iPad Air 2 Unboxing and Quick Review AT&T T-Mobile Verizon Sprint Cellular Apple SIM Pay Gold Unlock

Quick Video Review on the all new iPad Air 2 Gold 16GB Cellular Model

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Lucas Dunker says:

Why didn’t you take the plastic off of the front of the box?? I am talking about the box, not the iPad.

Atlanta Ga says:

I wouldn’t with Sprint because they suck

imvuzel says:

Should I connect with Sprint or T-Mobile?

L Dwayne says:

Nice unboxing video very useful information are you going to be doing a full review of the iPad air 2

EmeleeLauryn says:

I use it with t-mobile. I love their data options.

George Washington says:

Hi. Sir I just bid iPad air 2 wifi cell . Verizon has clean imii and clean esn can I use it for t mobile . I am 70 years old Thx

J 2thaZee says:

your SIM explanation made no sense. It doesn’t matter the network there is always a working way no matter.

Sahib S says:

What colors do the ipad come in?

fedemtz66 says:

does the sim works on the iphone 

Pharsyde says:

Hi samunlocks, can you pls do a modern combat 4:Zero Hour gameplay on iPad air 2

Megakev says:

Wtf??? Why did they decrease the battery???

jasmine bell says:

Do u have to pay for the cellular data is it like 3G on a phone and do u have to get a contract for the iPad ???

Alan G says:

Sweet video! My mom’s just got a Brand new IPad Air 2 , are they easy to use? For some one that doesn’t know much about the “Latest Technology” , cool video by the way – You earned a sub 😛

KugelBlitz says:

Who dafuq wants 16 gig

thiya priya says:

can we use anyother sim in cellular air 2 ? it can work or not ?

Chad IV says:

Does it have the screen distortion problem? I’m on the fence whether to upgrade from my iPad Air 1 to Air 2 or upgrade from the 5S to the iPhone 6 , but if it has this problem, this might be a deal breaker for me.

Crackers Mallows says:

Can it receive messages like texts and calls?

Kody.colevlogs 1702 says:

i likeed it subcribe me

thiya priya says:

Air 2 is best or not comparing to all ipads ?

DaBlack Rebel says:

I’m in China. Can I use the data plans in China?

Samunlocks says:

@megakev the iPad Air 2 is more efficient with power consumption so they are able to use a smaller battery and still provide the same usage while also making the device slightly thinner and lighter. 

Paula Marchewa says:

I’ve got an iPad Air 2 but mine doesn’t have that white bar not the back why is that? What is the difference ?

Mithell Kaines says:

who the fuq wants a 64 gig lol I’m kidding I like to have 128 now that’s more like it lol

Cian Hegarty says:

whats celluar one what can you do 

Wes M says:

I have AT&T … so I can just pop my sim card into that ipad??? And is there a way to use the iPad as a wifi hotspot?

Lena Beams says:


Zillivan Jocks says:

As a person outside of the US or other recognized Apple areas, can I use a cellular data micro SIM service provider as well?

K nearHD says:

you already unboxed it ten put plastic back on, like why

SkittleSquad says:

what about metropcs

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