ION Audio Game Day Unboxing, Review & Sound Test!

In this video I will go over ion audio game day, it has lots of features, way more than any other regular speaker out there witch gave it my attention. Now why buy a speaker for just the fancy features right? You would like it to sound as good as those features do, no worry it has amazing sound quality as well. So in conclusion it is a great all around speaker and it is a excellent option if you are in the market for a new Bluetooth speaker.

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BuzzingBreak939 says:

Thanks this really helped me I subscribed!!

Anime4 Mii says:

Wanna make your speaker pack a punch?

boost bass and quality

I well show you 😉

its clarity and strength your never experience before! I even have my express tailgater

once you do this tricks your speaker is gonna have big clarity bass and also HD sound.

Eoin Fitzpatrick says:

Did u get this on eBay ?

BuzzingBreak939 says:

Um I bought it…

Tiger Gray says:

Is you speaker still working

Faithful Niners Fan says:

Great review man.. I just bought one of those speakers bran new from the pawn shop.

EliteEvan says:

I recentaly bought one of theses and lost the charger could you help me out by talling me what charger it takes

Mario Bennnett says:

Great video bro

Faithful Niners Fan says:

Sure thing Buddy

Parker Suyko says:

Very helpful review, brudda. Gonna purchase one now

heroka dm says:

Is this the 50 w?

Jeff says:

Nice Job Young Man.I’m An Auctioneer And I Think I’ll Try One After Watching Your Video For On Sight Auctions.Portable, I Like That, Thank You..

Belizean Bad&Bruja says:

My charger won’t charge the speaker. Barely got it 2 wks ago

Efrain Zuniga says:

Great review, will order mine today

Tiger Gray says:

How is the bass?

Lionel Barrientos says:

Have one and its so loud

Tiger Gray says:

It’s nice to have fm and am radio very nice

BuzzingBreak939 says:

Thank you so so so sooooo much I bought it for my hockey locker room and it’s perfect!!!!

Charles Roberts-Perkins says:

During the video when I am going through the function of each button I accidentally said that the minus and the plus button was volume up and down. The only uses for those buttons are to tune, track and to seek for the radio the master knob controls the general volume. Sorry for the confusion.

love the support, keep it up. Also another things about this video is that the packaging is not retail, it’s from a refurbish group called VIP Outlet. They have plenty of grate tech items that are always on sale, be sure to check them out.

Dennis Johnson says:


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