Invicta Watches Review : Invicta Bolt Magnum Watch

Invicta Watches Review : Invicta Bolt Magnum Watch
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Paul Twist says:

Sweet – Magnum great design – Definitely a power watch not to be messed with. Enjoy Faruque – would like to see your collection.

ed polk says:

What do you think of that “tool” who gives one review of an INVICTA, and bashes the brand – Along with many of his “followers?”

Corduroy Epps says:

That shit looks like an Expresso machine hahahahahahaha WTF!!!!! Cement mixer on your wrist. lol

Steven Whitehurst says:

Thanks for the link,, but is it still possible to purchase the Invicta Reserve 52mm Magnum,, ie the same one in this video,, love the look it’s awesome,, flat out nice,,, thank you

azlan2410 says:


J- Cast Trend says:

Hey man I’ve seen some of your videos and it has help me on buying some invictas, do you have any videos on the Invicta 52mm Speedway Quartz Chronograph Stainless Steel Polyurethane Strap Watch?

Yugo Nebrat says:

that watch is great looking wow I want one

Vincent Gooden says:

I HAVE to get one…

Steven Whitehurst says:

Thanks phatkat I’ll keep checking

George Pelican says:

What is the name of his channel?

Dave Tillette says:

Wow! This is amazing .

lyndon brown says:

That’s a bad ass watch,,how much are they going for…

Chad Kent says:

Holy moley!!!! Duuuuude

Aquafina Spring Water says:

That’s the first time I’ve seen a Bolt Magnum. Nice watch.

Kent Viking says:

awesome watch thank you

luis ramirez says:

I have one the magnum is bad ass

Steven Whitehurst says:

Awesome could you tell where to buy? I’ve looked can’t find,, thank you very much

Tazali alitazzz says:

model name

J Rockymore says:

I have to add this to my collection!!!

jeremy rhodes says:

When I saw it at the Invicta store near me I was so going to buy it. But when I picked it up I noticed the link on the watch are very skinny compared to the watch itself. I so badly wanted this watch to be awesome. But decided to get a different model.

Phat Kat your videos are awesome bro! Love your channel!

Joszka Fiszer says:

Dear Phatkat…. Have u got one for yourself???? Or u just share the otther’s one video. I’ve just ordered the last one Invicta Magnum In the world from Evine, the goldtone and I got it !!!

Anthony Cherry says:

where can I buy this watch??

Jenssen Valdez says:

can you make a review of Invicta 50mm Bolt Sport Ceramic Bracelet Watch- 633-421

Lolita Cook says:

I like his style. White boy clean.

LilMoGizzy says:

AWSOME piece of art!!!

legalsolutions07 says:

Those are some big watches. Do they weigh as much as they look? The only Invicta I have is a 4463 Reserve Diver. I really like the watch but parts are only available from Swatch and nobody wants to work on them.

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