HP Stream 11 / 14 $200 Windows Laptop Review – NEW for 2016 – Improved with 4GB RAM!

Buy it on Amazon – http://lon.tv/mxewc (affiliate link) – HP made their $200 Stream 11/14 Windows 10 laptop much better by doubling its available memory to 4 GB. See more laptops: http://lon.tv/laptops and subscribe! http://lon.tv/s – Video index below:

ERRATA – I incorrectly stated the processor is an n3050 when in fact it’s a n3060 – a marginal performance difference between the two. The added ram makes the largest difference between this one and the 2015 version.

00:55 – Hardware overview
02:34 – Color options
02:40 – Keyboard / trackpad
04:13 – Battery life
04:35 – YouTube 1080p 60 video performance
05:11 – Why 4GB is better than 2GB of RAM
06:10 – Web browsing performance
07:41 – Microsoft Word and Office
08:11 – Gaming: Minecraft
09:16 – Gaming: Indy Steam Game Shovel Knight
09:31 – Gaming: Older Steam Game Lego Star Wars
10:31 – Speakers and sound quality
10:45 – Display impressions
11:00 – Conclusion and final thoughts

HP’s Stream is probably the best deal right now for a name brand $200 computer. Their 11 inch notebook now has 4 GB of RAM, up from 2GB in last year’s model which does make a noticeable performance difference. The best part is the price is the same.

The added RAM allows for better multitasking and better overall performance for slightly more demanding tasks. The reason is that adding the extra 2GB of RAM added an additional memory channel which feeds data to the processor faster. This resulted in faster web browsing performance and even a boost in Minecraft performance.

But make no mistake: this is not a performance machine. It’s good enough to run Windows and many basic apps adequately enough to get the job done but not much more than that.

It might be a great choice for kids as its limited internal storage and overall performance will not play modern games all that well (if at all) but does nicely run Microsoft Office applications. Battery life is pretty workable too when running lower end stuff, hovering around 6-8 hours.

The display runs on the colder side (more blue in hue) than I like but good enough for most tasks. The keyboard is very nice (my favorite out of many $200 PC’s I’ve used), although the trackpad feels spongier than prior iterations.

In short this is a good deal for those looking for a cheap PC – especially now that it has double the RAM for the same price as last year’s model.

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Elvis Perez says:

I was hoping you reviewed the camera.

Silent Prototype says:

I love my own Stream. The 4 GB of RAM is overkill compared to my friend’s 1st gen Stream. Mine does have an issue where the video driver crashes a lot but its nothing to me

gaming taco 8 says:

yo im getting this for xmas

TrainDunLook says:

i think to buy a tablet or this laptop, this laptop’s price look attracting n the 4GB RAM.
Anyone had buy and use it? can share your user experience. Can it do some light gaming, eg. MapleStory. I like that it is smaller than my 15″ laptop. Can this laptop fit into a locker, wanted to bring to my workplace? Plan to buy and use it during my meal break. Is the 4GB RAM make alot different from a 2GB RAM?

Derek Robillard says:

I’m getting this one for Christmas and it looks cool it will be my first laptop

Richie EB says:

I wonder how it plays Mount & Blade.

gamer bros 868 says:

the comment section now 200$ lol

Aidan Lewis says:

Can it play small games like Terraria with multiplayer?

SaimonVcp says:

What do you. all people, and +Lon.Tv too, guys think would be the best laptop for me?
because of politics (fuck argentina)it has to be sub 200dls, and sub 2kg.
i wont play games on it, i want it primarely to write and browse, but i do open almost every day a lot of tabs (6-10…never less than 5)…. what do i want?
– battery ( a lot, because i will use it outdoors)
– keyboard…one that allows me to write confortably for hours and not fell like im tipyng on a cellphone with two hands
– screen, 720p at least, and, if is possible , the least glare and more angles posible, because, again, i will mostly use it on outdoors
i dont care too much for the rest, but maybe even that is asking too much…i hope you can help me guys!

Rufus Sanchez says:

thanks for giving all the information which helped me get a good labtop

Paul Hojda says:

720p is 1280×720. This would be considered 768p

Priscilla Harshini says:

I like your accent….Very crisp and clear….

Robert Xavier says:

If you have time, could you please share specs on the Built-In WebCam’s Video Resolution, Video Recording Battery Life? Also, does the Laptop come with a free program for WebCam Video Recording or Screen Recording?

sean ludwick says:

plz try team fortress 2 on it or cs:go

Lorentell Williams says:

Just brought one and absolutely love it! I’m an author and I use it to write and play games occasionally. so far no problems.

John G says:

big note, the 14 inch has a glossy screen, HP calls “BrightView Panel” for indoor use they say, because it can get reflective, but it looks *alot* better, believe me than the 11 inch matte model.

Crazy Blue Creeper says:

how do you get optifine

Don Vinales says:

What about football manager? Does it runs smoothly

Silent Prototype says:

For more demanding games (If Available) Use an external more powerful PC and use Steam in home streaming for those games, Since I got to play Tomb Raider on this laptop (Mouse recommended) and the laptop handled the streaming quite well, So would recommend it as a cheap Steam In home streaming machine

Cosmic Tophat says:

But can it run Crysis? :3

King Goldaz says:

will it run league of legends?

Mecasia Smith says:

Does it run sims 4?

Color Hky says:

Is this laptop good for school and Netflix and stuff?

It's Jnobe says:


Jo Barker says:

Hi there, could you help me? I bought one of these and I have heard that I need to save all the factory settings etc to a 32gb USB stick in case I need to do a restore to factory settings in the future. Could you tell me how to go about this please? Many thanks 🙂

Patricia Fernandez says:


Icetech2 says:

Is it possible to downgrade this to windows 7? I want to buy this but cant be stressed with using windows 10.

Ronnie Smith says:

Id rather a Acer chrome book.

Rufus Sanchez says:

I just bought the HP stream 14

IamJB says:

i have quesrtion if can edit here and dowload some windows/microsoft apps???

YTsupergamer2004 says:

This is a netbook? Because it looks so small

Amis Art says:

Can someone please tell me simply whether or not I’d be able to use a text editor like Sublime Text or Brackets on this laptop? I brought a picture of this to a Best Buy and they said not only do they not sell it but they don’t recommend it. After watching this video I can’t help but think they were referring to the older version. To me writing code in a text editor doesn’t seem like it calls for a lot of data (or processing or whatever the appropriate wording is) but I can’t be for sure because I’m just not that knowledgeable when it comes to that stuff. I’d also like to be able to use Adobe like drawing programs such as Inkscape SVG Editor and PaintTool SAI. Any idea if that’d be OK?

Louise Raymond says:

Could you play the sims if you ran it through origin? Thanks for the video!

JustinT1010 says:

Can you upgrade the storage with m.2?

omaly vlogs & gaming_lead says:

can u do a reveiw of an apple watch?

Maximus Heronimus says:

Hi Lon, would this be a awesome machine to use as Garmin Basecamp/ Openstreetmaps/Google Earth machine to get some tracks on a Garmin GPS device?

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