Invicta Watches Review : Invicta Thunderbolt Watch




bryantturner97 says:

Dig your office!

Michael Dunlop says:

I have 50 invicta watches and like them all. Most of them are reserve models and equal amounts of automatics and quartz. but I was very disappointed that they took their Reserve line out of Switzerland and make them in China. Bad idea, anyone know why besides the cost.

MOOSE ! says:

I’m always out in the wilderness and I tell time by the sun. Cool watches though!

Ramee S says:

Invicta watches remind me of g-shock… it’s their aggressiveness. I actually *like* Invicta though.

Krzysztof Blazejewicz says:

You are the Invicta to go guy/channel. I have so far four besides my Seikos. And when I go to a launchons for my company I work at I use my Invictas! Thank you.

Iron Will says:

Nice watch! Can you do a review on Excursion Touring? More power to you bro!

David Kramer says:

How much is it ?
Is it automatic movement or battery??
Are you selling any Thunderbolts?

karen oldroyd says:

Just got mine. Zeuss Thunderbolt 53 mm silver w grey poly strap. Yes its a mans watch…yes its big..yes its heavy..and beautiful…got mine on Evine for 50% off…with payment plans…I wear almost exclusively Invicta and usually only mens…have almost 20 now…get compliments all the time from men and women…Yes women can wear these…

Luscious3174 says:

Appreciate your videos. Just ordered a 21355 for a great president’s day deal – my very first Invicta. I like the 21359 too, but I see two different version floating around the web – one that you have in the video here with the silver accent and a second variant with no silver at all (all gold). I like the all gold version better. Curious if the company randomly changes the designs but keeps the model numbers the same?

I was also looking at the 22132 Sea Hunter 3, but am worried this is the kind of “gangsta rapper look” rather than an elegant timepiece. For a watch fan, I really do like to see the thing in person first and try it on for fit. I don’t mind a watch with weight to it, my forearm feels naked without one.

I have owned a lot of watches in my lifetime (Seiko, Citizen, Casio) and enjoyed them all. My wrist is currently married with a silver and gold Citizen Eco Drive chronograph that I picked up 16 years ago – it is to this day running on the same battery that I bought it with!!! Absolutely bullet proof.

Ramon Borquez says:

Nice!! Got to try this on in Vegas and have been dying to get I’m stuck between this or a gold/silver Movado Luno. What would you go for boss?

bajabilly2004 says:

ive got a grand arsenal, several subaquas, venoms, etc. a total of 16 invictas now with several 8 slot cases in just two months lol I also have a swiss legend automatic and a reactor watch, love them all….

Chad Kent says:

totally awesome. getting one in s.s. blue accent B.M.O.P. dial.! Great review!

Gavin Krueger says:

I love Invicta! I have 11 Invicta watches and plan on getting more

Eric H says:

I only have 3 Invicta watches so far. Barely started collecting since last year. Their really awesome looking. Love the videos. keep them coming.

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