Huawei Smartwatch – REVIEW (Best Smartwatch for now?)

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Huawei Smartwatch REVIEW





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Please… if you’re going to find inspiration, please tweak it enough to make it your own.
But don’t take the style or the artwork and copy it verbatim. If you’re serious about
art and this industry, we’ll more than likely see or hear about each other in the end.
Let’s move up together, not on each other’s backs… (And yes, I do Copyright Strike thieves)
All the best – Jimmy

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Bastiaan van het Hoff says:

college closed consumption want instead condition

Ming HUANG says:

This looks amazing

timtimzi ni says:

I find that there are a lack of apps on this watch…

Jackson Oldenburg says:

in the link on canadian amazon why is it almost $2000???

Giwta Makis says:

nice video jim

jonnyfez says:

Good review.

Yamin Khan says:

Is this calling? And have camera

Sheldon says:


Filipe de Oliveira Rodrigues says:

Dude, I really like your video, but I need to say… Your tie looks horrible, ahhahahaha

Mehadi Hasan Arnob says:

very nice review bro . . .

Roblox Otaku says:

Legends says This is The best youtuber who deserves more sub

Manolo Miguel Valenzuela says:

neat review dude….good job

Ming HUANG says:

This watch is amazing

Darin says:

I bought my Huawei watch “refurbished” and it came with fewer scratches than that!!

yesh jain says:

can give a review of ZenWatch 3

Rommel Roldan says:

hi! do u have available smart watch with camera

Munchkin Fruit says:

will it work with ios

Garrison Hilliard says:

A simple review of a simple smartwatch… I like it!

Joseph Panagos says:

can u play games on it??

Jean Gerald Muyuela says:

its only 200 euro now.. still worth? i just ordered.

Steingrímur Jón Guðjónsson says:

There is an “H” in Huawei…

Arūnas Jonas Kastėnas says:

Smartwatches are basically not good yet. Battery does not last.

I need watches that I can use for hiking, camping, swimming or just any other spontaneous activities and places.

All this means that this is not a watch in a real sense. It does tell time, however it is not as reliable as quartz or automatic watches.

The watch industry will die once batteries, that hold a week or a month or a year become mainstream. The smart gadgets will become kings.

Manthan Vora says:

With what should i go guys please help. this, moto 360 2nd or wait fir the 3rd one. please help want to decide before 31st.

jow14281 says:

most expensive for now

anajchan says:

An excellent review. Thanks heaps.

Halo man says:

is this compatable with ios ? i didnt catch if or when he said that

Razor Jimmy says:

get a real timepeace

Michael Ambrus says:

First time I see your videos, I like the sound and the smoothness

thundercookie says:

nice review

Jesus Manuel says:

Hi, I’m currently in the search of a smartwatch that has a classic look.
This watch right now is $170 refurbished on eBay
Moto 360 2nd is about $220
Gear S3 Classic is $350
Please help me make a decision because I don’t know what to get.
(Also, I have a OnePlus 3)

Jesse M says:

so what’s your favorite smart watch?

Matteo Sivilotti says:

no matter the product, hands down the best review I ever seen.

andrew1313 says:

Can you control downloaded music with it without actually moving the music files to the watch?

iulian says:

Great review !
1:34 where can i get that watch face please?

SpArTaCuS-93N-L says:

be real with me i want to buy this watch but whats your opinion should i get it or not

Edward Macharia says:

The best YouTube gadgets reviewer in ages. Damn am still surprised why i never discovered this channel earlier!!!

Kopitar117 says:

So does my Galaxy S7 need to be by me at all times for it to work with all the features?

Jeremy Patterson says:

Very nice review! Can’t wait to get this watch on Christmas morning! 🙂

King Joffrey says:

those quick release bands make me nervous once you get used to wearing a watch everyday sometimes its hard to realize right away if its not there so it could easily fall off and you might not feel it and realize in time to recover it

Everything Mechanical says:

what features do you get with an android phone that you don’t with an iphone? also, can you set alarms on this watch and does it vibrate, and can you read text messages on it?

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