HUION H420 Tablet // Review for osu!

Thanks to Huion for this opportunity! Hope this video helps people in the future!

If you have any further questions, go ahead and ask them in the commets!

Prices: USD: $29.99, GBP: £26.99, EUR 33,59€

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All the other tablet reviews I saw seemed pretty long, boring and uninformative. It was my aim to improve on that. Hopefully I did good!. .u.

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Nicola says:

0:53 you’re trying to tell me you have custom keycap with your logo? LOL

Hi says:

What is the disc for?

JB Ali says:

Does it work well with Windows 7?

joaje king says:

Do you need a disk to use it?

- kiro - Osu says:

Reol – No title [jieusieu’s lemur] Chugleader VS WubWoofWolf

zebarkez says:


valu says:

no homo but i like your voice bro. Very calm and relaxing to hear tbh

Dragon Dragon says:

I just lifted my pen too far above my tablet like a noob

Noxian Guy says:


Berk Smash & Ninpris says:

I do not know much english. Tablet good or bad ?

Eyepatch0325 osu! says:

now do 001thefish vs ExpertBot on The Big Black +HD!

Kristers says:

You can usually get the Huion 420(not H420) for cheaper. Only difference is that it doesn’t have the 3 buttons on the side, but you won’t use that for osu.

LeWick says:

wtf cheaper than my $90 usd tablet

woof says:

i have ctl 471, but i want an new tablet cuz i fucked up with it. shoud i buy this one?

d33addict says:

[Toy] vs My Aim Sucks // Nanahoshi Kangengakudan feat.Matsushita – Dance Number o Tomo ni [ Dance Number ] .. HRHD

PewDiePieNumber1Fan says:

you sound so dead inside

Charizard 915 says:

Hey! I was wondering if you would be able to do a video on how to make your vs videos! Thanks if you decide to!

Felix says:

you Got unbanned?

LinkZoid says:

try comparing this with XP-Pen G430 or Gaomon S56K

dagambler999 says:

FishTechTips confirmed 🙂

qerfwgbrwtnj3w5ynmetyjtymetynmtwghwrehqwytntwh4qthw says:

fuck it. bought it.

MrMeow says:

Your voice is sexy. no homo 😉

RicebowlJohnson says:

I use a Wacom Intuos. I’ve been looking around, but I just wanted to make sure; are there other available types of stylus to buy for that specific tablet?

Scuffix says:

Skin pls

Gamecubeartist says:

Harambe was just a gorilla

Ivy Huang says:

What tablet do you use?

Hifumi Takkimoto says:

my pen for this tablet pretty much broke after a month, so if you don’t mind getting new pens constantly, go ahead and get it

Addsy Addstir says:

You told me to ask questions in the “commets” in the description…

-Crazy- says:

Ming3012 vs Gayzmcgee Inferi – Those who came from the heavens

Wilsen :3 says:

What is this skin?

Chazzyvee says:

You’re such an awesome Osu player!! 😀

Jonas Henkler says:

ThePooN vs index on Uta (Himei)

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