Huawei Watch Review: Sharp Style at a Princely Price

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When your principal standouts in the United States are fringe or affordable smartphones, you’ve got to have some serious stones to price your first Android Wear smartwatch like this. At $349, only one other watch in the Google Store is as expensive … and that’s just the entry level pricing tier. Does the Huawei Watch bring enough quality to justify the coin? Find out in our Huawei Watch review video!

CORRECTION: In the video we erroneously state that no Android Wear device currently offers NFC, but the Sony SmartWatch 3 does indeed include the feature. Pocketnow regrets the oversight.

AndroidPolice teardown story:


“NAVI Watchface”

“Futuristic Watchface”

“LCARS Watchface”


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Villok says:

The most beautiful smart watch yet.

Zombie Killa says:

my nokia 2006 c- model CellPhone was 2x thinner .

Mod Apk says:

give me the huawei watch fo free

Digitalbumpin says:

You can get this for $242 now. An absolute steal and future proof for Android 2.0

khaleader Pc says:

I think the main problem of the smart watches today is the battery life ,, it’s so short

En Cheng says:

this should be the apple watch instead of the current one where its a disgrace to apple.

clement chen says:

it looks awesome!!!

Spillow says:

Huawei Watch — the Moto 360 of Moto 360

KeRtaZ BuReMz says:


ewilliamsz2099 says:

fidnt they learn anything from Apple overpriced bullshit Gtfoh with this bs

getmoney says:

hmm, lot’s of pro’s only con is charging … hard to decide between this and the Motorola  360

M walton says:

Should u pick this up for £130

Yeah Goodluckwiththat says:

The Huawei watch on Amazon’s Prime Day for only 175, don’t mind if I do….

Burzin Billimoria says:

Till you get better battery, smart watches will never take over from normal watches. Its a pain charging the watch once a day and even more than once a day sometimes.

Kambing Setia says:

his voice sounds like Jay leno

Howie Katts says:

Very professional review. I really enjoy mine.

Yashar Daghigh says:

That s Great

eLJaybud says:

Or instead of wasting lots of money on a watch that will probably be superseded within a couple of years just give your money to a good cause.

Sam Fouani says:

Does this one stay on all the time if you want it to? My gear s2 only comes on when you look at it..

Crème Brûlée says:

I have a pebble and every single person I talk to says to me, “oh is that an IWatch” I’M GOING INSANE

MrTechnology83 says:

Wow what a beautiful device….

Sirius Alpha says:

best to wait till price drops to $10

rogargaro15 says:

would be perfect if it had gps

Tyler Moser says:

I like the look of the watch. But the ppi is shit.

RojasTKD7 says:

Just a minor correction, the Sony SmartWatch 3 includes NFC. It’s my current working/gym/running/outdoor activity watch.

The Huawei Watch is quite nice, and I would love to have one for more dressed up occasion, but that still have to wait until the price is more affordable. Until then the Asus ZenWatch (original version) will do.

wolfybezurkydonk says:

hey guys! does anyone know what the watch face name is at 2 minutes in? where can I download it from I just got a huawei watch and I neeeed that face. thanks guys!

waltz 22 says:

Is there an rotating bezel?

batray61 says:

This watch has a fully functional speaker.

Nsikak Moffat says:

where are all the smartwatches this year

waltz 22 says:

Is there an rotating bezel?

Avery says:

People saying its too much of a pain to charge a watch once a day. First world problems. Or in this case, laziness.

StaticImage says:

Did you do Lester’s voice on GTA?

Greg Miel says:

Someone kick my ass please if they catch me wearing a glorified casio

Gustavo Arzich da Gama says:

no 3G no GPS….out!

Jeremy Hoffman says:

Great review. Looking forward to the new stuff coming out in coming months!

waltz 22 says:

Is there an rotating bezel?

djdigital1 says:

It’s got some girth.

sonnysuave says:

does anyone know if the Huawei watch has phone capabilities (make & receive calls)? isn’t that what the speaker is for?

Rovir says:

Does it work with samsung s5 active?

orion deschamps says:

Nah I will stick with my ww1 trench watch

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