HP Spectre x360 13 Review (Kaby Lake; Late 2016): The new best 13-inch laptop?

HP’s Spectre x360, updated for late 2016, returns triumphantly to impress all over again. See more: http://www.windowscentral.com/hp-spectre-x360-review

HP has done a fantastic job with the revised Spectre x360. I used the word ‘balanced’ a lot in this review, and that would be the takeaway. Best Buy and HP both sell the Core i7, 16GB variant with 512GB of SSD storage for $1299. The lowest configuration with a Core i5, 8GB of RAM and 256GB SSD is just $1049.


Eileen the Crow says:

Would be almost perfect if it had a digitizer.. But hp cut corners and ruined it.

Tianchi Wu says:

I’m waiting for the update of hp spectre, but this one looks great too.

The Strider9 says:

how about after sale service?
I’ve heard that HP has got terrible after sale service. Is it better than lenovo’s or Microsoft’s?

Joey Pinili says:

dat background music is dope! wat isit?!

Erkam Kapaklı says:

can I upgrade the 256 GB SSD

Alan T says:

I’m sorry but the trackpad is terrible. Try dragging and dropping files. Love the laptop all around besides that.

teyzfootball says:

So is it better than the yoga 910?

Ymac101 says:

Loved it when he pressed the Westworld article!
Too bad it’s out of stock in most places, really wanted to order me one.

abhishek singh says:

Hi +WindowsCentral. It was a nice review though I already bought the laptop. Just wanted to mention you about the issue with the battery option it never shows the expected time remaining to charge or time to drain. I contacted HP but could not get a response about it. If you could tell me about that. the battery life is amazing, with regular browsing and typing lasts the whole day. Thank you in advance!

Ivy Kwan says:

Would you be able to provide your settings for the power management please? Using the default settings “HP Recommended” – my battery life seems to fluctuate between 4-6 hours. This is just simply surfing the web using Chrome. Also, are you able to comment on whether you experience battery drain when the laptop is shut off? Thanks

Daniel Bobke says:

Got one for Christmas and I have to agree with pretty much everything in this review. This ultrabook does everything well and is the best value in the ultrabook world.

Atheek Abdul kadhar says:

Pen capability?

ArJuN Mangal says:

Is there any battery drain?

Ryu Ken says:

Can the lilac sky wallpaper be found on shuttershock as well?

MamoDad says:

FFS, whatever happened to high contrast keys you can actually read?

abhinand1000 says:

It would be great if you could cover issues/compromises people would face in daily use too in your reviews. Some of the categories I would like to see are:

1. Throttle
2. Battery drain/battery life
3. Performance with multiple displays hooked up
4. Light gaming performance
5. Display brightness and performance outdoors

Stephen Clark says:

great review. has got me thinking about moving over from Surface.

Nguyen Quy says:

Very Nice

Mr Wolfers says:

$1,299??? That’s really good wow! I would buy it right now if it had G-Sync, but even without, it is very tempting.

tipoomaster says:

Remove that Intel sticker and it would look 30% better 😛

Richard L. Scott says:

Very good and to the point review. This was my first Windows Central video, but it was enough to make me subscribe. Thanks from a Linux loving Mac Guy :0) B Blessed

Anthony Chua says:

I love it. Great review. Can you make a comparison video with the Hp spectre, surface pro or asus transformer? Even comparison with the MacBook would be great.

Naz Sharul says:

How’s the fan noise?

Dimitri Ramos says:

Is this good for programming android apps and web pages?

Roman Grunis says:

bought this laptop and when I shut it down, the battery keeps draining slowly. Any idea what do to? Do you have this issue?

Adam Pye says:

I’m buying as soon as they release the updated 15″ version.

Maya Durand says:

chocolate pause minute civilian message shop back conservative

Shanto Khan says:

Does it have CD/DVD drive and ethernet port?

Augustus says:

Can it be used in tablet mode holding it vertically instead of horizontally?

Dan Aalfs says:

is the charging USB c proprietary?

Henil Patel says:

this guy is in bed with microsoft.. you cant take his opinion seriously.. i will mostly likely be picking up lenovo yoga 910

City Cuber says:

spectre x360 vs macbook air?

utubedano says:

Looks awesome..

Crims0n -3y3 says:


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