HP OMEN 15 2017 Laptop Review & Benchmarks (i5 7300HQ / GTX 1050)

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SNKN says:

Do you think getting the i7-7700HQ version would show any significant performance boosts in games? Cheers for the review mate!

Henry Mann says:

its about the same power as xbox 360

Khalinsky_Files Tech says:

Great channel! I subbed

Rempa says:

Good test but you should try to run those benchmarks at 900p on a 15.6″ screen you won’t see the difference and the FPS boost is huge enough to forget about full HD, even the desktop version ti 4gb does not follow in 1080p.

Gin Geek says:

what’s that app you used to test sound and all ?

yessuz says:

had to look at dell inspiron 15 7000 series, the 7567 model.

looks like has same specs but better performance and heat management. similar price.

Yuuki Chi says:

Great review 🙂 ! I’ll probably get this laptop or the lenovo y520, I’ll just wait for reviews of it to come out.

Nikola Boyadzhiev says:

Get the Lenovo Y700 :)))

Ly Sengkoung says:

How about heat while playing game?

Mihir Vaidya says:

Hey..how bad is the screen ? Is it better than dell 7567 ? I was actually planning to buy this same model.

Tech_0ne says:

Shame about the screen because this is the best value 1050 laptop out there, in the U.K. at least.

Zero Sami says:

you just got a sub buddy good stuff

Bassil Sockar says:

which one would you recommend the Omen 15t or the pavilion 15t?

Nicked _ says:

what about the heat while doing some normal stuff like using word ?

Muhammad Fahmi Hasfi says:

What is the price of this omen 15 2017 if comparison with dell inspiron 7567?

Joachim Verbeke says:

Very nice review. I’ll probably get this instead of the Dell Inspiron 7000, since they don’t sell that where I am.

I would like to answer one question though :
Can I replace the battery, too?

I like to keep my laptops at least 5 or 6 years, so the battery is long useless by then.

Tomáš Hančil says:

And what about noise in conditions without games? Web, office etc.

DashFilms says:

Is this worth it or should I get the dell inspiron version.

Michael Tarantolo says:

Ordered one of these but with way better specs

god eromii says:

run gta 5 high on 60 fps?

Trapped Panther says:

Great review! I bought this laptop a few days ago, recommend this to anyone who wants a gaming laptop that delivers decent gaming performance without spending too much money. Mine has 4GB of VRAM and 2400Mhz RAM though which gives me more room for eye candy in games 🙂

Christopher Prats says:

how easy is it to add an M.2 SSD?

Jmdeleeuw says:

🙁 if only that screen was better this would have been perfect

Rishabh Sharma says:

Hi *Treebsquire*,
_Great Review… I would like to have your suggestion regarding my laptop choice. I am gonna buy a laptop in upcoming few months. Right now I have two options,_
 *First*: _Asus Rog GL55VW with GTX 960m(4gb) with i7_
*Second*: _HP Omen with GTX 1050(2gb) but with i5_
_so which one would be better between these two? And also, I have few months to make my purchase, So if any other laptop that is coming in this price range in near future that I can add in my wish list like these 2 then also suggest that. In case if better one is on the way of release. What would you suggest?_

Jeremy G says:

I ordered this laptop with i7 7700hq 128ssd/1tb 7200 gtx 1050 for only $867 after tax not bad.

kevinc says:

http://store.hp.com/us/en/pdp/omen-laptop—15t-x7r21av-1 i found this other model it seems good but is it better or worse than the youre using? or is it just the same?

TheChelnov says:

Personal I’ll go for HP 15t as it has same specs, IPS screen and less price.

Strategic Gamer says:

guys is asus fx553 with sane specs good? i just wanna get 60fps on bf1 1080p mid settigs and 60fps at gta5 ultra

TheChelnov says:

2GB is a bit turn off

Daniel Bentham says:

is the cpu a i5-7300hq good review though!

Preston Kin says:

I bought an hp omen and it works great the 1080p screen looks fine I don’t know people say it’s not they are just being gritty.

Iknowva Gaming says:

Is it playable on OverWatch and is it 1080p on OverWatch?

BOOM LOLmolly says:

How bad is the screen really?? Is it better or worse than the dell 7559 screen?? Give spec comparison if you have them please XD

K2MDP says:

This laptop comes with 2 USB 3.1 ports.

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