Gokaiger GOKAI CELLULAR: EmGo’s Super Sentai Reviews N’ Stuff

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Joey Ellison says:

I think goki silver might be a nice guy

Tyrantron says:

When the phone lists the Different rangers Shinkengold should be after the Go-onwings not before.

Sec Pendragon says:

AND THEY TOOK THE TIME TO PUT IN A 555 COMBINATION WITHOUT THE KAMEN RIDER FAIZ HENSHIN?! Well, universes don’t usually go well when mixed (Brings up Kamen Rider Decade) I rest my case. (Brings up Gokaiger and Super Hero Taisen) Gah, knew that was gonna come back to bite me…

joachim soulere says:

He should be called the the freakin idiot

Nozrul Islam says:

can you give me the Morpher

Josh A says:

HEATO ENDO! Oh sorry wrong thing.

Tim Walsh says:

Hey emgo,in the show gai does turn into main team members as well as the 6tn rangers and vice-versa,but this doesn’t happen often

Camtron says:

They messed up on the all 6th ranger role call they switched shinken gold and the go on wings, i am disappointed japan

Shounda Thompson says:

yes you did

TerrorMaskHost234 says:

Emgo,make more skits plz!

Heart of Bladez says:

Whenever I hear a 1-2-3 digit I expect…

1. OOOs to have a combo ready
2. Drive uses Attack 1-2-3
3. Kabuto uses RIDER KICK!

jason bougie says:

whats a good site to watch Mirai Sentai Timeranger

CoMan77 Osorio says:

What ranger in Gokai Cellular do you like best? Like obviously Gokai Silver, TimeFire and Dragon Ranger.

Sec Pendragon says:

Kamen Rider OOO Rangers Keys, PLZ!

dedly kuenn says:

They coulda put NFC chips into at least the 6th ranger keys so it would be less bulky and make more money with the gimmicks. Kinda ironic, since OOO ran alongside Gokaiger.

MrOmegasis says:

Number 7 is Hurricanger green,
American show is ninja storm green samurai ranger.
pohone ses Hurricanger, but that what moves the red thing down makes it sound shurikenger.

Posion says:

lol emgos voice in speed 2 in settings its like blurr

erikholmysti says:

To anyone buying the Gokai Celluar from Bbts, is the bandai Asia version. Sound sucks (worse than Mobirates bandai Asia version). Send it back get a refund, if you bought it and are unhappy with it (their listing, as of 7/31, does not warn or mention this)

Demonknight 1000 says:

Like the key

Joey Ellison says:

Evolution of technology at its finest

19silver95 says:


>no Faiz sounds

I am disappoint

Necromstorm Necrom says:

Are you doing the hao lion

The Legendary Special1 says:

R u gonna get more ranger keys??

Demonknight 1000 says:

Emgo will you be doing the Gold mode for Gokai Silver?

Nine Tails Of The Moon says:

This Gokai Celluar Morpher Way Better Than The Stupid Super Mega Force Silver Ranger Morpher That Loriplan Reviewed, No Offense To Loriplan Her Reviews Are Awesome

Nathan Harris says:

i wish the American version of this toy was like the Gokai Cellar

Avery Kasch says:

Super mega force was just a big steaming pile of shit …. But dino charge is freakin awesome have you been watching it and so how are you liking it

John Evans says:

Dunno if anyone pointed it out already, but the DX version Gold Anchor Key came with Ranger Key Set 5 (also has: Shurikenger, Magishine, Dekabreak, & Shinkengold).

Roberto Carlos Ramirez says:

gosei night g

Noob Power says:

You think he was enthusiastic have you seen Nobuo from Akibaranger?!?….. also are you going to get the Kamen Rider OOO ranger keys?

Dalton Hartsfield says:

love gokaiger. keep doing your thing emgo, much love

Nikhil B says:

howz matscot review channel going onn em!

Trey Ambrose says:

they totally should have made a kamen rider reference for the code “5-5-5”

Derek Gregg says:

I am with you emgo super mageforce sucked and awesome review by the way.

thetruehellfiregaming says:

301 club?

erikholmysti says:

Actually, I found it frustrating find a master list of codes and translations. So I cobbled together info and put it in my blog. Check it out:


shah ghani says:

emgo! the number six button on the gokai cellular is the samrai gold ranger in america emgo316

Andrew Lewis says:

The Japs are great with their translations, I dunno how they do it. The word Gokai means hero or heroic, so when they say Gokai change, its a heroic change, or changing into a hero! Pretty awesome, thats why it said Gokai-ni Ikuze! Let’s go heroically!

Julio Cordero says:

Could you review DX Lion Ha-Oh on your next video?

James McDavid says:

4:18 Yep, you got them all! Those are indeed the designations of all of those Sixth Rangers!

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