HP OMEN (2017) Gaming Laptop Review – GTX 1050

A Review of the HP Omen 15.6″ Gaming Laptop! Links & Deals to Awesome HP Omen Laptop Configurations Below:
►HP OMEN 15 (GTX 1050) FHD: http://amzn.to/2nl8SDD
►HP OMEN 15 (GTX 1050 Ti) FHD: http://amzn.to/2o2PDvW
►HP OMEN 15 (GTX 1050 Ti) 4K Display: http://amzn.to/2n5x5fh

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ThE Diamd says:

im hella early ….. HAI AWEOFTECH

ROANRIES14 says:

I always love the happy of this dude always get a BIG smile in his face

Stratos Designs says:

Which one do you recommend? Dell 7567, Acer VX15, HP Omen, Lenovo Y520?

Alex Villalobos says:

I really like the asus laptop with the 1050ti it has a really good price it looks great but they messed up to much on their display

chirag goswami says:

trying to copy D2D now….??

asharani pippal says:

plz compare it with dell inspiron 15 7567 both lowest models

Treebsquire says:

Great review man, as always. I reviewed a lower spec model of this one (7300hq) and had Issues with the bottom right of the surface, where you’d rest you right wrist typing, getting very warm when under load (plugged in). Did you experience anything similar?

Qwem Lhjsi says:

I bought a 960m last year…

Chris Patterson says:

what software do you use for editing, that was some great work


they shud have had a thunderbolt 3! but 90$ for 4k display …. i cant say much

John Hanson says:

if it had tb3 I’d buy it.

Logan Plays says:


Christopher Pérez says:

should i buy it

Mesozoic says:

u rock man man. u are my favored youtuber.and this video was very good like your channel

Joe Mikaelson says:

awesome laptop got it also but with 960m i wanna sell it and get 1050ti

Geek Games says:

Awesome I love your vids BTW are you gonna do any giveaways soon?

Subtle Bunion says:

Hey you do the best reviews.If I need a review on a computer or a mouse or a headset I always know you got my back thanks and I hope you hit 100,000 subs by the end of the year or even October

HeyImRed says:

I’m looking for a gaming laptop since my current laptop is at the end of its lifespanand my current choices are
this laptop or an Alienware 15.
I really love the hp omen and how it looks but I feel like the build quality is not the best and I’ve heard that the soft rubber gets ugly if scratched and I’m really not sure whether I should spend the extra money on the Alienware 15 (or another laptop around a reasonable price point)

Amish Bisaria says:

Does he live in the us or America?

FiveLives- says:

Hey John awesome review as always!

tulasi dass says:

little higher priced compare to competition. can you please do review of lenovo y520

UrProxy says:

I make you tube videos and I game on my,ryzen rig will this be a good render rig for on,the go

migs bajar says:

can you review the acer vx 15

asharani pippal says:


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