Grand Seiko SBGX093 Watch Review | aBlogtoWatch

Grand Seiko SBGX093 Watch Review | aBlogtoWatch

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Ariel Adams reviews the super elegant and highly accurate Grand Seiko SBGX093 watch.

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1000lightyrs says:

I can understand why you love this one. The dial, case, bracelet, proportions are all very pleasing to look at. And I could watch that second hand ticking around the dial forever I think, I was becoming hypnotized lol.

Pieter P. says:


itsKibble Talks Watches says:

Beautiful watch! My favourite GS has to be the limited edition SBGR097 :O

MrPleers says:

Did I hear 3000 dollar ? For a quarz Seiko ?

officialpartychannel says:

I would only be an automatic grand Seiko. Quartz always reminds me of fashion watches, I can’t handle that.

MrJeronimo94 says:

I love watches! But for me the movement is not that important, however the design is! I respect all the work that goes into creating mechanical movements, but in the end what matters to me is great design.

tdebug says:

I like size and design, but this is just insanely overpriced quartz watch.

chillwill120 says:

Stop shaving your arms you weirdo

Should I Smoke This? says:

From one YouTube creator to another (who is honestly enjoying this channel very much overall so far) – please stop saying “um” so much. It’s the only thing that really gives these otherwise super-professional, high-quality videos a really amateur feel.

Roelf van der Merwe says:

Quartz?! Nooooooooooooo

RejZoR says:

Ever seen Citizen’s Eco Drive second hand ticking? I have an E111 powered Eco-Drive Titanium and not only it’s absolutely silent, it makes ZERO noise during second hand movement, it also strikes every second with such confidence it’s amazing. And it was a 250€ watch. The second hand just strikes every second with absolutely no wiggle. I have no clue how Citizen does it, but it’s almost scary. It doesn’t strike seconds as accurately as Casio Oceanus though. Oceanus makes a slight tick noise on each second hand movement, but it strikes second markers with absolute perfection and zero wiggle. Anyway, still like this GrandSeiko. Just not sure about the magnetism thing. Aren’t quartz movements anti-magnetic by itself to insane levels even if you have the cheapest quartz movement money can buy?

John Eli says:

didn’t show case back. Nice watch

Will Vautrain says:

I have this same watch… absolutely amazing. If I had to have only one watch for the rest of my life, it would be a tough call between this and my Rolex Explorer II 16570 polar dial.

ditbot says:

I just came home from Japan with my first Grand Seiko. I watched this video all the way back in October and never thought I’d end up with this model, but I did. It’s the Silver Dial version (SBGX093) and it’s amazing. Absolutely worth the money compared to the sea of crappy Swiss mechanical watches out there for the same price. They cannot hold a candle to the finishing of this dial and case. I’m so happy with it.

craik says:

Will they ever introduce Solar movement to the GS, I wonder. That should be a big hit, if it’s as accurate as this one.

Alan c says:

Answer to the milgauss? It’s a Quartz seiko!

kenngykful says:

which 99% low level quartz watch couldn’t

DerpEye says:

The answer to the Milgauss is the mechanical model with that magnetic resistance.

chillwill120 says:

It is not a Seiko Grand Seiko SBGX093, it is a Grand Seiko SBGX093

Joe Sax says:

Gorgeous piece , and I love the accuracy , but I dont think I could ever justify spending over 2 G’s on a quartz watch .

maximoplf says:

I prefer the snowflake dial, but this one is quite elegant.

RosenFiddlesYou says:

It’s ever so nice and I love all grand seikos and their significance. Their quartz are super accurate and sweep with no wiggle and perfectly aligned with markers. The thing is, I wouldn’t spend so much on a quartz, it’s missing that little bit of excitement but overall a beautiful watch suitable for any collection of a watch enthusiast

harry cronos says:

Grail watch

chillwill120 says:

39mm is a great size, not small at all

Jake Jones says:

Hey, amigo…The actual word for that ring around the dial, whether with or without chapter ring printed on it, is “réhaut” , which is a French word. If you want to use this word directly in English, it’s more accurately pronounced not “ree-hout” but as “ray – ho”. Cheers!

Nathan Black says:

My grail watch!

goldsaint7 says:

quartz > mechanical. especially this quartz.

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