HP Spectre Review: The Sexiest Laptop of 2016!

Here’s my review of the HP Spectre. One of the most beautiful laptops ever made. It manages to pack a powerful processor, beautiful display all while staying thin, light and portable. Watch for the full review!

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Danial Moghadam says:

Very similar to Dave Lee…

umbeon says:

I own one, and love it. I use if for website work as well as Photoshop and Adobe Premiere video editing. I recommend this laptop to anyone who wants speed, power and style. I agree with the battery life issue, I’ve been able to get at most 8 hrs using the battery power saving mode. Still a great laptop and worth the money.

Lastly, a great review Matt!

Klaus von Schnitzel says:

i waited for this laptop! Great job,man!

Alvaro Garcia says:

Wish I had the money to get one it looks like an awesome computer to have.

Callum Salisbury says:

I’ve just found this channel – great video! You’ve got a new subscriber

ritik gupta says:

in india it costs more than $2000
dont know how the import duties increases the cost that much
i wanna buy this laptop bt itz priced too high

Marco Chapita says:

i have one now, and what you say is true the fans kick in very easy, but i have the I7 7500U with 512Gb of a Samsung SSD so i like this little beast. i did have an acer aspire I7 with an Nvidea card but i never used that card because i do play on my PS4 ,so i didnt feel the need of having a gaming laptop with better specs. i was looking for the best looking laptop but without to many sacrifices .

Derek James Smith says:


Micheal Niduaza says:

Sexiest LAPtop of 2016..

“I recommend keeping it on a hard surface … and avoid using it on your LAP” haha sad times.

Tom Naber says:

HP Spectre, Dell XPS 15 or Asus Zenbook Pro 15??!?!??

Visvesh Narayan says:

LG Gram is better

Gavin Klebe says:

Does it run Gta 5 in low settings? And PVZ garden warfare 1&2 in low settings?

Laurie Bell says:

Very good review, I might be a little biased, I’m typing this on a HP Spectre 13 right now, it’s a very nice machine.

Jasper Bagerman says:

wtf in the Netherlands (europe) this thing is roughly €1600,00 thats $1791,00!!

MartinasM says:

:'( in Europe i7 512GB model costs 2000 € thats around 2200 $ :'((( such a sexy and powerful laptop xexe in US for price almost same as Ipone 7 plus 256 GB, it is totally worth all that money more

Stéphane says:

could you test the Hp Alpha X2

xoxocarmieee says:

Very nice review keep it up

DonaldDuck022 says:

In Thailand the price is around 2,000USD. Want it but with this price tag I think I’ve to go with something else. What a shame.

Peter says:

I just subscribed…

Baker says:

I think this laptop is the ugliest computer of all time

KuleDewd the Gamer says:

That shot of your daughter playing with the Spectre is cute, Matthew! Is that your daughter, though?

NJ K says:

I cant stand working on laptops/conputers anymore since my first smartphone. Everything is so slow… I dont know how anyone can continue working on them. Im so used to touchcreen, its just so easier..

Mergo The Great says:

@3:23 Dat hangnail tho

SeanSizon says:

I was going to get this until I tried its trackpad at Best Buy it doesn’t work well, especially compared to xps and mbp.


Can u review acer predator 15

Taha Fayaz says:

man u shoul go for collabs so ur popularity increases

TeQreation says:

Title on point, that’s sexy!

Zak E. says:

Thank you Matthew for mentioning the price in CAD too.

MC Sir says:

Hey Matthew Moniz is the Dell Inspiron 15 5000 series a good laptop?

D_Gold 999 says:

imagine play game lol

Ruslan Makarov says:

Battery life is disappointing

Kenny Cee says:

how about lenovo yoga910?

ImJacobL15 says:

Great review! Could you review the Samsung Galaxy Note 7?

Sakif Zaman says:

Some nice ass shots Matt, Great video!

Samuel Abbott says:

Awesome review. Thank you!

Taha Fayaz says:

may be micheal fisher may be a good option at the current time he is growing and u can shuffle some subs

Goikuchan says:

Although I usually pick my laptops and other other electronics based on performance, I have to admit I´m instantly drawn to this laptop whenever I come across it in a store and very close to purchasing it for myself. The color scheme is very sexy ansd the screen is simply beautiful. I’ve been looking around for the perfect laptop for a while now and I think I finally found it 😉

floyd75dylan says:

What PC laptop would you recommend for someone who enjoys streaming, downloading movies (legally), & storing digital copies.
I’m not a gamer, it’ll be solely used for movies.

Muhammad Zamar says:

Price in Rupees plz…

Nhmia Kahsay says:

thank you for this. i agree you deserve way more subs and views. On my thoughts however, i will purchsse this as soon as the ABSURD price drops.

Shubhajit Patra says:

what about the battery life? is it good?

NJ K says:

doesnt mean i dont want to be on some older guys lap, while he is diong some work on his HP laptop. Ahhhhh.. been a while 🙂

Yvonne Richoux says:

It is beautiful!! But a bit pricey for my taste.

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