Harman Kardon Aura Studio 2 – Unboxing – Review – Sound Test – Bluetooth Home speaker 2018

Unboxing and testing the Harman Kardon Aura studio 2 Bluetooth speaker.
I think I am going to keep it. every thing from the design to the sound quality and sonic detail is really great and although I Purchased it as a review item it has now found a place in my home for now.

UK Links:
Aura studio 2 : https://goo.gl/Fbvcje
Aura Plus (Black) https://amzn.to/2GVR1y1
Aura Plus (White): https://amzn.to/2qvIzLL

US Links:
Aura Studio 2: https://goo.gl/o178ht
Aura Plus (Black): https://goo.gl/k6ffZv
Aura Plus (White): https://goo.gl/NrQURg

Sound Quality Test Songs: (Pls tell them you came from here)

Lecrae – I’ll Find You ft. Tori Kelly: https://youtu.be/Jv8IqJm6q7w
Moelogo – Ireti Lyric Video: https://youtu.be/NJqrFb1yvmA
Jonathan Butler – No Woman, No Cry: https://youtu.be/xkTNQQBy5sc

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Julius Babayemi says:

Onyi. I’ve never commented on any online product review . However, yours is the coolest. Men! you’ve got the gift for presentation. Excellent production with original content. Nice!

Mark Trujillo says:

Wow great video, you’re going to have a big channel soon.

Dejan Sajkovski says:

Fantastic thanks for your best Review and for fantastic video

Banda Ardiansyah says:

Amazing review
I will look forward for another review

One question : how you clean the inner glass tube from dust?

Hervey Aaron Garcia Soto says:

hi man thanks for the review how is the name of the song in 0:22 ?

KolMan 2000 says:

This was one of the most high quality reviews I have ever watched. I had been looking to buy this speaker and this one definitely made me sure I wanted it.

Genghis Ghost says:

amazing video work. amazing review. I’m never this quick to subscribe. I wish you all the best

Rodrigo Hoffman says:

I Saw a lot of videos of gadgets reviews and you go too far. Your videos are amazing, the best quality I guess. Keep doing that!

23unknown32 says:

Regarding the power-saving feature, does it automatically shutdown even while still playing music? I tend to let music just play while I sleep. Will I be unable to do this?

Kanishk Rathore says:

Can you please review Harmon Kardon Allure

badwolfl69 says:

can you link both speaker together? Studio 2 and Aura Plus?

Aldendra 13 says:

wowwwwwwww…. amazingg

Zihang Yap says:

To be honest, this is not just a speaker for me, it’s a piece of art.

Juan Ruiz Art says:

Sadly my speaker died recently, I plugged it in the wall and was ready to listen to some tunes and I hit the power button and nothing happens. Nothing lights up.

Aliff Shunx says:

Saw this product has been discontinued in their US website. You know why? Btw, your review is great!

duruogu says:

That’s an awesome and comprehensive review! Thanks dude!

Bogdan says:

Great review!

Matt Rose says:

I hate the power saving mode, it’s very annoying. I was told it’s an EU regulation.

Bruno Lisboa says:

Fantastic video matte!!!!!

Tash Davids says:

Is there anyway to link a normal aura to an aura studio 2?

Eljay J says:

Having owned the Aura and the original SoundSticks (2005 and they still work being used daily) I can honestly say that dirt buildup with this design is not a big problem. I found a few moths in the SoundSticks last summer and I just turned it over and shook them out. Dust may build up in there but nothing that a can of air can’t fix. Have no fear- these will stand the test of time and always be a conversational piece.

Edmond Loo says:

Great review and thanks for the review! Lucky I didn’t buy it. I was expecting this speaker to have colourful bass beat lights that would follow to the beat of the music that I will play. Not the kinda speaker that I wanted though. But you had saved me from spending my money on a speaker that I will definitely regret!!!

A.R K says:

This is the most detailed review . Thanks boy!


BIG THANKS! to everyone that has subscribed so far, you guys are awesome!, I am currently working on a new video like this one and also other requested videos coming soon, please stay tuned. thank you.

Ryan Parker says:

Great review! Keep up the good work

Felix Richard says:

i just bought 4 of these and originally wanted to have all 4 of them linked together. but it only can be linked to be a pair at a time(via bluetooth). yet only linking 2 of them already fills the room with high sound quality with correct left-right stereo channel. the high & mid range of aura studio 2 is amazing, but the bass can be quite under powered, depending on the song & the volume level. it can achieve powerful bass with volume set more than 80% but losing it’s beat with lower volume level.

Britto Bharathy says:

Felt really happy after listening to music on this at a store. They sound perfectly well and even at full volume they sound extra ordinary. Sound was room filling with thundering bass and clarity. Very well explained and a detailed review. You have got a soothing voice 🙂

OhForPeteSake says:

awesome review quality, love the video editing, keep up the good mate, you earned a subscriber

Pau PaU says:

Very nice video review man!!

Captainmakis 952 says:

Do you have tested the aura? Is it worth the upgrade?

steve .j says:

Your review was spot on mate and you got yourself a subscriber……. love your work…..

Chiko Reffi says:

06:20 LOL

Victor Reyes says:

Man great review idk who would give this a thumbs down

Gurgenius Kapoor says:

Nice video Onyi. Please help me make a purchase decision. Would you recommend this over Harman Kardon Soundsticks Wireless 3?

Shai Rothschild says:

So wich one has the best sound?
HK Aura studio ?
HK Aura studio 2 m
HK Aura plus ?

WATCH itbuddy says:

Hi! What’s the song at the intro?

99MWS says:

can i connect this with a onyx studio 3?

J DC says:

Amazing quality, keep on!

Marijn Carton says:

Love your video quality, man! Insane. Good job!

Was thinking of buying one. But the power-saving-mode-thing turned me off. If i buy one, I’d use it as a speaker for my iMac. So if I understand you correctly, this thing will power off after 40min. if I don’t do anything to the speaker itself (like touching one of the knobs). Right?

Gustavo Marrufo says:

Great review, great channel, suscribed, greetings from México

izzygnyc says:

Really great video review. Can the Aura Studio 2 be connected to Alexa?

John Joe says:

Hey I need to know something I want to get this but does it have to be wired to power it on?

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