Huawei Watch: Unboxing and Review!

Huawei Watch: Unboxing & Review! The new Huawei Watch looks beautiful, but how does it compare to the Moto 360 (2015), Apple Watch, and other Android Wear smartwatches? In this unboxing and review video of Huawei Watch, we will find out if it’s worth the money. Buy it here:

Android Wear Review:
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G-SHOCK 1000 Casio says:

Is it have speakers”

Tricongaming says:

this or a moto 360

Sun Sriubon says:

Which one do you like more, the black one or this silver one? I cant decide haha!

kntwing says:

sam sung gear s2 way better..

عبدالله الدوسري says:

ماافيه ااحد يترجم

Jeny Patel says:

What is the background music used

Gilbert Khayat says:

i just don’t like the fact that i have to charge it every night.

ii F3Rs says:

Could u do a favor to me ?
Please what is the name of song in the beginning plz 🙁

Rami Hawari says:

Guys its for 109.99$ on amazon for cyber monday!

jamkur says:

Gorgeous looking watch. But how long until they update the design and features with something more beautiful and more sleek? If you buy a traditional watch, the design doesnt go out of fashion for years and years. With a smart watch, they keep updating them, with better looking devices. They drop the price of the old design, so after say a year, your smart watch, is only worth a fraction of the cost, you paid for it. One example is the moto 360. Even the older pebbles are really cheap now. So your 1 year old smart watch, is worth very little. This cant be said for smart phones either. Apple Iphone’s hold their money pretty well. Even after a year, they are still worth over 50-60% of its original value.

Las Recetas De Tia Gris says:

How many watch faces It is included “standard

s Schekkerman says:

Give me a watch where i can look on my facebook….:(

Stefan Alexandru says:

The name of the intro song pls!!!!!!!

Sam A.H says:

why should we charge everything ? :l

Matthias Buesing says:

Nice review! Unfortunately the vibration of the Huawei watch is ridiculous – very loud but at the first time VERY hard to notice. I miss almost every notification since switching from my old LG G Watch to the Huawei watch. Other that that a great smartwatch!

abrone michael says:

You sound like ryan renolds but great review. New fan of Huawei here btw.

Jonny Boy says:

No one can say Huawei is their only problem

akhilesh kelkar says:

After months of searching for the intro, I finally found it!!


Shelley Uprichard,Christopher Scullion

Chill Trap: Future Bass Dialed Down

Everything Mechanical says:

what features do you get with an android phone that you don’t with an iphone? also, can you set alarms on this watch and does it vibrate, and can you read text messages on it?

Ryan Cole says:

Base model is on sale for $250 on amazon. Worth the price considering a version 2 is coming soon?

Warren Yaro says:

way better looking than these stupid iwatches

ii F3Rs says:

Please guys anyone know what the song’s name?

Mahin Ahmed says:

A don’t like smart watch thing…The regular watch we use is much better..

Kameroni says:

Are you married or is that just a dope ring?

Daniel Wang says:

Please, it’s “huawei” not wawei

OneHandGameBoyBoy says:

Do you really pronounce Huawei like that?

kntwing says:

can u make calls from the watch?

Gaius Coleman says:

Yes, I enjoyed that.  What I like most is that dial with blue background, the Moon phase, day display, charging capacity (or in horological terms an Up/Down indicator) and steps taken app – all on the one dial. Now, what I would love to know is:* Is there an app/watch dial that shows a big DATE display?* you mentioned poor battery charge and having to charge each night.  Have I picked you up correctly?* I have an android Samsung Galaxy S4 (correct, not the latest phone, but may upgrade this year, 2016).  Will this watch be compatible with the phone?!I had not appreciated that there are all sorts of dials and info from the one watch, but would tend to want it on that gorgeous blue dial with the Moon phase.  I’ll need to go comparison-pricing now.Thanks.GAIUS

Sasha Fleming says:

Great review. I’ve watched a few on this watch and this is easily the best – great presentation and just about the right level of detail. Just not sure whether I should wait for version 2!

JC Denver says:


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