iPad Pro Wifi + Cellular Unboxing and First Look

We check out the iPad Pro
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Prashob K says:

came here jus to type below comment:
Apple makes such shitty products and there are morons to review these shitty products. honestly speaking i owned an iphone 5s, got fed up of its syncing shit , so sold it on ebay and i have purchased an android phone i.e honor 7( what a beauty). After buying an android mobile i deeply regret as to why the fuck i bought an iphone…… damn i simply love this phone(honor 7). The only thing i liked about iphone is its camera , a really appreciable feature in iphone, other than that everything else is shit….total shit……

Kunal S says:

Are you seriously buying the I Pencil for $100 Dollars ?

cp4718 says:

Would you recommend Surface Pro 4 or iPad Pro? I am a college student.
Thank you.

Pulkit Sharma says:

rich people!
this thing costs fucking 92k

abhishek aggarwal says:

Bharat why dont u roll out best tech under different prices it is very interesting as today various deals are availabe online and various other channels like mkbhd and unbox therapy do the same. You can consider this as no one does this in india , i will be really interesting in seeing something like this

Hrithwik Bharadwaj says:

wo fully proccesed?

LiL Gamer says:

sir g makaan ban raha h kya bricks dikh rahi hain

atiullah idrishi says:

can we use any company sim card in i pad pro.9.7

Adil Husain says:

what is that place ? some under construction building

Victoria says:

What does cellular do? Does it make you have wifi everywhere?

Ashutosh Khade says:

which is better galaxy note5 or s6 edge plus

TheTechie SAB says:

What if one of the bricks fall on it?!?!
Break Test right on spot :p:p

akhil j says:

have to say, I really like your intro music.

Desi bass says:

Where you dude

BlazeFalcon says:

Yeah that thing is massive I like my iPad air 2 a lot better.

Pranjal Sharma says:

Smart Keyboard and apple pencil comming?

Govardhan Mane says:

One of the most powerful? Then which is the most powerful tablet yet?
cuz I can’t see beyond the ipad pro.

Yash Nimkar says:

0:43 That’s what she said !

Shail Makhijani says:

The Background seems like You Have stolen the ipad pro from somewhere and are reviewing
It tends to make a thought of that by looking at bricks,crates and the overall background

Immy says:

Would you recommend an iPad pro for a non-professional artist who already has a MacBook Air and iPhone 6? Or instead of an iPad pro (and pencil) should I just get an iPad air + Bluetooth Stylus?

Azo Pucho says:

+iGyaan whats the price of the ipad pro?

Shubham Singh says:

What will it cost here in India?

Ojaswi Verma says:

eagerly waiting for full review…
and it looks like its gonna be your new office for wywo ep.s

Vinay Thakur says:

Just couple of dollars only… XD

Abhishek Biswas says:

nice i want it…

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