HARMAN KARDON Soundsticks III / Wireless Speakers Review

An overview & review of the Harman Kardon Soundsticks – from the iSub of 2000 and the original USB soundstick system we talk through the changes that were made to the Soundsticks II and the two models currently available – the Soundsticks iii & the soundsticks wireless with bluetooth connectivity. We unbox them but this is more than an unboxing we also review them and do a sound test and a base test of these 2.1 speakers

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Equipment Used to produce this film:
– Canon PowerShot G7X http://youtu.be/977L-WMGWdA
– Apple iPhone 5s http://youtu.be/glSVhSzlw7Y
– Manfrotto Befree Travel Camera Tripod http://youtu.be/6F-1Elup-EA
– Blue yeti USB microphone http://youtu.be/y1C-71WuNac

Edited Using:
– Apple MacBook Pro http://youtu.be/LFdW-2e0Ydc
– Apple Final Cut Pro X

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Balbir Singh Chahal says:

fuck you your Harman sounds speaker whenI I try to open your video it’s stuck

hotdognobun says:

Good for gaming?

Arvin Peopleinlove says:

Did you really compare a laptop speaker sound with a 2.1 system ?

A bit like comparing which is faster, a fighter jet or a Toyota Prius.

Compare it to other products in the same category!

Gregory Dale Mostella says:

Mine failed at 1 Year & 6 months.  Disappointed.

Alexander Purvis says:

Really informative, great video 🙂

The Matt channel says:

Yo do these sound better than the Logitec Z632

pauli rasanen says:

does these work with ps4 bluetooth

SoraWisdom says:

damn you said review, not verbal essay

Michael Luke says:

Hi bro, I have some questions . I love EDM and I want to buy a speaker would you recommend me to buy this speaker or H&K speaker. Which speaker have higher base and more suitable to play dance music

Fernando Cruz says:


Koti M says:

that may easily break

Prateek Mehta says:

Whats the music that you played in 12:23

frank1144 says:

do they have tweeters?

Ulrrich AJO GARCIA says:

hi roberts its possible conect the harman kardon 2.1 in my new IMAC now only have one conection minijack but its for the headphones. sorry for my inglish is very limited thanks

Remco van der Galiën says:

harman kardon aura or soundsticks?

Coffee Break Hero says:

Question: is it viable to play first person shooters with wireless speakers?

mehmet polat says:

Bi sus amk müziğin sesini duyamadık

Sikha goyal says:

Can they be used as home theatre ?? Instead of computer attachment . Or they are only meant for pc attachment ? I want a home theatre ,, do i prefer this ?

Manuel Otto says:

How long are the Cables from the satellites to the Sub?

Abdulsamed AYDIN says:

i have a queastion . please subwoofer test it on table. Does the sub desk shake?

Daniel Ting Chong says:

Hey Robert. Thanks for the review. I can’t find any answers on the internet so I was wondering if you could help me. I just got my HK Wireless Soundsticks and I understand that they power down automatically when not in use. I wanted to know if it is ok to leave your HK sound system “on” all the time and let it automatically power down or is it better to turn it off at the back after every use?

Marc L says:

what’s that app names

Carl Shiu says:

Hi, are the soundsticks 3 better or the aura??

DemonZ BeEviL says:

I’m getting a high pitched noise whenever i use them with my monitor can you help?

Richard Aaron says:

Hmm I bought these thinking the Bluetooth versions would be totally wireless, as I have Bluetooth on my PC for a wireless keyboards and mouse. So now I see you actually have to connect the soundsticks to the sub no matter what, so in reality I wasted a bit of extra money to get the Bluetooth version but I guess at least I wont have to connect the sub to my PC 3.5mm out.

Hello World says:

Is the subwoofer supposed to go on the ground?

syncopat1337 says:

these or klipsch pro media 2.1?

Khan says:

Thank you for your comprehensive review. Cheers!

sahil gera says:

can the bass be controlled??

Nasafiyel Paige says:

what’s “wireless” about this system??

moh maimun says:

what is the different between soundsticks III & soundsticks wireless? is the same product?

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