantes says:

my headphones have a 3.5mm port for the cable…can I plug that device to the port of my headphones instead of the cable?….does that device work on headphones?

infi says:

Hi! I have a question. Imagine that u completely run out of battery in this thing. When U connect it for charging – does it automatically turn on? Thanks in advance for a response!

Kevin Capistran says:

would this work on the new nintendo 3ds xl?

Nico Scala says:


Can I pick up a call with the Dong’s Bluetooth ?

Yura Gad says:

המכשיר יכול גם לעבוד בצורה הפוכה…כלומר לשדר מוזיקה ולא רק לקבל?

e r says:

hai, can you use it for sound system for stage, and how many meters can it received?

deepak kushwaha says:

Sr i want to khow if i connect it to over year head phone or we can say big headphones what about its sound quality and battery backup?

B7THH says:

its trash after a while its breaks i ordered 2 of them . dont waste your money the jack after a while comes loose

Valério Paula says:

ok. ok. but the sound of the call i listen in my car audio or cut the music and the sound is only in the telephone/android?

KillaMC305 says:

can you answer cellphone incoming calls on this device?

slimsloppy says:

I bought this and the aidio quality sucks. You have to turn your stereo up really loud to hear. Unless only want to listen to talk radio don’t buy this.

Asim Munshi says:

Works perfectly in my car- bought it after watching this. Thanks

arthur major says:

i have this device connected to my old home stereo system, it works great on my system ,plus the device can charge while playing music, only question i have is when i turn off my stereo and turn my stereo back on, i have to pair the device again, because this device don’t automatic reconnect, how can i fix it to automatic reconnect?

hypercatjohn says:

Absolute dogshit. I bought one and to say the sound quality is beyond abysmal is an understatement. Avoid at all costs.

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