Huawei Matebook Review – The Best Windows Tablet?

My review of the Huawei Matebook Windows Tablet 2 in 1 covering an unboxing, build quality, internal hardware, gaming and video editing performance.

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micglobal says:

It’s a good laptop as long as you don’t have to use it on your lap. 😉

Wonjin Kim Kim says:

3:01 how the fk did u do that?

Meridian _ says:

“i like handling it” 0:56

LiLNaStYpLaZmA says:

Anyone else get a Matebook ad before the video.

Sam Ross says:

hello dave, can specify the details on the hdmi, usb port as universal device which you used in the video?

Yunfei Wang says:

best?surface dead?

Udaiveer Aeron says:

how do u make that draw kinda vector of keyboard,display and the internals at 5:11 in video??

sungsoo kim says:

I ran into you today at Yorkdale mall! It was cool. Keep the good work. I love your videos.

Joseph Yi says:

that’s a LOT of flex

Daniel Cunningham says:

I did a video review on the Huawei Watch if you wanna check it out?

Orlando Biotechnology says:

Would you recommend at $439 on Amazon right now?

Wasif Kareeb says:

Dave needs to get 600k subs by the end of 2017 and great youtubers like him go unnoticed but other people do. I am looking at you LTT

sam cruz says:

f. off

Samer Alhamdan says:

do it run minecraft

EndofDays213 says:

The flex bothers me not gonna lie

Michae Thompson says:

Beautiful illustration @5:15 How do you create that animation?

ebg1222 says:

just got an m5 model with the keyboard for $500 on amazon.

Hayden Pollock says:

Would you say the one with 8 gigabytes of ram is better in performance and light gaming

Khoa Tran says:

finally subscribed after 2 months of watching. I throughly enjoy everything

Ashen Gamage says:

wow wow

S SK says:

arm race

Luke Raus says:

I just got a Huawei Matebook ad on this Huawei Matebook review.

Eduardo Martinez says:

I have the same specs on my Lenovo yoga 710 for 430 dollars. did I get an OK value for that? Oh wait except that I only got a intel pentium

Lhimwhel Beato says:

How much?

Xxan says:

2:20 a lot of people do not realize that a back camera is necessary for taking pictures of documents or using OfficeLens

Channa Duminda says:

Looks like Nixon stole the Logo from Metallica Black album.

Kshi7 Silva says:

This look so good man

Nicholas Naudé says:

So many compromises. Just get a laptop.

XT Qiao says:

Great. I’ll buy a surface.

Christopher Beaty says:

I’m sorry, can we talk about the PERFECT HEXAGON you were drawing REPEATEDLY with the laser pointer there???

Lautaro Gutierrez says:

Guys, carpet Anyone see larger than this worp?

Mike Jankowiak says:

how the hell did you make a perfect hexagon with a laser pointer

JesusSavedJoshua says:

overpriced hot brick…pass

n8neiTen8n says:

Huawei > apple

Gage Groff says:

Lmao intel core m3 what a joke

Fudiscuss F says:

very expensive, not worth lt

Rahul Mondal says:

from where I collect the usb internet connector

Nuruzzaman Rohan says:

Can it play csgo or lol

uk/amr.a says:

The worst brand ever

MyMajesty CorgiKun says:

too much bokeh is a bit distracting

Hacker V says:

what’s its price?

tariq dari says:

boy lol

Marvi Marv says:

New Subscriber. Excellent review.

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