HP Pavilion 15t Laptop Review 2016 Is this the best gaming laptop for under $600?

What’s up guys, today we’re taking a look at the new 2016 HP Pavilion notebook. You can pre configure this notebook to the HP Omen specs but for much less. Lets see if it’s worth picking up.

15.6″ Full HD IPS
Intel Core i5-6300HQ
1 TB 7200RPM
3 Cell 61.5 Watt hour battery



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Squid Plays says:

can it run gta v?


Same thing i7 core

mia719 says:

Can u send a Link for a Shop where i can buy it overseas?!

Prerak Thapa says:

can we run gta 5

bilal nasreldine says:

dear andrew,

i have a question which is more reliable for gaming . a lenovo y50 base model or an hp 17 like this one with its best specs aka core i7 nvivdia gtx960m 4gb 16gb ram etc… kindly advise if hp could handle gaming continous hours hours or no .

Michael Chow says:

Do you know whether I can play GTA V on this laptop or not?

Mauricio H says:

can u replace the Hard drive for an ssd… if so, would u have to install everything back inside? what i mean by everything, i mean like the windows 10 itself and other essentials ?

Jimmy M says:

The refreshed Pavilion 15t with 7th Gen Intel CPUs and Nvidia 10-series GPUs are on sale right now until 1/28 Andrew. The base model with a i5-7300HQ and 2GB GTX 1050 is just $599. Would love to see a review of it.

Gray wolf says:

Don’t suppose you can leave it plugged in without killing the battery?

Nur Suryana says:

i will buy this model with i7, 8GB and nvidia 940mx (4GB DDR3 dedicated)..do u think it’s good to run 3D CAD modelling??

Sportingjack says:

Hey. Do you know whether it’s possible to replace battery or not in this model? I wanted to buy it, but I am using laptop 12-16 hours per day and batteries in my laptops usually die in 12-18 months and I usually replace them or buy one additional battery. I tryed to google but didnt find any offers for this laptop battery.

WickedlByllNature says:

can i play gta v

WizardGaming_ 2395 says:

I’m maybe getting this but can this still run games that are coming in 2017 in 720p?

butler859 says:

Thank you, very useful video

madcapper6 says:

Does this laptop have any issues with excessive fan noise?

Andrew Sinaga says:

Sir do you buy this laptop From the HP sites or buying it from amazon or something? Thx

JTundra says:

I customized mine on the hp website and i got a pretty decent build for 700 bucks

Joseph Hoffmann says:

How would this run games like Overwatch, Rainbow six, and Arma 3?

Waruna Vikum says:


mister failure says:

I have this HP Pavillion. Mine looks exactly same but it has i5 7200u 7th generation and does not have that Nvidia thing. Mine is 8 GB ram. I cant find a review for my laptop….

Marko Josipovic says:

Hello! Really helpful review. Thank You for making it! It really gave me a closer look in to this laptop but I just have a few questions, so if you could help me with that I would really be grateful.
1. When under heavy work or gaming, I read that for some users the heat on the right side of the laptop can make using mouse very difficult… Did you notice something like this? Do you feel the heat on your right hand when using a mouse from the laptop.
2. I was wondering, I know that the laptop is plastic, but is it durable plastic? The question is, does it feel good holding it and does it bend anywhere or has some pressure problems?
3. And finale question, and the most important. I read some reviews that says that the laptop get’s noise. But, how much? I mean, I am probably going to use headphones for gaming or watching movie, so will I hear the fans working? How loud is it? And if not using headphones, how loud is the laptop if just watching a movie and if just gaming?
Thank you so much! Your answer will really help me make decision on should I buy it. (and I really want to :-)) Also, if anyone has a answer please share it with me. 🙂

DinoRexGamingHD says:

Im thinking of getting the newer version of this with i7 7700hq 1tb hd with 128 gb ssd 8gb ram and with a gtx 1050 4gb

Drew Shock says:

Andrew, love your reviews. Is there a M.2 slot available and usable, on this unit? I have read in some of the HP forums that if you get it with the 7200 HD only, there is no M.2 slot

TrihardcX says:

they have a new model with a GTX 1050 now, very nice laptop

714smurf says:

Hey can you tell me if your screen display has a yellowish tint on the left side of the screen and gradually gets whiter as you move to the right? I have the 4K non touch screen. if this is common for this model then i won’t exchange it.

Jose Gerardo says:

A laptop Garmin Hp pavilion 16Gb Ram prossesator I7 Nvidia 940mx os beso for csgo??

MoonScar says:

How are the hinges holding up so far? I just bought one of these and that was legit my only worry.

Driss Majjoud says:

bonjour j ai un PC HP pavilion mais je ne sais pas comment changer la batterie

P F says:

looks good, but only 12 month guarantee. ….can you upgrade it on 16 GB RAM. …..?

yasi0283 diaz says:

keep up the good work

Nico says:

Hinge update?

Tb Tech says:

in india it is having intel i5 7th generation

Random XP says:

i ordered a pavilion 15 t from hp website, i customized it to a i5 7300hq with nvidia gpu, i live in the US. aprox how many days until i receive the notebook? ordered on january 24 2017. typical HP estimated delivery?

Life As A Potato says:

How much dedicated video ram does it have?

AntiGuy says:

Does this laptop run Overwatch well?

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