GTX 1050 Ti Laptop Review – Can it do VR? – MSI Ge72 7RE Review

MSI’s first Laptop with the new (for laptops) GTX1050ti – how good is it? And can it do VR ok?

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Aimanhfz29 says:

great review!!

Zachary Zedack says:

The fans don’t sound any louder than a hard drive

YourLegion says:

5:11 Blunty ASMR.
that’s how you know it’s a great review XD

General Doggo says:

I cry when I watch this.

Sean Watson says:

Thanks for the demo of the VR. I just ordered and am waiting for an hp omen with the i7 7700 and the gtx 1050 ti. I was curious to see if it was even possible and this makes me feel comfortable that down the road I could consider picking one up and it can work. Thanks!!

Lightnin says:

Looks like a really killer laptop!

Daniel Porter says:

Wow the 1050 looks like a decent quality card. i think i would go a maximum on 15″ if i was getting a gaming notebook. Have you tested to GS43?

HD PRO says:

it’s not bad it’s specially once you think that the laptop GTX 1050 TI has half of the vram of the desktop counterpart so that means that you can actually play VR with the GTX 1050 TI

SeanRPS says:

haha, love any review, keep it up blunty!

crazyguydies says:

17 incher “Giggity” LOL

KiddsockTV says:

***Fingerprints not included. LOL What a very nice surprise. Great Review


great video

Immortalgene says:

awesome review!!

General Duck says:

Man I love these types of videos and your voice is soo soothing lol

Aethelen says:

Keep up the good work Blunty, love your vids!

BossesFantasy says:

My like is 17′ in

KWAKA says:

Just ordered one of these. Uk spec (011uk)  I think the 1050Ti is 4GB and the 1050 is 2GB. A least I hope it is.

Andreas Aronsson says:

I thought I saw the backpack review in my notifications, premature publish? 😛 Looking forward to that one, even if I believe wireless will be the way to go for me 😮 Feels a bit overkill to get a second almost identical but back-packable computer 😡 That said, I will have to try my brother’s 1060 laptop for emulated backpack VR whenever I visit him the next time…

GreenDave113 says:

I have read that this laptop’s GPU thermal throttles. Did it thermal throttle for you? I want to buy the 15″ model and I can’t find any reviews for that.

LancerGTYes says:

I used to have the 15in Apache Pro with the 970m overclocked to hell inside it.

Damn does MSI make amazing laptops. They’re to die for performance-wise.

G P S says:

can you review a good 14” or 13” inch gaming laptop

Kevin McCrudden says:

Your Voice. “The Good Cringe”

GGPC says:

Now all we need is 120hz game capture o/

Neumonic Videos says:

laptop with 1050ti is not far cheaper than the one with 1060, get the 1060 instead its significantly better

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