Huawei Matebook Review | great tablet, mediocre convertible

This is a review of the Matebook, Huawei’s first dive into the Windows convertible space, did it work out?

00:13 Accessories
4:00 Design
05:12 Display
06:39 Sound
07:58 Performance
11:00 Battery
11:51 Stylus
13:06 Conclusion

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Ahmed Saeed says:

nice review. can this replace a laptop?

Rizla--King says:

Nice review…. may get this to replace my Dell Venue Pro 11 as its getting a little old now…. but do love my Dell….

Valentin Valentin says:

Great review !

Mergo The Great says:

Surface Pro 4 keyboard is still king for tablets!

jose carranza says:

another awesome review Damir! keep it up, and the new setup seems to be working wonders for you

Multy Mangle says:

this tablet comes with keyboarb,pen and matedock

Mr. High Guy says:

This channel is so underrated.

Rocko Bauer says:

Endlich wieder ein Video von Dir. Hatte mir schon Sorgen gemacht;-)

Reshuram Darlami says:

its really good…
what is the price of this tablet

andyH_England says:

4 hours SOT at 40% brightness is rather disappointing. As I use outside I will be at 100% so 3 hours SOT is just not acceptable. But the problem is that Windows Tablets suck, and as this is a poor convertible it doesn’t have much going for it, especially at the price. TBH Windows convertibles are not very good and although they are seemingly selling well, I think that is more to do with the fickle youth market that are bored of laptops and see these as cool. Having tried them on the road, they are not very good and with laptops going dirt cheap as sales continue to fall it is hard to comprehend why consumers are buying into these expensive compromised devices. Windows OEMs are digging it, and bringing more to market as they are priced high, so it’s about the only sector they have high margins on. It’s a fad and IMO the hype will fade as users try them and realise that they are not up to it. I see Samsung Tab Pros on ebay going for nearly half price, only a month or so old, which is a clear indication demand is slowing. In the U.K. £220 off the SP4 and also comes with free gift. A no buy on this is pretty obvious and if you need a tablet get the best, an iPad. If you need a laptop get an XPS 13 and if you want both buy the two.

tom black says:

Speak English next time please

Don Braugh says:

Good to see your reviews again. It’s been a while since I’ve seen them but that’s probably my fault. I also have an Anker stand. My family uses them for viewing it for our viewing uses.

GansonProductions says:

great review. are you gonna review a chromebook? since the rumors about Google will merge Android and chromeOS to “andromeda” which they will show up October 4:th. and Chromebooks already outsold Mac’s in the US. I think Chromebooks can be a big windows competitor.

Shawn Orjiakor says:

That tablet looks very good. Is it worth buying?

Filip Milosavljević says:

When Will the next live Q&A happen? Great vid as always btw 🙂

Rocko Bauer says:

Das verstehe ich doch. Klar gibt es Wichtigeres. Sollte auch nicht vorwurfsvoll klingen. Da Du zu meinen Lieblingsyoutubern zählst ( was ein Wort ) freue ich mich immer über neue Videos von Dir

Gavin Coughlan says:

Another great review Damir… Love how you look beyond the specs and concentrate on real world user experience. Always enjoy your videos

Ludgero says:

you will make a iPhone 7 review? says:

Another great review!

Ibrahim Ouchair says:

how much is it??

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