Huawei Watch Review!

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The Huawei Watch is one of this year’s most anticipated Android Wear devices – but does it provide enough aside from its great round design to the established ecosystem? Josh is here to find out.

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NotaHipster says:

definitely not the thickest my gshock is huge


Is it having wifi?

Bishwajit Barman says:

is it support sim card

kingkingh1 says:

hi I’ve been looking into smartwatches for some time now and finally I’m deciding to buy one for myself. The problem though is which to get, the new zenwatch 3 or this huawei watch?

arunim2000 says:

Is it worth buying it now?

MrTechnology83 says:

How can I turn off the display or the set up the ambient light for example if I don’t want the watch to be always on or this type of watch cannot do it??

ophdarecord says:

What brand are your glasses

Amber Peeters says:

pepper record crowd butter glance shopping religious.

The Third Reichu says:

this watch has a higher pixel density than my phone

ducksonetime says:

nubs? you’re a nub. they’re called lugs.

Kim van Gageldonk says:

Can i send messages using wifi instead of sim? i want a watch with wifi but cant find a good one

Saira Choudhary says:

well i dont agree with most of your points as its a really good watch as compared to other brands

Elliot James says:

but is this watch worth 120 dollars more than a Moto 360 2nd gen

Fatima Caceres says:

can you answer phone calls? does it have a speaker?

Jmodderator says:

Lugs…The strap connects to lugs.

Hong Heng says:

is it waterproof?

The Third Reichu says:

i can get an s6 for that price

Garry Gill says:

I have a mechanical watch it’s 50 dollars and it tells me time.

ExclusiveSigma says:

I want it but if I bought it the second version would just come out the day after… So Il wait for 2nd gen I gusss

Meet Manmeet says:

I can use wifi

Asiful Islam says:

hey Josh this or moto 360..?

Michael chapman says:

I have found that if you let the charger freely be picked up by the watch by the magnets and and not try to attach it with your fingers that it engages the charger every time. By doing this I have not had it once miss the pins. I think this is the way Huawei intended for the charger to be attached. But I have a new stock Huawei just gotten this week and they could have made some change. Those having trouble might try this.

Ahmad Hussain says:

can some please tell me if huawei watch comes in 2 version? like huawei watch w1 and 2 or there’s just one huawei watch ? thanksss

Jamie Garland says:

which watch do you prefer the moto 360 2 or the Huawei watch android authority

LionKing says:

just picked mines up for $199 from Amazon

rkades33 says:

can you type/reply to messages on this

Lou M LL says:

Every time I buy a non-brand name or a new brand name Electronic products, I always get them in Chinese. I bought a car radio, a smart phone and dashcam, I got them in Chinese, I have to find someone who speaks Chinese to set it to English for me and not all menu can convert to English, only some, so painful.

Amaranth91Cr says:

can you use spotify with this? does it have Bluetooth?

Doc says:

Is it compatible for iphone 6

letdein says:

If you’re in the UK you can get this for free from Vodafone when you buy a Huawei P9 on a pay monthly deal, just thought I’d let you know as I got it yesterday and they said cause its such a good deal it will probably go soon

Adhito says:

What band is Joshua wearing on the other hand ? Microsoft Band ??

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