HONEST MVMT Watch Review – Worn over a year – White Tan – Rose Gold

There are no long term reviews on these watches that I’ve seen. Also most of the reviews are sponsored, and therefore biased.
This is my experience (good and bad) with these watches (mostly the tan leather) over a year of wearing them every single day.

Sorry for the crap quality of my video. I obviously don’t make videos regularly.

Please leave your honest experience with these watches in the comments below!


738polarbear says:

I cannot find which movement these watches containThey look like cheap crap to me.

thefallensaints says:

Honestly, just buy a known replica of a MVMT watch for like 13 dollars on ebay from a seller in China. You’ll get the exact same quality, maybe even better, for 1/9 of the price.

Gerardo Esparza says:

I see $300 gone down the drain… should of bought a citizen, seiko, casio, or orient…

FredAusi says:

they have very nice looking simplistic design… I only boight mine because it looks good. Dont know any better companies with similar design

ps31871 says:

if they are bad why do you keep buying them?

klusps says:

Thanks for the video! Really helpful information

zincbooster says:

I was going to buy one… Not anymore. Thank you very much for your honest review.

Ruby Young says:

Wow, I’ve got an Omega watch that I’ve had for over 20 years, keeps time to the second even now. Hour markers fall off, date rotation stops working, watch stops working in under a year. They probably make this rubbish for less than $10. Won’t see me wasting my money on this piece of junk. Thanks for the review.

slay says:

Can someone tell me the size of the wrist at the closest hole? I have a very small wrist and dont want to poke a hole in it

Harvard Ford says:

My goodness I almost wasted my Money on this

Beagle Barringer says:

Same here, thanks for saving me the money. They do look cool, but not worth it.

Stun Gun Stunna says:

Thank you for the review buds!!!

Alan Wrench says:

I wish I would have seen this review before i just bought one!

Timemachine Eddie says:

You can get a great quality Invicta. Aragon or Seiko automatic for around 75 dollars. Maybe it’s time for another brand. Great review and Thanks for sharing.

toemas8 says:

$90 is quite a bit if the indices fall off after 5 months. For the same amount you can get a bambino which is automatic so you never need a battery. For a little more the value of the three MVMT you can get a seiko in the sarg or sarb ranges that will last decades. Quality never goes out of fashion and MVMT’s brand is built only on social networking sites and paid endorsements.

Robby Gunn says:

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t Movement offer a two year warranty for manufacturer’s defects? And the battery life seems to be a simple fix by going to a jeweler and having the battery replaced. I am not a movement employee just a guy with watches.

Tia B says:

I was trying to decide between a MVMT watch and a 5th watch. I’ve seen a few negative reviews of this company. I haven’t seen any negative 5th reviews but it also has some of the same biases you mentioned in your video – I think just about all of the reviewers were given a free watch in exchange for their review. They cost about the same so hopefully the 5th is better quality.

DreaMworX says:

Crap I really want the new Voyager Graphite, and it says on their website that they give 24 month warranty. The watch looks amazing but it seems that the build quality is shit. What to do, what to do 🙂

That Tall Guy says:

why would you recommend these watches? They just fall apart!

Ryan Snyder says:

You spent $300 on crappy fashion watches when you could have bought a seiko, a citizen, an orient, or any other proven watch that would last

tamir61 says:

Thank you, gonna block all of these ads on Facebook and instagram.

Daniel R says:

Great video mate! Really wanting to buy one and after reading your comments to other people Im pretty convinced but Ill wait out till you have another video up about them to see if they have really gotten better in the quality department 🙂

Nathan Chard says:

How are they all looking now? That new one holding up..?

Brandon S. says:

excellent review. I’m looking for a quality watch not necessarily pretentious just a quality watch that I can have and use for a while.
⚊ I definitely will not be buying one of these movement watches.

J Wolf says:

they are supposed to be just as good as the more expensive brands. They are trying to compete with them by saying that they are just as good of quality. they say that the watch is cheap by skipping the middle man and selling directly to you. Hopefully the build quality gets better fast and they are able to stick around.

David Oprešnik says:

How can you change the battery?

Nigel Thompson says:

very happy I saw this review. fantastic design but I won’t be buying.

PettyCrocker says:

if you’re looking for a 100-200 dollar watch with pretty much the exact same design schemes as MVMT, go with Nixon. Nixon has been around longer and their watches are not terrible like these. although i would probably steer you away from nixon if you’re looking for the best quality watch in this price range, MVMT pretty much ripped off Nixon’s designs. so if you like the way mvmt watches look, go with a nixon sentry or a nixon porter. MVMT has not been around for a while and they are already getting reviews like this. the only thing they’re good at is social media and marketing considering they sponsor almost every single fuckin podcast in the world.

ismael gonzalez says:

mine is about 4 months and everything is fine but is good to se an honest review

Deedey says:

Guys, u all should also have a look at his newly released video btw

Jonathan Ponce says:

A really important thing for you guys to know is that every single one of their products has a two year warranty so he should be able to exchange his watch

Neuro says:

holy crap those watches are complete trash

EirikXL says:

Wow thanks, not buying these now!

Emil Christiansen says:

Just adding my two cents for anyone interested…I have one of their watches from the 40 series, have had it for over a year now… Have had no issues in terms of batteries, it still runs with no issues, of course theres no date on this version so maybe thats why… I also still have all the hour markers and the straps looks very similar to when i first got it… now I dont wear it everyday, but a few times a week, the strap ending up looking like that is really not my experience at all. I imagine you would have to work out with, do manual labour or soak it in something in order for it to end up looking like that.

John Sawyer says:

Anyone that knows anything about watches can tell they are pure trash. Look like Chinese garbage.

Brett Coatney says:

It has been a bit and hopefully the quality improved. The thing is I am cheap, and I really like the look of these watches which I haven’t seen anywhere else. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Andrew Rinne-Mignotte says:

You get what you pay for. Any watch that costs $90 is not going to last long. I can’t believe you bought another one after the first one lasted only ONE year of wear. If you just waited five years and saved the money you’d spend on a new one of these horribly built watches each year, you could buy one *decent* watch with an ETA 2824 movement that would last you a lifetime.

Quad Noris says:

Great review. I noticed on their site they offer a 2 year warranty on all watches. I’d think you could have yours repaired for free

Shawn Whippie says:

when you can find Orient or a Seiko that looks vary similar in style, I don’t know why you would waste your time with these watches. Hell even if you want a quarts you could just go for a Bulova.

Zlatko C says:

I have also bought this with tan one, in the year time leather strap has fallen apart. I had to change the battery too. Not to mentioned when you get the first sweat stain on it, it looks awful. And that happens just weeks after you start to wear it.
So skip the tan leather at least. Not the reliable watch. And the prices just go up and up…

CCV334 says:

thanks for the honest review <3

aaron toliver jr says:

I am very new to wearing watches and want nice watches for a cheap price. What are some brands that has nice everyday watches ⌚️ for a cheap price

Marc-André de Launière says:

Fair enough

ink ink says:

If the first one came out so bad then why did you buy two more? And if you are allergic to cheap watches then why buy three lol lame reviews.


These watches come with a 2 year warranty. Were you not able to contact them to get your issues resolved? Did they not stand by their warranty?

DOG says:

thanks for a good review
i mean you could be a liar… but i dont get a feeling that you are & thats good enough for me 😀
no wonder they brake easily.. price matters

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