Google Pixel C Review Re-Do [2017]

The Google Pixel C has been reviewed, re-reviewed, and reviewed again. So why go back to the well once more? Because the Google Pixel C is still the best Android tablet there is – at least, for me. Fifteen months after I bought the Pixel C, I’m still in love with its industrial design and unique magnetic keyboard, and I still default to the Pixel C every time I want to leave the house without the bulk of my MacBook Pro. But for $599 plus $149 for the keyboard, is it really worth it? The answer … is no. Actually, it’s “HELL no.” But if you can find a Pixel C on sale, as has been known to happen, I think you’re gonna have a great time. Join me for MrMobile’s Pixel C Review Re-Do for 2017!



Google Pixel C Keyboard:

Google Pixel C:

Smart Keyboard for 9.7″ iPad Pro:

iPad Pro:

Sandisk Extreme 510 SSD:

RAVPower 20100mAh Portable Charger:

Anker USB-C to 3-Port USB 3.0 Hub w/ Ethernet Adapter:

Webcam Shield:


Sparkle 2 by 10tons:


MrMobile’s Google Pixel C Review Re-Do [2017] was produced following 15 months of Pixel C usage on a retail device purchased by Michael Fisher. The device has run both stock and Beta builds of Android.


Android Central Pixel C Review:

Pocketnow Pixel C Review:

The Best Android Tablet of 2017:


“The Ballad of MrMobile.” Mobile Nations, 2016

“Active Network” by Olive Musique, available at Premium Beat:



Custom thumbnail by Jose Negron, Mobile Nations


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Shubham Rakheja says:

Congratulations on the 300k subscribers!

sha106b says:

Android 7.1.2 brings some pretty big changes to the Pixel C, which makes the Pixel name now make sense.

Shocky says:

The price is still justified for the tablet at least, it’s still the most powerful Android tablet on the market.

Snapdragon 821 based tablets will start to challenge it and hopefully Google will lower the price to bring it in line with competition, but considering the age of Pixel C it’s pretty impressive that right now there is still no competition for this tablet, well nothing that runs Android anyway.

The keyboard is overpriced though, it’s neat but it’s still just a keyboard.

zerocool says:

I swapped out a Tab S2 for one of these, I like the blazing fast CPU/UI and resolution. I hope the Tab S3 is an updated version of this.

Aleck Maccarone says:

just buy a surface

Eliseo E. Barrera says:

Hi, could you possibly do a review on the Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 with s pen ? Specifically how good the pressure sensitive stylus is ?

Leonardo Borges says:

review surface pro 4 please

Jacob Garner says:

I think that the Google team needs to add a track pad into the keys. It doesn’t have the space for a separate track pad but it could use something like the Blackberry Mercury idea. That would add some serious productivity. Maybe finally add that finger print reader too.

Martell Tha Cool says:

I want this if Google doesn’t discontinuing Google Pixel C

mr. zombie says:

“I’m Micheal Fisher and i am the fastest man alive”

Will Klein says:

Still loving our Pixel C. Wife didn’t want one, but now it’s practically hers. General web browsing, email, YouTube, Kindle reading, all preferred on the Pixel over both a 13″ MacBook Air and 15″ Pro. We have great phones too (Pixel, Nexus 5x), but love the form factor of the Pixel C for sitting on the couch. We skipped on the keyboard, instead we use an Anker tablet stand which works great in portrait view. Hoping a new Nexus 7 comes out so we can get a second tablet so we don’t have to share so much!

Jobaa87 says:


Samsung Chromebook Plus/Pro or Asus Chromebook Flip 2 convert to tablets. Much smarter buys than this, tbh

BetterThanEver says:


stanley bass says:

I got mine in February last year with a “google developer” discount. It has been a worthwhile experience. Upgraded from a nexus 10.

Nima Abbaspour says:

@MrMobile please review the samsung tabpro its awsome!

Liam Gratehouse says:

Good God, that ‘Active Network’ music is so beautiful, but why should I pay 49$ for it??

Gaming and Console Tech says:

Michael as always that was an awesome video…. love the style you bring to your reviews.

Ernesto Amigacho says:

The price is fucking insane .

lzbulgaria1 says:

can you re-visit the Nexus 9 as well please ? Great vids by the way 🙂

Will Aird says:

was that a Monty Python reference???

Travis Chong says:

loving the substantial thick bezels

Patrick Khwela says:

Liked the video because it was done really well as usual, but this device is trash and I still don’t understand why people would use it over a Windows or Linux pc.

Rory Good says:

I’ve been having a load of bugs show up on mine and I have to bring it back to the retailer

wyatt Kraemer says:


Christian Meyer says:

I don’t know what Tablet to buy. 🙁

A Godbee says:

May we use wi-fi on this item, THANKS!

Dinesh Singh Rawal says:

hey mrmobile micheal fisher plz make a video re-do of 3 years old iphone 6+ after 3 years later

hemant bhanot says:

DO NOT BUY THIS TABLET! I had this and had to exchange it 5 times before calling google and getting a refund. All those 5 tablets that I exchanged had defects.

Renan Batista says:

its kinda a weird thing to say but even though we, pixel C owners, get android directly from the creator, The creator seems to keep sending trash updates. Everytime i notice that there is an update on my pixel C, even if its only a security update, i get excited thinking that they will solve the speakers and keyboard bugs. But no, they just send some crapy updates. TOo bad for a beautiful device with the latest Tegra Nvidia chipset.

Vít Hudec says:

Giving like for the Monty Python joke.

Oleg Koorza says:

Just wanted to remind you, guys, if you wanted to buy it: there is no LTE module, no built-in GPS as well, both cameras are pretty bad and it has only 3 gigs of RAM.

So, consider looking at some Samsung tablets, which have all of this with better specs and more adequate price.

Kieran Galbraith says:

I could get a slightly used Pixel C with Keyboard for 400€ should I do it?!

Giles Turner says:

I love this tablet, but have had to change twice due to fatal issues (eg touch screen malfunction).

DeAnna Hundley says:

this video made me want to buy a pixel c i won’t even lie. BUT, the prices EVERYWHERE are still crazy expensive. unfortunate. one of my favorite videos of yours.

Mercury Cater says:

It’s a Nintendo switch

Bruce Cox says:

I wonder if it will get android 8, what I hate generally is after 1 year or so no more updates of OS.(by most manufactures) I tend to keep things a long time went from a S3 to S7 so 4.4 to 6.0(now 7.0) so buying a tablet is the same keep long as possible

Amjad Hamed says:

Favorite channel

Furkan Kader says:

The pixel c should have lpddr4 and not lpddr3 RAM 🙂

Edward Eudave says:

I got lucky on eBay last year and got the Pixel C for $470 with the keyboard

LaVon Cochran says:

Bought a Pixel C two weeks ago. Pretty much a nightmare. It bricked itself 30 minutes out of the box. Went into a reboot loop of “no command”. Others online have said similar things. I returned it. I loved the look, but to have something I just paid $800 for brick itself on the first day? Way too upsetting.

wero454 says:

this (with keyboard accesory), or Samsung Galaxy Tab with keyboard accesory?
or the $200 dll Nvidia tablet, and a keyboard accesory?

Primary fuctions: netflix, youtube (tutoring, UCSD computer architecture videos, Discrete Systems class), social media, word processing for C++ coding

Patrick says:

tablets have good performance for the price(except this one)…but need to bigger! Great battery,display, able use android programs, but 10-12.5 displays are just too small for actual work! Love my toshiba chromebook 2…amazing 13.3 display, non-Bluetooth keyboard ok battery life, cannot run android programs or does not have touch display.

Technosquid says:

3:20 “JumpDrive” is a trademarked brand name of Lexar, and by far my least favorite name brand word association for a Flash Drive.

Haoliang Jiang says:

what kind of stylus does pixel c support?

Neonkenny HD says:

I own a pixel C I love it but games like asphalt 8 and NFS most wanted look pixelated on max graphics thus making it stutter I’ve heard it’s because of its huge screen (resolution) being too high but other than that I love it

MrBrengulis says:

what are the wallpapers used in this video? Anyone care to share?

Felipe Augusto says:

After the Buzz?

Mobile Master says:

Has anyone told you that you look like like Tony p from mystery men? You know, the white disco guy?

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