Hard As Nails! – Victorinox I.N.O.X & Professional Diver Review – The Toughest Swiss Made Watch

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is my opinion on the legendary Swiss knife brand Victorinox Swiss Army and their watches. Today I respond with this in-depth look at two of their more recent watches, each with its own very special features. Introducing the I.N.O.X. watch and the brand’s recent update to the line with their professional diver version. These two watches are the toughest Swiss made analogue watches to be featured on the show thus far, and for some very good reasons.

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TheRoswellCrash says:

Thanks for a brilliant review of these watches. I currently own the Sinn U1 and am thinking of ‘swapping’.

Adrian Harley says:

I’m actually looking for an automatic swiss made watch and i stumbled on your channel and got hooked on your stringent approach to things i have OCD and i feel at home watching your videos back to back!
anyhow could you recommend a watch with an automatic movement ,a sapphire crystal front and back (any type strap but not metal) with brushed stainless look rather than shiny mirror type
i did like just 1 i have seen the Davosa Trail master in olive green and the hidden style lugs type the face attracted me too as it looks very retro.?

MrPleers says:

Inox is short for Inoxidable.

Todd Howard says:

that finger snap is the truth

TheSaint7770 says:

Why or why not should I consider purchasing via Amazon.com for Victorinox watches?

Adrian Harley says:

do these watches have the antiglare coated on the inside or out?

Ernani Alves da Silva Junior says:

TGV, I have three INOX models, one blue with nato strap (gorgeous), one olive (limited edition with paracord camouflage strap) and a yellow diver that is amazing. The quality of all is superb. The rubber strap of the diver is the best I’ve ever seen, flexible but strong. For the purpose it was designed, this watch is clicking all the boxes. Recently Victorinox adds a version with the case made of carbon and another made of titanium.

MK. Harvey says:

When in danger you can use one as a knuckleduster.

Arthur Leyenberger says:

Hey TGV – at the very end of the video think I heard you mention Glycine in the same breath as Saltzman’s. As of the Invicta buy out of Glycine, Saltzman’s dropped their line. Great video, as usual. Victorinox is not for me but it was fun to watch and learn. Thanks.

James Osemeke Ugbo says:

How do you get so many watches in to be reviewed without purchasing/owning them?

Meh Ben says:

sorry but lug is 21mm

Zane Wilmans says:

Love the Intro music to this Video! JB. I own three Victorinox.. the INOX with the metal bracelet which is really really well made… fiddly at first to get used to but.. once you do you love it. The bracelet version gives a totally different look. Very robust quality watch, Just recently got the Night vision and that too is an awesome watch, very well made, and then I have a Maverick. All quartz but they all serve as my rotational beaters. Quartz has its place and for their types of watches I do think it is appropriate. Highly recommend trying a Victorinox if you have never bought one.

James Parkhill says:

Hi TGV, thanks for the great videos. You have got me back into watches after many years.
I have an old Wenger watch that still looks and works very well; what do you think of the new Wenger Seaforce dive watches?

André Menezes says:

Great review! What do you think about the Victorinox Alliance model?

Jeffery Neu says:

The time I might consider wearing the bumper would be while diving to protect the watch from scratches. That is not a bracelet. It is a rubber strap!

Przemyslaw Szaniawski says:

I LIKE TO BUY DIVER with bracelet. Unfortunately this version is existing !!!!

Giannhs Mp says:

Inox vs gsar ????????

Iskender2144 says:

Excellent review. Any idea whether one can purchase additional bumpers?

Piran Fehlbaum says:

Nails are actually very soft… softer than screws. Thought you should know

fkeopfkeop says:

Whats the circumference of your wrist?

Jan Maryško says:

Victorinox INOX has 21mm rubber strap, you have it written there, ash*le….

absinthium77 says:

Hello could you tell me what is the music at the beginning ? thanks

Amr Ashraf says:

sorry guys but what acually makes this watch a tank!!!
have any one opened it to check the movement inside? is thereany special new shock absorbing system for the movement?
i think it does not differ than the victorinox dive master 500 with swiss quartz movemnt.
it is also made of the normal stainless steel 316 like most swiss watches.
the steel is not hardened by any means.
so at last why you see it as a tank?
go to any victorinox retailer and ask the sales man that you want to step on the watch to check its durability as victorinox annouced and he will tell you nooooo.
he can not guatantee anything from what was advertized on the inox tests.

lightspeed72 says:

I’ve been wanting this divers watch the moment I saw it a few months ago. It’s just the bee’s knees for me. I also appreciated that you put in on your wrist so that there was some perspective. I too have skinny wrists, 6″ around, may I ask if your measurements are similar? I did try the 43mm Inox and it fit beautifully, but I really want the divers watch, so if your wrist size is similar to mine, then they do look good on it and not crazy large. Let me know and thanks so much!


what Beautiful watch thick stainless steel case cal ronda 517 they make best products victorinox swiss army I want buy maverick victorinox swiss army automatic blue dial next year I’m saving money

rXn -iwnl- says:

Should I buy this?

Kierran Atchison says:

I own the original with bracelet and I love it the weight is heavy but it feels good whilst wearing it. My only criticism is the bezel does scratch very easy. 9/10 in it’s price range!

Cameron RN says:

Awesome review, I’ve really liked your channel, subd! I just bought a victorinox maverick automatic with the blue dial. First entry level Swiss automatic, thanks for putting these out and being down to earth!

Terry Uy says:

Excalibur soundtrack for the win!

Sheep Dog says:

Radiation tests. Hmmmmm. KInda gives me an idea that for end of world, prepper, and doomsday types like me, why not a watch like this with some sort of geiger counter built in? Now I want one of these!

Gunsight416 says:

If the diver was 43mm I would buy it in a heartbeat, but I’m hesitant as I have a fairly small wrists.

Jack J says:


jorge vicente caloca collado says:

you should see the Victorinox Swiss Army Men’s 241382 Alpnach Black Dial Watch

Carlos De La Cadiz says:

That red Victorinox is great looking watch.

TimeToGo Travel And Timepieces says:

I’ve had my eye on one of there for awhile. Great review. Cheers:)

cmdaltctr says:

To be honest the lume on the Inox (without the bezel) is quite dissapointing.. It lights so little after 12 hours daylight exposure… They should have applied high quality lume to it..
The diver maybe has better lume.

Sheep Dog says:

Without a doubt one of my favorite channels. Excellent presentations, intros and music.

kristenburnout1 says:

What do you think of the Vostok Amphibia? (I know some watch people don’t like them for some reason)That is automatic, waterproof to 200m, shockproof and some versions are antimagnetic. They are known to be extremely robust, (for an automatic watch at least, people have run over them with trucks and dropped them from bridges), and it only costs 50$! I have one, and it has really taken a beating during my military service last year… Still works though! Would be great to see a review of one from you! 😀

Dexter Nesbit says:

Absolutely love the diver…great size for my wrist! On my list!!! Thanks

nancy c says:

I bought the Victorinox I.N.O.X. in blue for my husband. Then purchased a green one for my son. Since my husband is not one to wear watches (I knew this) it is my favorite. I wear it all the time. May look out of place on a woman’s arm but no one has said anything. No complaints, satisfied!
I would like the Victorinox Night Vision next, just for going to the movies.

Kei Won says:

had you heard of new watch company in CA?
Seals Watch Co.
Seals Watch Model A

diamondback gorilla says:

So annoying. I was in the market for a diver and liked the inox but it was too small for my taste. If I knew this was coming I would have certainly waited. Looks great and perfect size.

Adam Greene says:

Fantasic review! Just what I was looking for…Thanks for confirming my purchase for me!

ohka on wheels says:

i love it big
and i think that this is my next watch
now i have casio gg-1000. it’s good watch but it’s too plasticy

Stephen Tomko says:

opinion question, this or the seiko solar diver ssc017 or it’s variants?

Knot Hardly says:

can’t live without my Swiss Champ

gobighdgames says:

why no mechanical movement in the two watches they are Swiss LoL

Sebastian Wolf says:

I have the Standart Version in Black, this Inox is my Favorit Watch from my Colection.I have Certina Ds1, Seiko Skx007, Seiko MVD, best Regards!

a000ab says:

It can also be used as a weapon 😀

Licenciado Motta says:

Great review brother!!! I have the standard version in black color, and yes, it feels big and heavy. Like you, i would like a smaller version too!!!!

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