Huawei MateBook Windows 10 Tablet PC Review With Keyboard Portfolio & Stylus

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – Huawei has one of the nicest Windows 10 tablets I’ve tested all year. But they chose performance over battery life. See more tablets: and subscribe!

NOTES – I forgot to mention that the keyboard folio is backlit

00:37 – Hardware overview
03:20 – Optional backlit keyboard folio case
05:02 – Matepen Stylus overview
05:59 – Performance: Web browsing / Streaming Video / YouTube
07:28 – Battery life
08:10 – Performance: Microsoft Office / Word
08:43 – Gaming: Minecraft
09:43 – Gaming: Counterstrike: GO
10:34 – Kodi : HEVC, movie watching
11:06 – Conclusion and final thoughts

The Matebook, from an industrial design standpoint, feels great. Solid construction, excellent build quality, and probably the nicest Windows 10 tablet I’ve tested all year. The 12 inch screen looks great

Performance is great too thanks to a Core M processor vs. a slower Atom or Celeron chip most often found in tablets like this.

The only downside? Battery life. Very short at around 4 hours or so doing basic tasks.

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Joseph Arner says:

Cool video Lon. I also have a surface 3 and while I do find it underpowered (has issues handling my gigantic outlook inboxes), I do enjoy the battery life. I am interested to see how Hauwei progresses over time with their products though.

Terry Tigner says:

M3 version was $409 for about 60 days in Dec & Jan. Works with $35 Wacom Bamboo pen very nicely. One of my favorites.

Larry Loko says:

i love that you always include CSGO in your benchmarks… that’s always what i ask myself before buying a portable device!!!

jt3000o says:

an Android version of this would be awesome

Zartan says:

The Huawei Matebook is a really impressive tablet. I got the m5 version for $499 with free keyboard on Black Friday. There are two position for the keyboard stand (the middle of tablet has a 2nd magnet which isn’t as secure as the main angle), they show how to align it inside the box. I would estimate battery is 5 or 6 hours of browsing at under 50% brightness. Charging 100% takes around 2 hours. The only real competitor for this tablet is the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S, but it was more expensive and only has a Core m3 processor. Both tablets are thinner than an iPad Pro, but much more powerful.

My biggest complaint so far is that Huawei’s driver update software is very poor. The tell you what drivers are available but it doesn’t tell you which drivers are installed. When you select the drivers it downloads zip files that need to be extracted and the setup files need to be searched for. Huawei should automate the update process. The backlit keyboard is okay with a nice sized touchpad, but the right click button is unreliable so I do 2 finger tap instead.

Bill Westfall says:

nice looking machine

tipitoe says:

Is it possible to install Visual Studio on this tablet ?

MRrwmac says:

Lon, great review. You said change out the battery? Did you mean connect a battery and if so can you connect an external battery? Happy New Year!

Stuffyou100 says:

A lot of reviewers include international Amazon links along with the U.S. one. Don’t know how that’s done but you might want to remember you have more than just U.S. subscribers

Patricia Fernandez says:

50 – 75% brightness ~5-7 hrs. of battery…but 2 – 2 12 hrs. of charge to full… not horrible…right

Renee Banser says:

I found another competitor to the Microsoft surface called the Lenovo Miix 510.

lootanfall says:

Very good review, as always, thx

ZiisusChrist says:

1000$ for that???? They must be mad.

Aditya Vishwakarma says:

I’d rather buy a Razer stealth after saving up… great video though ^_^

ShiggityShigg says:

I wonder if Linux is installable on it.. same goes for Mac OS X via Hackintosh methods….

Huy Tran says:

i wonder why they cost so high. it is not worth to buy at all. The Mi book is a much better option

Michael Lewis says:

Anything less than a Surface style kickstand on a large tablet, especially in that price range is shameful. Ultimately its the reason i ended up selling my iPad Pro.

Patricia Fernandez says:

ASUS transformer mini

iamrlk69 says:

WooHoo! Thanks Lon, Better late than never. Wonder why Huawei took so long to get you one? You think the M3 would be faster than the Surface 3? Rick

Phil Drums says:

hey Lon, when testing games on these you should try games from the windows app store! there are plenty of triple A looking type titles especially from gameloft that run really well on these.

michael sansfaçon says:

I was wondering why are you still using minecraft 1.8.9? is there a performance difference?

Nitesh Satra says:

can you review HP pavallion x360 13 inch Intel i3 version

liang tan says:

can you do a review of the asus transformer mini T102HA since it’s much more affordable?

I Refuse To Defuse says:

i lost my interest when he mentioned the price

Ons Huis says:

I beg you to do the “alcatel plus 10 windows tablet”. I can’t find it anywhere on your channel.

Duckee Doug says:

Amazon had the Huawei Matebook M3 signature edition version as part of their 12/31/16 lightening round deal for $327. Can ket the brown keyboard for $49 vs. $69 for the black keyboard. Prime members were allowed to purchase 30 minutes before deal was opened to everyone else. Everybody bash on this and the Samsung Galaxy TABPRO S. There is a price to be paid for light weight, thinness and durability. For those individual there are certainly many other options available for example the Surface book pro Or MACBOOK pro. I don’t feel the need for paying 2K or more for what I do with a computer. Give me this device for $327 and I will pounce on it any day of the week. Apparently I’m not alone since Amazon sold out of the lightening deal.

george aronis says:

why so overpriced when you can get a surface pro for $799..

solidunit says:

please turn off all forms of anti aliasing when you’re testing games on low power hardware like this. should give a decent frame rate boost.

AlexTheSuperMC Gaming says:

CS Source works very well even on atom x5-z8300

Ghostwalker CIA says:

They could have made the case a bit better…

ZiisusChrist says:

I really don’t get how these tablets cost so much? Way shittier specs compared to laptops and might be similar than low end laptops. No one needs a tablet. If you need a tablet then just get a laptop that bends all the way to back. Tablets are shit and has always been.

Thermal throttling. 😀
1000$ for thermal throttling. Now i know they are mad.

Joseph Arredondo says:

way better than the iPad

Timothy Vreeland says:

Looks nice. I have a Xiaomi Air 12.5. They are going for about $700, for the m3 with 4gb 128gb 1080p configuration, so this is a steal at $400. Although the Xiaomi Air 13 is going for around $900 with an i5, 8gb 256gb 1080p configuration, and also dedicated graphics, so if you don’t need the 1444p, the Xiaomi is a better bargain than the m5 configuration you’ve got here.

Still kicking myself for not spending the extra $200 on the Air 13 🙁

Mztr.Dros Enterainment says:

Nice review, and do appreciate the unbiased points keeping with same tests across board on all devices. This helps out everyone who needs to purchase or just want to know and have certain items. Subbed.

Ali Khuram Ijaz says:

Hi could you tell me where i can buy that accessory with usb and vga port on it and whats it called thanks

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