Huion 420 for osu! – Tablet review

So i was contacted by someone from Huion, and they sent me this tablet for me to review.

Hope you liked the video, please bare in mind that this is my first time to ever do a review on anything. So i tried my best 😛

If you want to buy one go here
EU –

Map used in the video.
Artist – Renard (Lapfox)

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For info about my set up go to my osu page


Music used in this video.



Savoi (vocalist)

Alex Skrindo


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IanGamerIG says:

i bought this tablet

Brianna ღ says:

I just realized that i have this tablet oops

Kaori Miyazono says:

when u use it to play Osu does ur pen touch the tablet or do u have it a few millimetre over the tablet? its bcs i cant let the pen touch the tablet bcs Osu take that as a click ( i use Z and X to click the circles but if the pen touches the tablet i can only use X) i just wanted if u let the pen touch the tablet while playing Osu, if u do plz tell me how bcs its kinda irritating to lift a few millimetre over the tablet.

Raaampage says:

Thanks for the review bud, even though the price went up by quite a lot, 32€ on amazon 🙁

Lim Yimin dan says:

Is there like a tablet with screen that can play osu??i probably sound stupid but whatever

LeonardoGamer72 11 says:

Heibel I hate you because you’re a man you put a picture of Woman and you’re a man

Lil Pump says:

you get pen and tablet for 25 dollars right ?

xBenkQ says:

Buy xp-pen g430 or Huion 420 ? pls fast answer

IAmCloneDrone says:


Chrysalis Gamer says:

XDDDD i have the exact same keyboard and mouse as Heibei but i have the all black version of the corsair scimitar rgb. also, i dont have a gigantic enter button on my keyboard.

David says:

How is this for writing? I’m a college student who can’t afford a Surface Pro 4, so I bought a laptop and am thinking about using one of these drawing tablets for writing my class notes.

I’m thinking that it might be too small for writing long lines of text and many rows, etc. I’m an engineering student, by the way, so lots of math equations.

Luke Worrell says:

Noice kitchen knife. xD

N I C K L A S says:

what is the best tablet for osu?

Goatori says:

What do you have your sensitivity set to?

Kise Ryuko says:

tablet area?

「✪doudouXDgamer✪」 says:

Alright so i literally searched EVERY comment and i looked at the description and i did not find the exact skin used in video, please don’t ignore me, i only want the skin pleaase ;3;

HenTie says:

10:44 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Haise says:

when you use a tablet you dont press the pen on it ? you keep it at like 2 mm or something ? just trying to understand how it works

YSABekBek says:

Wait you hover when you play osu on tablet?

Frederik Rasmussen says:

Omg are you danish hvad ligger du i verden

Hyperdimension: Silica says:

PROOF Not everything from china sucks

Otaku Asylum says:

I actually really like this tablet, i just had a personal issue of how i hold the pen and shit… Holds me back. ._.

Nitram says:

I just ordered this tablet.

*Throws mouse in trash*

shamrock n says:

what batteries does it take

Pakura Uzumaki says:

Can you draw on the tablet surface or do you have to hover over it? Hovering is really tiring.

luca jorgensen says:

can you please tell me how I do the settings for my tablet?.I just got one but i don’t know what and how to install something that let me change sensitivity and stuff like that.
Can anyone plz help me?;.;

TheMing says:

$20 is nothing… in malaysia its double the price for this 🙁 and thats expensive

Girl200004MSP says:

Can you make a video of how you connect the tablet to the computer? I really need to know ;-;

Aydin says:

If you have any questions about the Huion H420 just ask me. 🙂

HellFox says:

I recently purchased the Huion 420 and it feels great , being my first tablet i can say im happy with the purchase. The pen feels just fine people seem to think its a bit too fat but its probably just preference

Nickk Lopez says:

Which is better huion or wacom?

Andrew Kim says:

wats up with the furries bro, lol

Tamer Vampir says:

hello ask you
can i work this graphics tablet Huion use windows XP ?


i have the same

Luke Jack says:

Mine just fucking broke. 10/10 quality

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