Huawei Watch 2 Unboxing and Hands-on Review: Android Wear 2.0 FTW

Huawei Watch 2 Unboxing and Hands-on Review: We unbox and go hands-on with the Huawei Watch 2, Huawei’s new Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch which works with iOS (iPhone) and Android phones.

Our Huawei Watch 2 unboxing takes a look at what’s in the box, the sleek design and also the Android Wear 2.0 interface, when connected to a mobile – in this case the new Huawei P10. The Watch 2 boasts 4G support, built-in GPS, heart rate sensor, tough ceramic design and lots of great fitness features, plus full water resistance.

Like our Huawei Watch 2 unboxing? check out our hands-on reviews of the P10 and P10 Plus here at MWC 2017.

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Евгений Нефедов says:

Google translate might be useful to me but is there an always-on mode in this watch like gear s3 offers?

stretchybwoy says:

I can see why people are disappointed but the first one will still get 2.0 and it’s more for casual/work smart, whereas this one is more sporty so it makes sense not to make another watch that makes the 1st one redundant and allows the 1st gen customers happy that they are not wearing the old model so good marketing

maximus says:

the bezel ughhhh

TheMetalmachine467 says:

it looks like a samsung gear s3 Frontier

Saurabh Jhanjee says:

I got the first one a couple of weeks ago, right before the rumours of the second one started… but now I’m kinda glad wtf were they thinking!

biteeemeee101 says:

the old one looks better more classy

Andrew Tran says:

that’s google fit not huawei fit you clicked on

MrLunatic417 says:

” Bit of a chunky monky”

Peterpi212 says:

Looks so good

Saniz Izquierdo says:

lo siento solo hablo español

Aland GAMER says:

subscrib me please

Andrew Tran says:

I would buy instantly if they had rotating bezel or rotating crown!

Carlos Medina says:

That looks hideous. A complete departure from their first model 🙁

Yautja says:

Screen is too small



Harry Murphy says:


Brendan Evans says:

I’ve learnt not to invest in smartwatches. It’s just ridiculous to, after 2-3 years depending, you won’t get support for updates and the hardware will just slow down in time. So what’s the point? $350 is a lot of money for something that doesn’t withstand the test of time.

Apoorv kumar says:

Compare with LG watch sport

brown bobby says:

is that you Samsung?

zorkor says:

Android Wear 2.0 (FTW) word made me laugh. haha. It almost feels like a new update name for Android Wear.

Wascar Suero says:

Very disappointed i miss the old one

Mohd Balushi says:

nice video please show us the low battery look and what are the working functions. in the low battery mod

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