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Today on RANT&H, Christian reviews the watch collection his friend Jean has amassed for over 30 years! Christian explains how Jean, a Colorado-based watch geek, not only collects his watches but he has formed a method of categorization that blows Christian away! From his three rare Rolex Datejusts (A Wide Boy, blue dial with alpha hands and his fathers two tone example with diamond hour markers), his IWC Mark XV and Speake Marin and his vintage Longines all the way to a few digital throwbacks, his collection is packed with interesting watches worth analyzing!

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Neuro says:

30 is nothing..I own 50 watches at the moment..52 counting one I am shopping for atm, and the one I have on auction to be sold….
There was a time I became anxious and regretful about adding so many, and spending so much on watches. But, to be honest, I enjoy them all and wear a new watch every week. So I certainly don’t see a problem with 30

beautiful speake-marin.. I’ve been bringing this brand up lately.. asking around about it, trying to invoke conversations about it, but few entertain me. Nice to see someone else enamored with the brand.

ConRon says:

Damn really stepping it up with the Patek. Congrats

HextyVision says:

I had 55 watches – have slowly fine tuned and whittled it down to 18 now. Might send it to you for a review 😉

David Greenfield says:

This was epic. Thanks for this great episode.

Robbin de Jong says:

does someone know the exact name of the first watch?
the Longines?
and nice video guys keep up the good work

Longbow072 says:

THATS who bought the blue 1601 I was eyeballing.

Peter Shallis says:

Personally speaking, I can’t wait for smaller watches to come back into fashion, it’s not that I have small wrists- I don’t – but I grew up with the smaller aesthetic, they look more classy and gel more comfortable to wear. 36mm is the sweet spot.

John Bradley of Rutledge says:


Diego Zelaya says:

I want to buy a IWC Mark XVIII. Do you think I’m better of with a Mark XV? Or it doesnt really matter?

Donalbein 1 says:

I saw nomes the other day and agree they are beautiful. However, the prices have gotten ridiculously expense right now. At 3000 I was okay with their offerings, but at over 6000? I ended up with a Rolex Milgauss for the same price. I should have bought a nomos several years ago. I’ll have to wait for the price drop on the used market in a few years.

Daniel Chin says:


Ashwin Krishnan says:


Ryan Manak says:

Umm teenage?

TomG 2K16 says:

You can only have 4 watches what do you choose:
My list would be:
Seamaster 300 coaxial black casual/work
Date just 2 tone champagne dial, work or smart
Blue reverso on blue strap dress
Any G shock for beater watch

Bill Cull says:

Respectful comment: you just did this whole video of 10-12 watches and only talked about the dial and colors. Not one mention of movement or place in the watch hierarchy. Is this because you don’t find this important or interesting? This respectfully isn’t a watch collection. Seems that these are watches that you sold him. Great idea. What would be the aggregate value of this collection?

Steve Smith says:

damn a little kid owns all this, his parents must be loaded

Reece Gordon says:

5:40 one look? I DON’T THINK SO

Tomasina Covell says:

Do Speake Marin watches actually run, they look almost too steam-punk to be real! LOL

Jay Sikes says:

Respectful question: by proxy, have you indeed told him what watches to keep by showing them in this video? The watches not featured in this vid are the ones he could get rid of as far as your concerned? I realise you are taking his taste into account, but I would hazard to say you’ve subtly inserted your taste by the inclusion/exclusion of watches in the vid; there is absolutely nothing wrong with that BTW.

Niko Covich says:

that blue datejust is just lush

Jedidiah Smith says:

When you’ve got 30 watches, having an involved spreadsheet is probably the way to go.

hervé Chretien says:

100 % agree on your comments about Nomos. Cognoscenti material for sure

gom tv says:

He got the blue dial with alpha hands I wanted, sweet abby jesus that one is nice.

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