HP Spectre laptop review

HP is attempting to prove that it too can create the kind of premium laptops that Apple is so well known for with the new Spectre. It’s incredibly thin, incredibly light, and doesn’t skimp on performance. If you want a MacBook running Windows, the Spectre is the machine for you.

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Ryan Leach says:

can it run osrs

joziejozie terranova says:

dell xps 13……..

Budar Endario says:

I hate the HP Spectre. Instead I am going to buy MacBook Air starts at $899. I don’t care about that crappy laptop because HP wanted to beat Apple, and a reasonable price of $1,169. }:(

Paweł Popławski says:

I have the impresion, that You’re really trying to promote Apple products here, however You can. You have mention Apple products in the first seconds of this review and presented them as ‘something You propably look for’. “Apple products have dominated segment for so long, that no one else even trying anymore” – You have said it and showed MacBook in the first seconds of Spectre review [!] before even said a single word or showed a single picture of Spectre! Come on guys, this is sad and tasteless..

Justin Morales says:

Wtf it’s not touch screen!?

harpersneil says:


FFS the Verge could make a video about anything and still not get through it without mentioning Apple.

kyoko703 says:

What if you installed MacOS on the Spectre?

Lisa says:

I was about to go for it but no touchscreen? why these pricey comps like this one and the macbooks still dont have touchscreens? Annoying!

L.A. November 2019 says:

Can’t stand Apple, so this is most welcome.

Benjamin Mensah says:

Is anyone having issues with glitches on the screen and also when turning on it says the cooling fan isn’t working?

ODB says:

Good review dude!

RoMe DS says:

How often are people standing at their desks that they need a freakin 180 degree hinge

Catriona of Doom says:

“Nobody’s even trying to compete with the Macbook anymore…”


Did we forget about Surface, Dell, Lenovo, HP, and Asus? All of which have more powerful products at lower prices?

Neumonic Videos says:

apple be like: macbook is better because its rose gold and less ports.

Rushil Patel says:

MACBOOK air is even better than this

Carson Wotell says:

the laptop should be called the pimp book

CaptainSquillso says:

Can it handle 1080p video editing?

Aiden Upshur says:

Pay over 1,000 dollars for something that as soon as you drop it once, it shatters like glass.

Viktor Poulsen says:

Awesome design – this looks stunning. But at the price-point I simply can’t accept the specs. I think the Dell XPS13 looks like a better choice. 1080p is not good enough in high-end laptops, imo

Eric Albano says:

“has lots of performance…” OK thenk u I’m goeing 2 buy me this leptop rite now. tbh this review was ass

areeb1296 says:

“If you are looking for a Premium Ultra portable laptop, chances are you’re looking at a Mac.”
You screwed up the review the moment it began. Bravo!!

iPurrple says:

Is this a HP Spectre review or a HP Spectre vs Macbook video??? Pathetic

Slayer1111111111able says:

Asus and Dell have been making great premium mac competitors for a long time. It’s just that apple dominates the mindshare of laptop consumers for some inexplicable reason. The hardware has been in place for windows for a while

bearcat19872013 says:

If you really think this spectre is “striking to look at” then god bless you.

PsyShastadelic Wolf7X says:

I think the Surface pro 4 i7 is way better when it comes to RAM and power as well as reliability. Still the HP Spectre is a sexy laptop.

Major Harris Jr. says:

Title says “review” but I really get a comparison. MacBook this MacBook that oh stop. Guess I’ll look elsewhere for an actual review.

Turin Stark says:

Stop talking about Apple and its MacBooks… Otherwise change your title to HP Spectre vs Apple MacBook…

Taylor Nguyen says:

the verge should really fire Dan, since every video of him reviewing stuffs are packed with “macbook” reference

Cade Del Rey says:

No reason to buy this at all. The Spectre X360 has the same specs, 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports, a USB 3.1 port, Windows Hello, a touchscreen, and a 360 hinge for about $100 less (depending on which models you compare). All around the x360 is the best choice.

Dzastynas says:

that bezel…

c00ki3r says:

I would reccomend a mac book for working. This laptop is just expensive and its crap

Eduardo Trevino says:

this would be as good as the macbook if it ran macOS… I wish macOS was open source, but obviously it’s proprietary to help boost mac sales

Cohen Rao says:

You guys suck at reviewing products man

Zonaid P says:

Nice for hp but i just got a razerblade stealth 2 and im good with it its basically the same thing except it is smaller and holds more hardcore functioning skills fit for a programmer and developer and has 1 terabyte of storage. but its material is horrible , i mean the plastic catches fingerprints every time you touch it. Nice to see laptops like these coming out

Gavin Klebe says:

Does it play Gta in low settings? And what about PVZ gw 1&2?

areeb1296 says:

“Looking for a premium ultraportable laptop. Chances are you’re looking for a Mac”
You screwed up the review the moment it began. Bravo!!

Shafin's Kingdom says:

Who else hates this guy

Christopher Johnson says:


theirhighness says:

Watch out! Gold is making a come back from the 70s!

Omair Bhore says:

Would I get hit in the head if I used this for programming ?

Glorimar Martinez says:

when a commercial for this laptop played before the video .


Couldn’t help but spot what looks like very small computer speaker at about the 1:51 mark. What brand are those? I like the sleek look to them

Sixtus says:

“chances are you’re looking for a mac” not at all. Speak for yourself.

gamer22887 says:


Mila Wouters says:

another Anyone recognize worse this videoC …..

Bibek Bhandari says:

what a useless guy .. dont review if you have already decided mac is best.. idiot

Zack Halverson says:

Currently the Spectre with a Kaby Lake i7 is $1100 at Best Buy

areeb1296 says:

“Looking for a premium ultraportable laptop. Chances are you’re looking for a Mac”
You’ve screwed up the review already.

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