ION AUDIO TOTAL PA MAX 500 watt SPEAKER Unboxing & Review

Unboxing of the Ion Audio Total PA Max speaker purchased at Sam’s Club. $199 US


Isaac Busby says:


TheRandomShow says:

How do I get the aux cord function to work?

Joshua Joestar says:

I went over to a friends house tonight and he had one, sounded decent so I think I’ll get one. He even said that the cops told him to turn it down once and that it wasn’t even near max volume

Ryan Marsh says:

Can you String two of these together?

Cesar Balderas13 says:

How Do You Get Police Scanner?

Donald Saunders says:

Just wondering if the sound quality is good

Chris G Plays says:

Just going to watch this over like 20 times until I get this tomorrow… can’t wait!

J J says:

Should I purchase these speakers or the Altec lansing ALP-2200PK???

jesus Hernandez says:

Is it rechargable ?

John Carrillo says:

Is it real loud

Cory McKiver says:

Nice video. I’m thinking about purchasing a set. Like your music selection also. Do they get pretty loud without getting distorted?

Antarica Nunn says:

Is this speaker wireless

Josue sanchez says:

Can a guitar be amplified with this? I did not see an input.

PIMA20132770579 says:

Nice sofa, looks like a lazar. I was fortunate to buy one of these speakers from Sams open box. Great deal.

Isaac Busby says:

Can you use this without plug in

Eric Peterson says:

Terrible review, spent more time about getting to the store rather than the quality of the unit and sound

Parrothead Poet says:

Will this be sufficient for a 3000 square foot reception hall room? I saw it at Sams today and want to use it for a wedding reception.

Gabriel Macias says:

Can u bridge speaker with another ion speaker? I have one

Wilson Gómez says:

my speaker burn up today and I’m trying to get somebody to get it fixed or if somebody knows where they can get it fixed

Michael White says:

The unit looks refurbished. The led screen on the back was scratched up, and the screws on the back look like they’ve been opened up before

Steve Carnes says:

Just bought one, price was dropped down to $169, that’s a steal, sounded great

Business Twenty Twelve says:

I think the rap song is saying:”the sheriff is near”

luisa garcia says:

Me gustaria saber cuantas horas dura la bateria

Elvis Adams says:

I bought one at Sam’s club brought it home tried it out and it had a bad static noise just with no music. Thought it could be the cords. Went to Guitar center bought new cords, same thing. Took it back to Sam’s and exchanged it for another. Tried the new one, same thing. Sent it back to the company. They tried to say it was the receptacle or cord. I told them I had an earlier model called ION Total Pa Pro 400 watts which I used same receptacle and cords which had no problem at all. I received the new speaker, ION Total Pa Max 500 watt used it 2 times and it started the same static noise. I am returning all of the Total Pa Max speakers. I don’t like the noise. Nothing like the Total Pa Pro 400 watts. I would not purchase the Total Pa Max even if it was $50.00!

Nico in Fifine says:

What a fantastic vid!Are you feel interested in testing our microphone?

Schlurg Beast says:

bone thugs f.t.w.,bizzy was killin it lol

Oron Williams says:

It burned out on me

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