Invicta Watches Review : Invicta Venom Reserve Watch


Invicta Watches Review : Invicta Venom Reserve Watch


funktron4 says:

The link takes me to this model on one of their cheap black rubber straps, not a polished metal bracelet. It’s a hundred and fifty-nine bucks—-and with the strap, not even worth that low price.

johnherrera305 says:

This Venom in silver was my first Invicta. Hooked ever since. Tremendous quality for excellent prices. Affordable luxury. You are guaranteed to get compliments with your Invicta. Great videos!

Elias Villarta says:

Are the pro drivers any good?

flavio gomes reis says:

hello friend I wonder if you sell unbeaten and has as you have this new invicta to Brazil what would be the price like the Silver with Gold

Jason Jay says:

How is the gold tone different from gold plated regarding Invicta watches

expat says:

Mr Phatkat, I want to buy one of the venoms with a colored face, but they have silicone bands which I don’t like. My question is if buy a stainless bracelet at a later date can this be changed for the silicone band, will it fit? Are all the venoms standard size?

J- Cast Trend says:

Not a big fan of gold but damnnnn that looks good, definitely my next watch

Robert Hunter says:

how do u set the day/

Frank Fucci says:

Just found you’re channel and you are doin a great job pal!! I’m a huge collector of invicta and other watches,,Let me ask you this..Do you just collect Invicta bracelet watches or you like the polly strap ones too..I collect them all..Keep up the good work..

Zeh Zahl says:

I don’t mean to be rude, man, but why do you most often hold the watches upside down when you bring them close to the camera? I like your reviews. And that’s the only critique I have for your reviews… if you could hold the watches right side up when you bring them in for a closeup, that would be great!

Warped Wackos says:

Haha.. I feel the same away about the wrist shots on FB. Great piece and it looks like it’s worth every damn penny!

Google User says:

Love the reviews… Great job. Question for you…. I am looking for a case for all my big invita watches…. What do you recommend that fits them?

Simon Doors says:

Speaking on the scratches, buy a 4 sided nail buffer at cvs for $1-$2 and use that it’s amazing and renews the watch.

Krzysztof Blazejewicz says:

Thanks for reviewing the products. You are the person who convinced me to get my first Invicta Venom! It was a great purchase because it is an eyecandy. People always stop me and they want to admire the watch! Once again thank you!

The Guardian says:

I agree. I certainly love my Invicta Reserve 0359.

Patrick Waldeck says:

I have the venom in the rare midsize size bracelet version. .love it…

darren barnstable says:

I found your channel by just searching watch vids. I like your channel a lot and I’m  going to buy my first invicta. not sure but I might start with a grand diver,and see how I like it and go for a bigger one after. keep the vids coming

Yugo Nebrat says:

love the videos keep them coming, I bought 2 INVICTA watches in the last month Bolt Zeus gold with blue strap and Man of war all gold great watches love them both. iam probably going to buy 1 every month

Malik walker says:

I like how bold the venom looks

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