HUION GT-220 v2 IPS Tablet Pen Display Review // Jacquelindeleon

Hey guys!! I’m back from a little break with a review of the new Huion GT-220 v2 tablet pen display! I was so excited to try this tablet out, I was always curious about Huion as an alternative to wacom tablets, and I had heard a lot of good things about them! I like this tablet a lot, and although it has a few drawbacks, I am still impressed overall and will continue to use this tablet!
If you guys want to check it out for yourself here are some links:
HUION Official:

Huion also makes a glove for your hand that I had mentioned, here is a link to their product:

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Homura Akemi says:

I got a wacam for 40 bucks //COUGH COUGH//

Nardine Raymond says:

watching this * crying inside * my country only has the wacom intous draw in small size, and i’m not going to spend money on the smaller one. not only that they dont have the cintiq , they don’t even have wacom intous in M size :’) ..

Roisin Mahon says:

Why do pronounce “nibs” as “noobs”

YesILikeTØP Hehehe says:

You just did a face reveal. XD

Akeisha Therocker says:

awesome video! love they way you draw!

StereoPsych says:

You do realise that you peeled off the screen protector? It was there to make it feel like it had a matte finish and not so glossy, but you thought that it was protective plastic 😛

Help me learn to draw says:

Thank you for being honest in your review, it seems huion has asked alot of youtube artists to review this product and kudos to you for saying what you really think!. Don’t ever sell out!!!!

shiki nanaya says:

Ma’am, is it okay to remove the plastic screen? maybe it will cause scratches?
thank you for this review *thumbs up*

Marlen Saenz says:


zen says:

Everyone wants a Cintiq 27, but no one wants to shell out 2500$ ^^ and the 22HD doesnt feel worth 1600$

princesses eleonoar says:

Can u draw step by step plz :3


It is more worth to buy that than one Wacom Cintiq 13HD??

Boof says:

Huion makes junk. Buyer beware

galaxyneon3000 says:

what’s the propose of replacing the nib? lol i never knew why XD !

Daily Doughnuts says:

then give it to me

Ella stan says:

Do you use a special app for digital drawing? If yes…What app?

Ruud the Diamond says:

Lefties are always the most talented…

Sebastian Lockwood says:

So can you use it without a pc, I e on the go out and about, or does this need to be attached to a pc all the time. Thanks

nikkole portillo says:

I find a keyboard to be much quicker and more efficient than express keys so I think this wouldn’t be too bad for me. I always get annoyed with the express keys on the cintiq and intuos

3eyedwonderkid says:

Did you get your hand tattooed?

miaaismehname says:

I really want to get an drawing tablet and huion is the first one considered. I want something cheap, but high quality at the same time.

Soey Han says:

Do you have instagram?

Isabelle Arné says:

Hi ! Thanks for this review, I am thinking of buying one of these myself, I tried the new wacom cintiq pro 13 ( awesome to work with but too much problems of compatibility and cables that made it highly unstable and unusable in the long term _ I am an illustrator I need the tablet to work every single day! ) … so I was wondering if since you did this video a few month passed, have you been using it a lot ? Are you still happy about it ?


im getting bad latencey / lag with this , anyone know how to fix it ? driver is up to date , its not usable in this state will return it if i cant sort this lag out , pleaaasee someone help me 🙁

Sparkling-icetea says:

I want free stuff too, also your art work is amammamamamamamamamamamamzing

Veronica Hernandez says:

This looks great to me, I don’t really mind no hot keys, I never use them on my tablet. I really have been wanting a display tablet too. It could be a great graduation present for me, myself, and me again

UnitedGem44 says:

Do you have to connect it with a computer or does it have a computer inside?

Cice Here says:

Do you take request for drawing art or redraw art? Because i would like to see you redraw one of my art works for me

sajisama24 says:

Hello! I have a question! I have the budget for both this and a Cintiq 13HD. I never used a pen tablet monitor before, so this would be my first time buying one. My primary income comes from my art, so I want something that promises the same speed and quality I can produce with my Wacom Intuos pro medium. Should I go with the cheaper large one or the one that costs only a little more, much smaller but is a market leading product?

felix serro says:

Is it a good option for beginners

Priscilla James says:

Does it have to be plugged Into a computer to work?

Margaret Newcomb says:

Awesome Review! I’m currently in the market for a new computer as well as a new tablet. Thanks so much for sharing!

Rosie says:

_My Cintiq 13HD has express keys but I never use them. And it took me a few months to get used to my tablet too. It just needs time_

Cynthia Cuevas says:

Hey can you draw your own fusion from Steven Universe?

Luna Asmr says:

amazing! I’m thinking about getting into digital drawing. i wonder if its a hard transition I like the feeling of texture underneath my pen… idk. but you’re great! love your videos

Jessie Chaput says:

When I go to one of your shop links it says it’s under maintenance. Will it be up soon? I’d really love to buy one of your prints.

Island Jahn says:


Big VolK says:

I know that you are an artist but why the hell you just draw random things on you arm?

MechanicOrga says:

About the express key problem; I found some software that simulates express keys. Now, it is primarily made for the Surface Pro 3 but it could work for this HUION device too.

Earl Sinclair says:

Does the pen have the tilt and rotation function that wacom pens have?

galaxyneon3000 says:

also what app did u use ?

Jaydalen Blossom says:

Hi +JacquelinDeleon there’s this app called webtoon I think you might like it (You can also search it up on a computer.) You can read comics for free, and also publish your own if you interested. BTW I really like your art style you inspire as a young artist ❤❤❤❤❤

ihopeutubedies says:

I think I’ll just save up for a Cintiq.

Alice says:

Thanks! I’ll totally have to invest in one of these!

NonSilentiumHic says:

omg its so cheap compared to others ive seen i might get it

Deliverance Jules Black says:

hi! I wanted to buy a copy of the sirens of san Francisco, but in more or less a month is always shoen as sold out. do you know if I can buy it in another way (I don’t know, maby Amazon or stuff like that) thank you so much!

Michelle Huang says:

why is everyone reviewing this

BluVesper says:

My cintiq only costed $800……its a 13 HD, the biggest one the 27HD Touch is $3,000, I LOVE my cintiq and use it all the time.

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