iPad Mini Wi-Fi + Cellular Verizon LTE: Unboxing, Setup and XGear

Professor Wandt unboxes and reviews the Apple’s new iPad Mini Wi-Fi + Cellular Verizon LTE. He also installs a four-way privacy skin and an XGear Exoskin. (http://xgearlive.com)

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The iPad Mini Cover http://youtu.be/XiFnwK5ZseA?t=20m52s


Adam Scott Wandt is a Professor, Technologist and Chair of the CUNY Skunkworks: Academic Technology Research and Development Group.







irfan ahmed says:

can you make call if you have the ipad mini 2 lte version?

Sebastian G says:

No the screen on the iPad will look a little worst than the iPad 2 ,because they have the same 1024 by 768 ,but the iPad mini is smaller the iPad 2 has a 9.7 inch screen and the iPad mini has 7.9 inch screen so it has better PPI and you could use your iPad mini ,because you have LTE ,but you can only text other apple like Mac iPads iPod iPhones and you can’t call but you can FaceTime but great video

Елена Бо says:


Quentin Stewart says:


FozyFozyano says:

No ear fucking fones!?!??!?! fucking why!?!?!

Guneshwor Mahato says:

Yup this website here is just sending out free Black Apple iPad 3’s for today only.

You have to be fill out your address but it is legit, I claimed my one a few minutes ago. Better hurry up! UPAD3.COM

Like a broken vase does not fear of breaking once more, my broken heart is not affected by your hurting words anymore!

Prof. Adam Scott Wandt says:

If I lose it, it would be on my Campus… and it’s already been returned once.

Azim Malik says:

even i m planning to buy one..but i m not understanding which one to buy.. a regular ipad or mini.. a 16 gb/32 gb… one with or without the retina display..i’m anyways adamant about buying one with wifi n cellular.. wat is this retina display all about? and how much does it affect or vary from the one without? .. somebody plz help… apple products are so expensive in India. I need the right amount of information before coming to a conclusion…

Allen Logan says:


Prof. Adam Scott Wandt says:

I hope not….

Bff Emma is Yoda's says:

Hey I was wondering if “version wifi-lte” means if it has cellular data? Thanks

Pascal Langevin says:

if yuor yousing so uch on your mini 16gb then get the 32gb but wait till the next one comes out it might come with retina display

Antonio González says:

mucho bla bla abla mucho

Prof. Adam Scott Wandt says:

To block unique information that others can use to compromise my device.

Prof. Adam Scott Wandt says:

Just about everything in this comment is wrong…

Kadeem Williams says:

Ipad mini would’ve been perfect if it had a retina display

Sebastian G says:

Wifi isn’t everywhere It’s kind of like the difference between iPhone and iPod iPod can’t have like Wi-Fi everywhere or you can like do Instagram or stuff like that on the phone you can if you have service

Sebastian G says:

If you think that is wrong you clearly are a stupid person

Sebastian G says:

iPad seem to be the only Brett non-retina display I can use because I had this iPod third-generation and it was super Pixley and this really hard to use it because there are resolution like 480 by like 320

David Villarreal says:

I love what you did to it


Nice Cover iPad mini 🙂

Prof. Adam Scott Wandt says:

I am not sure… I have never tried it. Let us know how it works.

Michael Penn says:

Not a fan of the cheap looking fake carbon stickers they completely spoil the look of the apple product remind me of the early carbon effect griffin case for first generation iPhones.

Jason Alper says:

why do u put the white blur thing in the middle of the video

AAT Eessa says:

extremely ugly skin.. u killed the ipad mini..

James Bond says:

Can I just take out the SIM card and put a Virginia mobile SIM card in it?

Deepak Sakolkar says:

This tab use for calling.????

Pascal Langevin says:

weird iphone haha 🙂

Ashton Stephens says:

My apple stickers don’t look like that

James Bond says:

But unlike iPhones which are locked apple has a policy that no iPads can be locked to a certain carrier. iPads are not locked. I could go buy a straight talk SIM card and replace it with the AT&T SIM card in an ipad and have it work for example. All id have to do is change the APN settings I think

Prasad More says:

I use an Nokia 1100. You can give me that I-phone 5 as your souvenir !

nhobbs5597 says:

No each serial number is branded with the carrier. If it wasn’t then tmobile iPads running at&t. I believe you can buy an unlocked iPad and then use your virgin mobile SIM. Or you can go to a mall kiosk or buy an unlock code for lie 10 bucks and unlock yourself. Hope this helps!

This Riven wrecks you says:

Is there any apple product that you DON’T have?!

Jude Arroyo says:

Can this ipad send sms ?

elcoslic says:

U can take 4 pics,10 songs, 2 apps and there’s all your memory

saleem sali says:

well: still you gotta tell us what the fuck you been doing

Sebastian G says:

I would keep both iPad 3 for home iPad mini for mobile I have A white 64GB wifi iPad mini also and I have an iPhone 4 but I would keep the big iPad 3 for “a home iPad”

James Bond says:

idk dude ive seen hundreds of videos on youtube of people doing it lol. You just have to change the APN settings hahaha. only one way to find out

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