iPad 4 Review with WiFi + Cellular and Retina Display

Our Review of the New iPad Air: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0vWgO0_KRs

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This is an iPad 4 review

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This is a comprehensive review of the IPad 4 from Apple. We review all aspects of the IPad 4 with WiFi and cellular 4G LTE. The unboxing of the iPad is also in the video links at the end of the video. The IPad 4 is probably the best tablet experience on the market. The IPad 4 is great for gaming, video playback and web browsing. This is not a comparison of the iPad 4 vs Nexus 7 or the iPad 4 vs Nexus 10. But this should give you a good idea about whether the iPad 4 is what you need. This review of the iPad 4 will also cover some aspects of the iPad 4 cellular connectivity and sim card

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cepters says:

Lol waching this on a ipad air 2

Neville Aithwaite says:

i have this i pad and it works exactly as described in this demonstration, i was pleased to have been informed about the HDMI connection which i was un aware of . Thank you to the person who put this on youtube . 

navking9 says:

hai this model was with sim card, but it should show top left as SIM instead of ipad. I could not see any diff to with cellular and without.

LilBree says:

He’ll no

reshma ramkissoon maharaj says:

My iPad 4 works amazing

FrStProductions says:

Watched this on an iPad 4

Nicole Yung says:

I want to buy an ipad with wifi +cellular. How much does it cost. Please let me know.

ReviewLamp.com says:

Thanks Daniel.

Xander Oerlemans says:

lol watching on ipad 4

Sconipher says:

is the A6X chip better than the A7 chip?

Jason Phillips says:

I have this exact one, the ipad 4th generation with Verizon cellular

TheGhostlyGamer says:

what racing game is that

mamitachocolate says:

You have hairy arms. I’m into that.

swEEty CHocCHoc says:

I’ve got the black strip on top of my ipad

Sconipher says:

is an A6X chip better than an A7 chip?

ReviewLamp.com says:

Thanks for your input, Daniel. Please subscribe.

Billz Mah says:

Nexus or Ipad? Its hard to pick :/

B2B.07 says:

Very Important leas ewe need more Tuto about
In order to exchange ideas Look link below

iPad 4 Review with WiFi + Cellular and Retina Display

Sivaraj Kailas says:

what game you was playing on 4:25

Vahid US says:

I likee my ipad 4 🙂

Angelika frt says:

Очень хорошее видео!

ReviewLamp.com says:

Yes its possible. But its likely that it would come with iOS 6 but can be immediately updated to iOS 7. Hope that helps. Please subscribe.

Jude bracey-lane says:

If one was to buy it now would it have iOS 7?

Skyelett 511 says:

Good review. Thanks!

Djordje Stojanovic says:

i don’t have this black thing on the back side

reem elwady says:

hello … i have i pad like yours i use it since more of year but when i do update number 9.2.1 when i complete the update my ipad being restart all the time open about one minute and closed … after that i do restore by itunes when the restore finish the i pad open in white screen and write start – select language – select country and written waite the i pad do activation after that about one minute or less written sorry the ipad can not activation and re close … i want to help me because we don’t have apple support in my country and i can not find the problem to fix it !

Queen Minervanity Santos says:

cannot call..w/ my ipad..thats the problem..

Lara Durak says:

En büyük ülke tü tü türkiyeeeeeeeee

ReviewLamp.com says:


Ricky Hogan says:

good video

Petrit Salihu says:

can u call (like a phone) on a iPad wifi+ cellular?

srikanth k says:

im gonna buy this today…grt review sir… i really like the device… 🙂 subbed…

michael wenas says:

the sim card is micro or nano?

Mia G says:

gshagshga l watching the my ipad 4 ;D

Dániel Turner says:

I just got this iPad and it’s very amazing!!! I recommend it to buy for everyone! (I’m writing from it)

Joud Essam says:

My iPad4 that I’m writing with it
Now it don’t have line becous my iPad my mom and dad write on it

You Play says:

subscribe me and watch my videos

Dave OG Miles says:

its lovely

Daniel Roncancio says:

What is the difference between iPad 4 MD513LL/A and iPad 4 A1459?
the first is most expensive

Spencer Dancer says:

About to get a new one thanks for this very helpful also i have subscribed 🙂

jesse sanford says:

Does this mean you have internet access without connecting to a wifi?

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