Huawei P9 Review

This is my Full Review of the Huawei P9 Smartphone. We go through specifications, the dual camera, hardware, performance, battery life, plus gaming on the phone. Hope you enjoy the Review, the Huawei P9 Smartphone will release in Europe in May!

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Camera: Panasonic Lumix GH4
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Advin says:

my P9 is lagging , can you tell me what’s wrong ? only 1 month of usage. It’s so frustrating

Yeong Kar Soon says:

idk but it seems like i can count on you. i am now not hesitate to buy this P9 LoL cuz it’s kirin 955 processor cuz i like to torture gaming. can u review XiaoMi-Mi5Pro(Ceramic back version)

Shane Horne says:

2 hours to charge

Sashvin Raj says:

would it be worth it to sell my p9 for a nexus 6p or the op3? i feel like the p9 gets warm and it has slowdowns when it gets warm… and the slowdowns are quite often after 2 months of usage… thanks!

jowge says:

Well shit anyone know that outro song?

K says:

479 pounds! You can get one for around 300 in China XD

Mabia Ferdous says:

360p Looks AMAZING WHAT THE FCK?!?!?!

Sashvin Raj says:

i feel the p9 lags on web browsing, at least on chrome, what should i do?

killerGiraffe says:

Just thought this needed a mention… This is a great video and channel… So great that a channel called Tech 360 stole this video and only cut out parts mentioning this channel

Xperia GO says:

very good review

Roger Rabbit says:

If the P9 is around $500 or RM2000 its definitely worth it.

Nikolai Sl says:

Huawei p9 has 4k video, is that “average”?

Jacob Powers says:

tbh i mostly subscribed because i REALLY like your voice…

light24bulbs says:

HD vs qhd hardly matters for actual use. it’s a spec game.

Elijah Mikaelson says:

huawei p9 is fucking amazing

nadeem D says:

is it become overheating with use ?

makaylah h says:

when will it release in the us?

Suniil10 says:

i bought this bcause this vid kade it looked so much better

_ says:

I’m ordering this today, holy shit this phone is epic. It feels smaller than an iPhone 6, even though it screen size says its bigger, but it’s almost like it has no bezels. So sick!!! Good review btw.

Sultan Omran says:

Hi! I would like to know if you have any scratches on the anodized metal back. Are they any and how deep are they?

Uchida Uchida says:

Getting mine today 🙂

lazerbrainzgamesnetwork says:

I’m Chinese so i appreciate you reviewing our products. Xiexie!!

Nawaz Waseem says:

Soo much better than Samsuck S7

yazeed911s says:

those icons looks fugly

Prathyash Mathew says:

good review

w fsw says:

am i the only one bothered by those black bezels?

Shane Horne says:

the camera is shit

Martin Dimchev says:

Hey man can you check if the video is laggy while recording on Snapchat or Instagram? Thinking about getting one but this would be a deal breaker. If you can make a video about it it will be better. Just subscribed. 🙂

folarin subair says:

nice phone

Periklis Dosis says:

(3:16) Dat apple logo tho… :/

Strangelove101 says:

I’m sold, I’m just deciding to get the P9 or P9 Plus.

Abdullah Chaudhary says:

One plus 3 or Huawei P9?

Shane Horne says:

the speaker crap mate

Landon Brecheisen says:

Does anyone know the cheapest place to buy one?

Rohan Sai says:

I own this phone and it is the besttttttt!!!!

ferdous rahman says:

Why Huawei price so high as a Chinese mobile Co.?

ryan paul says:

since samsung make it 12mp on s7 now everyphone got12 too…pfff bitches

Robin Patoliya says:

What’s the animation at 0:54 called? And how to achieve it?

Ajay kumar goud says:


Karim Wasfy says:

whats the name of the music in the beginning ? great review btw 😉

Yoshi Ram says:

plz do a mi 5 ceramic back review!

Andre Martin says:

that’s a phone to buy for 2016

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