HP Star Wars Special Edition Laptop Review

What’s up guys, here is my full review on the HP Star Wars Special Edition notebook. Enjoy 🙂

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Intel Core i7-6500u
Intel HD 520
8GB RAM (expandable)
15.6″ IPS display 1920x1080P


Here is the link for the base model without the 940M GPU

Music –

Siren – Run Away – NoCopyrightSounds

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Santiago Ramos says:

Can it run spin tires?

Spid3rGod Daniel says:

can I play CSGO on ultra with 40-60 fps?

Bape says:

would the i7 8 gb of ram and 1 tb of space be good for running games like WoW legion and cs go on max settings or atleast normal settings? I’m thinking of getting it tomorrow. Also amazing review you earned a subscriber and a like 🙂

Nawaf Nabeel says:

even i am watching on this laptop

Joshua Thomas says:

Will it be able to run Roblox on full graphics with no lag

SlayerTM says:

I’m saving up for this laptop 🙂

Andrew Fretwell says:

Hi. I’ve been wanting to get a gaming laptop but have little experience with them and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what I should buy and my budget is about £400. Thanks

Christopher Abrego says:

nice vid bro. I have a question. is this loptop good for editing video? I was using Davinci Resolve the other day and seemed to me that it was struggling also I was used gopro studio and it did a bit better ! Is there any hardware I can upgrade to make it function better ? BTW mine has 12 Gg of ram.                                                                            Thanks

The Anonymous Angel says:

can it run star wars battlefront, minecraft, dayz, h1z1, roblox,

####### ########### says:

I only have a pentium there is no way I can play gta 5 plz help!!

Julio Barsey says:

Will i be able to play SWTOR on this with high textures and shadows?

Brandon Lugo says:

ok sooo its 2/18/2017 and the specs for tbis laptop say its processor runs at 2.3 yet u said it clocked at 2.5….questionable. Shuld i get it?

DJ Liquid Metal says:

I tried to play Star Wars Battlefront on my laptop but it moved super slowly any tips?

RandomGamer 115 says:

Is this the pavilion?

Pey Gey says:

Bought it today for 700€ ^^

Keith Bradley says:

Does the keyboard illuminate? Some say yes, some say no.

Caio Ramos says:

Can you run cod and Nba 2k 17

Jesse Vasquez says:

My Dell 7559 was stolen recently and all I have is a Phantom 3 Pro to trade. I need a laptop asap, but no cash right now. I have someone willing to even trade. Think it’s a good trade for me????

Bball_Boyz says:

i have that same laptop just beats edition

Icemistgaming 2 says:

Hey guys this is the same one im using right now!!

gaiozi1 says:

is it possible to add gpu in this laptop?

Raymond Lyons says:

will this be able to play star wars empire at war


Do you think this could run borderlands 2

The Brutal Gamer says:

can it run games like battlefield 1 overwatch and such

Dinesh RaviKumar says:

I have seen your videos.. Kudos to your effort. I require you to provide me a suggestion.

I am planning to buy a laptop for my gaming purpose and office work also. my budget is 1000$ to 1100$. suggest me a good gaming laptop for the above mentioned budget ?

My choice: HP Omen.

mohamed dahcheh says:

Cool can I type paper and school work with it. Also looking badass. I5 processor is good enough for me. Im not going to use it for gaming. Im probably only going to get csgo on it though.

Sergeant Fancy says:

It suck boot time takes foreever

Bradley Denham says:

can it run gta 5

Maq kun says:

My friend, you really have a sense of making these reviews. They cover everything needed + your honest opinion. I hope to see you grow on YouTube. Keep up the good work. Subscribed and liked 🙂

DecoyFTW says:

can it run max graphics on grand theft auto V?

yolo269 says:

Couldn’t watch the whole video. I was too jealous.

noface villain says:

wats the fps

Zin Gamer says:

I’m not a fan of Star Wars but the specs are pretty beefy, I’ll buy for gaming not for looks

Zakax2Boy says:

my laptop came in the mail, as soon as powered on the screen kept flickering, I’m so sad 🙁

FROZLO says:

Not to brag but I have this laptop too. Got it at Best Buy

Young4frican13oi Jr says:

Can you upgrade the GPU and CPU?

yerroc says:

It’s Star Wars not “Star War”

Iliya Botev says:

can someone send me a link to the base model please?

cooldrummer jack says:

its worth it i own one

junior Medina says:

I just got it last night for 499.99

House devedesete says:

Withou this SW logo this laptop look like crap,and for this money you can buy 2x better laptop like Acer Nitro black ed. Or Dell inspiron 7559 or lenovo yoga or….Graphic card in this HP is BIG SHIT trust me! ACER ASPIRE NITRO I7 last gen.960m 4gb g.c and 16gb Ram with 17.3 ” HD display bux this laptop!

Stoof says:

have this model its great! pricey but worth it

fisheyebrick says:

not a fan but beleave me i have never watched a starwars move but i baught it just to impress my friends and because i love the backlight keyboard

Akira Mirandilla says:

can i play watchdogs with it.?

Aon Muhammad says:

this guy kinda sounds like irwin from billy and mandy

Bradley Denham says:

is the graphics card an gtx 940m

Erik Zuniga says:

the HP star wars edition is on amazon for like $470 is that the one in your review video?

jmomoto says:

Do yall think this cp could handle running vegas pro 13 without lagging on video playback?

Imp says:

I just got one of these and its making a high pitched whine kinda noise, a bit like having tinnitus! – anyone else experienced this?

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