Hands On Review: Samsung Black 2.1 Channel Sound Bar With Wireless Subwoofer – HW-K450/ZA

Samsung Black 2.1 Channel Sound Bar With Wireless Subwoofer – HW-K450/ZA

• Wireless Surround Sound Ready
Expand your surround system by adding the SWA-8000S Wireless Surround Kit. Enjoy the immersive clutter-free audio experience by easily connecting the additional speakers wirelessly via Wi-Fi
SWA-8000S speakers sold separately. Supplied AC power cord required.
• TV Sound Connect™
Enjoy a clutter-free home entertainment system. TV SoundConnect lets you instantly enjoy movies music and TV shows with clearer more impactful sound.
Only available on select Samsung TVs
• Surround Sound Expansion
Surround Sound Expansion delivers more realistic and immersive audio experience that feels like its coming right out of your TV.
• Samsung Audio Remote App
Control your home entertainment system from your phone or mobile device with the Samsung Audio Remote App.
Compatible Android phones can download the App
• Bluetooth Power On
Connect wirelessly for one-touch control of your Soundbar from Bluetooth-compatible devices. Simply select the Soundbar for pairing and power it on automatically for a seamless home entertainment experience.


Ralph Brown says:

could a second wireless subwoofer be added?

bkelevate says:

I am looking to get one. Can you do an unboxing/review of the SWA-8000S wireless surround expansion kit and pair it with this system? I live in an apartment (and I like all of my product brands to be the same) so I think this will be a good system for me.

apillarofash says:

Can this be hooked up directly to the TV or do you need a receiver?

jose torres says:

help, I cant seem to get my subwoofer working

MikeDaShark33 says:

can it connect the wireless rear speakers as well as a subwoofer? because I can only connect one at a time through the ID feature

Jimmy W says:

Just bought one. Concerning the connection to the TV, these instructions, http://support-us.samsung.com/cyber/popup/iframe/pop_troubleshooting_fr.jsp?idx=652437&modelname=HW-K450&modelcode=HW-K450/ZA, say to use HDMI. However, a Samsung tech told me to use the optical cable. Which is really better?

One2 says:

So does the volume work with the TV/Cable box remote or not????


Believe me i know when something has quality sound.and for the price this worth every penny. Remember SOUND QUALITY it has a decent volume but is not intended to blow your ears off

goldencamo64 says:

Bummer I’m looking for something to piss my neighbors off because they are always blasting a lot of bass

Saul Salazar says:

its starting to make popping sounds

THE BEAST 1290 says:

Im looking for a system that blows you out of your socks, or as you said has big bass. Im looking at the HEOS by denon soundbar. But there are no specs when it comes to watt etcetera. What do you recommend?

Jay Cogan says:

I have this model and the small sub-woofer just gave up one day. no luck getting it to work. Sad.

vaughnd13 says:

I was thinking about getting this soundbar and pairing it with the Samsung – 160 Watts Wireless Rear Loudspeakers
SWA-8000S/ZA.Any thoughts?

Alex Mote says:

So I bought this bundle for the tv in my room and I noticed that the driver in the subwoofer is on the side. All pictures of this model have the skinny side facing forward, but is the origin of the sound really supposed to be facing away from you? I’ve experimented pointing the driver right at me and also turning it the way it’s supposed to be (I think) but I can’t tell what sounds better.

Nicola Corato says:

hi, who has the best sound quality between samsung K450 and sony HT-CT390?

Kenny Preza says:

I bought these and barely had these for 2 months and the subwoofer sounds bad and making rumbling noise

Nick Taylor says:

I just bought one not know that my TV dosen’t have an arc HDMI port. I also do not have an optical port… smh I hooked up my PS4 to the soundbar and it works great, but I was thinking since my tv has a 3.5mm headphone jack along with the soundbar would that be a sufficent way to hook the TV into the sound bar? Thank you any help is appreciated.

Vinoth Kumar says:

May I know on which TV you tried it? I bought it for my 55MU7000. My TV already has decent bass and chilling in it’s inbuilt speakers. This one just adds like 4 to 5 % extra volume to any given video quality. No drastic difference other than the time I play mp3 music files in Bluetooth. This is a +1 addition to my list of flops 🙂

Robert R. Pickens says:

Not enough info on navigating the commands.

Ahmed Botaqy says:

How is it defferent than HW-K360/ZA?

TazeVlogs says:

what soundbars has bigger bass


love the honesty

Emre Altintas says:

Does anybody else get a weird vibration/rattle sound at SOME frequencies? Is it normal or should i return it? The soundbar itself is pretty good but the vibration thing just annoys me a bit??


awesome review when u connect through optical cable can u use the tv remote to control volume up down

Jay Esparza says:

Glad I got a confirmation on the sound base quality. Was wondering if something was not set up right because I have it on Max bass

Gray Thunder says:

This one or the LG SH4? They are both the same price. Idk which to get

Lisinski Gaming says:

I have the HW-K430 model and when I put it in bluetooth mode and then search for devices on my phone the speaker wont pop up. Any suggestions?

z28 camaro says:

I have seen samsung tv. what’s is better optical or hdmi connection?


Good shit. I have this for my man cave.

One2 says:

So to answer everybody question…You can use ANY remote to control the volume when contracted to a SAMSUNG TV with Bluetooth or HDMI. It has benne connected with HDMI or Bluetooth to work. The cable box remote works flawlessly.

I just bought the soundbar.

the40yogamer says:

how was the blue tooth range weird to see a review with out mentioning that

Misael Guzman says:

I got this about a week ago with satellite speakers for good price ($260) and I got to say its pretty good. All I need now is a 4k 65″ tv lol.

jayden johnson says:

This shit is stupid. Nobody is not showing how the installation of it.. Smh

niño Soriano says:

hi it is possible to use this sound bar to a laptop

Som Guy says:

Has anybody been able to get their samsung tv and/or cable-box remote to control the volume on this sound system?

I would prefer to not use the little remote

Silver Fox says:

will this soundbar work on a Hitachi tv?

Akram Eshoul says:

Hello I’m buying Samsung HW-K450 Soundbar (2016 Model) for my brother who lives outside US, so I need to make sure sure if it is come with AC DC Adapter 110-220 vac 50/ 50 hz or I need to use a Global AC / DC Adapter

Vijay Mohod says:

Will it work with my sony bravia w70b tv model wirelessly ?

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