Genuine Military Watches – Marathon Diver Review & Comparison – Medium & GSAR Full Size Automatic

Today I review and compare Marathon’s newest versions of their Swiss made flagship automatic diver watches. These extremely reasonably priced and robust timepieces now come in both full and medium size. Not only are they built like tanks but they have an outstanding attention to detail, extremely high quality and reliable performance. Marathon are a legendary Canadian brand that have been making watches for almost a century and for various military organisations and governments since World War II. These watches are the real deal. Many watches these days claim to be “military watches” but don’t have the proven track record.

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Matthew Norzan says:

hi guys, i’m seriously considering this or the JDD. My wrist is just a little over 7 inches. anyone think the JDD might be too big for me?

Frantisek Kurcik says:

I would say that Luminox Recon Point Man has better functionality. It has a walking speed markings, the bezel has also tritium tube so it doesn’t fade out, it has smaller weight and is also Swiss made.

Jibran Mohammadi says:

Pure Class! I haven’t taken my GSAR regular size off since Sunday!! Amazing quality!! I can’t stop looking at it!! Should I get the bracelet with it or NATOs?

Zsmart says:

Had no idea Marathon was Canadian. I love tool watches and this looks like a great value. I also really want to get a Sinn.

Big E says:

inspirational. I bought the Gsar 41mm.

tacdriver22mk2 says:

no tritium or H3 doesn’t get “charged” its continually the same brightness and lasts for 15-25 years

the actual radioactive decay of the hydrogen is what gives it the glow

Clayton Ayers says:

Did you say what size your wrists were? I also have a submariner and it fits nicely in the middle of my wrist, I only have 7 inch wrists so I am not sure about the size of the full size GSAR? I also have a LUMINOX original navy seals watch which measures roughly 44 mm lug to lug, and it fits comfortably on my wrist. Any information would be much appreciated thank you.

Carlos Angeles says:

TGV – What is your opinion of Victorinox Watches?

1ceCold037 says:

what size wrist do you have?

Axel Tulip says:

Selling my Marathon Tsar divers watch now!

avalonmed11 says:

I’ve decided on buying a Marathon. I need a really good “beater” watch. I already own several Rolexes including a SeaDweller, so I don’t have to have another automatic. I was going to go with a Citizen Eco-Drive, but have decided on the Marathon, as they are awesome and are so well made. So here’s the question: Do I get the TSAR or the GSAR?

maitrehg says:

I just received my gsar on ss bracelet and I can not be happier. The quality is amazing and and the watch appears to be bullet proof! I sold all my Submariner homage watches. I realized this was not for me. My ultimate goal is always the Rolex Submariner but meanwhile my gsar gives me full satisfaction.

Akaimayn says:

I cant stop going back to watching this vid, that watch looks amazing.
Definitely going to look into getting one of these, they look hard as nails.

William Albert says:

It’s quite common for expats to keep a clock set to the time back home. I know a gentleman who who keeps a wall clock set to Irish time so as not to call his folks back in the old country at an odd hour. Those are great looking watches but if I were to own one, I would wear it on my right hand to avoid that crown having its’ way with the back of my left hand. My next watch will be a diver with the crown at the four o’clock position and tritium lum.

igotnoideawhattoput says:

Can someone explains to me why the Marathons use mechanical movement? I thought a quartz movement would be better suited to military use due to better affordability and accuracy.

XM331637 says:

Super review as always TGV, happy holidays.cheers.

Ritch Flynn says:

Great looking watch – loving the tool watch reviews on the channel

Knife Nut says:

what kind of work do you do where you can afford all of these watches?

Brian Bourgeois says:

Just ordered mine today. So excited. Really great review as well.

Shawn Chinnery says:

As a Canadian i love Marathon and own quite a few….glad to see you showing them some attention….cheers

Shawn Chinnery says:

Was curious if you have any thoughts on the CWC auto diver….I’ve been interested in it for awhile…cheers

tanakattack says:

the tritium is radioactive. It’s always glowing. You just can’t see it during the day because it’s not bright enough. It will last about 10 – 12 years before they completely die out.

Red Comet says:

This was an excellent and comprehensive review. I’ve been looking at the “medium” diver’s watch for a little while now and this video might just have pushed me over the edge.

Might I ask what is your wrist size? I’ve got fairly small ones myself, 6 inch circumference, with a “width/diameter” of approximately 47 to 50mm. With no access to try them on in person, I’m concerned the medium might not fit me.

Malik Knows says:

You forgot the USMC version.

Risto Laineste says:

TGV, have you tested any Lemania 5100 watches? I don’t think you can buy them new anymore, but I’m sure there are some NOS.

Rogue Five says:

Dude whats up with the creepy gloves

johnnyasus86 says:

english version of tony abbott

Pasquale Spagnuolo says:

Nice one, I love it! But I am unable to find here in Europe… 🙁

DebugOutput says:

Hey TGV, great review, thanks. I am a new subscriber to your channel and this was of particular interest as I am currently awaiting delivery of the Marathon GSAR (full size) from the UK AD. Although I’ve got the same size wrists as you at 6.5″ I have gone for the full size version as my current daily wear is a Bremont Supermarine 500 which is pretty big (43mm case, 17mm height) so after that I hope this one feels about normal :). Just wanted to say that I appreciate your videos, I like your review style and I enjoy your passion for watches. Have you done any Bremont reviews yet? I haven’t searched your videos but as a Brit who likes divers watches you should check out the Supermarine, I love mine!

midoribookstore says:

The depth of the watch is due to the hands needing to be spaced apart in order for the tritium vials to properly clear each other during rotation. I’ve got my GSAR on a nice sturdy NATO strap and I love it utterly.

Dylan L says:

You converted me. I’m selling my Hamilton Khaki for a Quartz TSAR. It seems like an ultimate beater.

Cory Kessler says:

TGV, is there any way you could make a video discussing different military watch brands, not just Marathon. I love your channel by the way. I watch your videos every day. Keep the good work.

Gary Xu says:

The pieces look beautiful – perhaps Marathon can make them into hand grenades. Might as well – they look like they can take on tanks!

SmokeRingsPipeDreams says:

I would guess the large bezel and crown are so military personal can use this watch while wearing gloves.

torresg76 says:

What are the part numbers for the watches?

Carl Jacobsen says:

I had to come say – the review says, “the tritium stays lit most of the night”. No, it glows continuously for _decades_. Not very bright, but always there. You don’t notice it during the daytime, but it’s ready any time it’s dark. It doesn’t drop off over the hours, the way any other lume does. It’s an entirely different technology – the phosphor is not giving off light because it’s temporarily absorbed energy from other light sources, it’s giving off light because it has a minute quantity of tritium gas sealed in each tiny glass tube, along with the phosphor.

Adam Mathews says:

Great review. I really like the look of these aggressive tool cases and bezels. Hard to know what size would look good on a 7″ wrist. I feel like one might be too big the other too small. What size is your wrist?

Lincoln Gould says:

Hey TGV. Iv been eating pannetone for the past 2 weeks. Just wanted to bring up a point about the Sellita sw200 movement… isn’t it almost identical to the ETA 2824-2? I beleive Eta lost their patent to theirs allowing other manufacturers to copy the design. I may be wrong but if you know otherwise do correct me.
Merry christmas!

S Soliman says:

I wanted to echo the question below about TGV’s wrist size. I am trying to decide between the medium and full size, and knowing TGV’s wrist size, or at least a range, would help a lot. I tried searching other places but couldn’t find anything. Any help or info from TGV or anyone else? Thanks.

Weird Science says:

Hate the auto. Quartz is much tougher and care free. Besides the Government only issues the Quartz.

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