HP Star Wars Laptop Review – Can It Run Battlefront?

The Star Wars Laptop. It’s probably just gimmicks right? Perhaps not. Join PC Centric to find out if the Star Wars Laptop will actually play Star Wars…

Note: This is a review of the UK version featuring a Nvidia 940m GPU, without a touchscreen. The US has a more expensive version, that features a better CPU, and a touchscreen.

HP Store Link: http://bit.ly/1q5FOhR

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ʎɹɹɐɥ ʎɐɾıʌ says:

is there any model with 12gb Ram and 3 gb graphic card

DJ Liquid Metal says:

How do I update my drives?

Bobby Joe says:

will it run bf1?

tony wu says:

Ironic a star wars laptop made for battlefront, cant even run it

Captain Potato Man says:

but can you play overwatch on it?

Muhammad noor al islam says:

Can I play bf4? Please let me know or wt cheap laptop will do on mid to high setting

AL3X N0W4K says:

Watching this on my starwars laptop =D

Daniel Heywood says:

Will it run space engineers ?

Muhammad noor al islam says:

In uk

Ace Of NUKE says:

But can it blend?

Elijah Mendoza says:


GLO BRO - RBLX & more says:

I’m watching this on that computer, I’m relieved its not a crappy one and can play games.

xXToxinx says:

did the price go up??

Game Snapp says:

Can you find laptop with a light up keyboard for $700 usd or under?

BMX gamer says:

I have a red laptop made by hp would it run minecraft

Akshay Verma says:

do you think this can run BF1? of GoW4?

Mr.Mystery says:

Funny cuz got Lenovo y700 for $100 cheaper so it was $900 (I saw that laptop and it looks like shit not Lenovo) and it’s way better! It can run every game on market! It even runs doom reboot on 30fps on HIGHEST SETTINGS! Is 750ti good? That’s the equlent power to gaming processor in my laptop.

Raymond Lyons says:

will this play star wars empire at war

yerroc says:

All that it needs to run is battlefront 2 with mods.

Eid Khattar says:

very useful thanks 🙂

B. V. says:

Skyrim wouldn’t even run on this game at lowest settings

Omar Ben Younes says:

can it run bo3

TheGeektrick says:

i want a computer for work+gaming.

I want a powerful laptop, I want the whole system to be as
future-proof as possible That’ll not have to worry about replacing for
at least 4+ years, i want the system to perform all kinds of tasks like
everything!!, fully locked & loaded and packed with power & speed.

Budget: 1,000

Location: UK
Use: It will be used for editing photos, photo manipulation,
photoshop, illustrator, indesign, lightroom, heavy rendering videos, I
do a lot of copying and pasting , i want to watch videos HD, 4k, 8K, i
want to play Star Wars: Battlefront, Grand Theft Auto V, MIRRORS EDGE
2: CATALYST, Grip – ROLLCAGE, Trials of the Blood Dragon,
WWE 2K16 & WWE 2K17, F1 2016, Valentino Rossi: The Game, Pro
Evolution Soccer 2017, FIFA 17, Rayman Legends, Rayman Fiesta Run,
Mortal Kombat X, Tekken 7, Burnout Paradise, Road Redemption & there
are many more other games that i don’t remember right now and all these
games that i have just mentioned above I WANT TO PLAY THEM ALL ON MAX

Any advice and guidance would be incredibly appreciated, I want something that’s worth it..!!

Rizky Hafiyyan says:

For gaming is it fast?

Joshua Thomas says:

Will it run Roblox on full graphics and no lag?

Cmdude says:

Imma try to save up or get it for my birthday

gamepearl 132 says:

can it play bo3

lcjr says:

Is it possible to get the graphics card separately and put it into the device later?
Is it also possible to get a 1TB SSD for the device to replace the HDD? I got the cheaper version without the Nvidia gpu.

Shahzaib Hanif says:

is it good for gaming..
like bf1 black ops3 gta v please tell me

Wendy Ryder says:

Thanks, cutie for your honest review! I appreciate that!!

Zakax2Boy says:

I’m so sad 🙁 I just received mine and the screen is broken 🙁 I was so excited aswell :(((((

Ben Wars says:

Is it good enough to run Roblox?

Foxfighter 84 says:

What if you upgrade its RAM and then test it. from 6gb to 8gb

Christian Cardenas says:

I’m buying that

Fernando Clarance says:

Do this laptop still in sale?


“I’m thinking on Buying this but,i’m looking to use it toward games like,Hearthstone and Heroes Of The Storm,I’d like to know if this is Laptop can handle this?”

Triangle chips says:

this laptops a piece of sbit. I have it and its laggy on every game i play it on weather it be low or max settings and is way to much money. I can get a laptop for $500 tyat runs better than this one.

neal christian belo says:

Can you run rainbow six siege with this thing?

Shannon Murphy says:

i’m pretty upset that i have the IGC instead of the nvidia ;/

Carrie B says:

What about streaming movies/tv? Is there a lag and how slow/fast does it load? That’s what we’d mostly use it for 🙂

Darth Wheezer says:

Could it handle me playing the game for a long period of time quit often

Victor Cervantes says:

i hace the regular one… doe It run games??

harry jerez says:

that version of the laptop is? which you have the nvidia or integrated graphics

xRaBbItGoDx says:

question how and where did u get starwars battlefront from?? where did u buy the game


I buy this pc and it doesn`t come with the nvidia 940m… it come with an intel hd graphics 520 $#@& me…

Πλάτωνας Οικονομίδης says:

Can it Run GtaV ??? PLIZ comment below

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