Garmin fenix 3 vs. 920XT – REVIEW – Best GPS Watch

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Garmin fenix 3 review vs. Garmin Forerunner 920XT review — likely the two best GPS watches out there right now. Also, probably the two best triathlon watches out there as well. Garmin just makes really great devices and I love reviewing them.

I have done a Garmin fenix 3 review and I will do a Garmin 920XT review here in the near future. The fenix 3 is an outdoorsman’s watch combined with a triathlon watch, while the 920XT is a dedicated triathlon watch. They have similar battery life at 40-50 hours in GPS mode and about 7 days on average. Additionally, they are both really good activity trackers–probably some of the best fitness trackers on the market. Both have full-color, sunlight readable displays and support multiple sport profiles, including a multisport/triathlon one. Moreover, both pair with heart rate monitors, footpods, and speed/cadence sensors. They each sync via Bluetooth 4.0, USB, and Wi-Fi.

There’s so much more to say so check out my full post here!

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Gina Browse says:

Great vid Jeff. I heard that there were GPS reliability issues with the Fenix, do you know if these still exist or have things improved? Cheers

Cave Edico says:

arghh!! which one is better fenix 3 or 920xt? Both have the same features or no ?

Douglas Fonseca says:

great advise

Andrew Arnold says:

So you’re saying I can sneak the Fenix past the Fiancee whereas she might notice the 920XT?! 😉

Small Robot says:

I was literally on the brink of buying the sapphire fenix 3 last month ( as cheap as £330 in UK now, inc. HRM) until I started to read the garmin forums. Constant complaints about bad GPS coverage, inaccurate results and generally buggy / crashey device. You experienced anything like that?

I have a v800 at mo and it’s pretty flawless apart from flowsync, it’s rubbish. But I so want the Fenix

sskfrey says:

Have u paired it with a cycling powermeter?

taan42000 says:

Great breakdown Jeff.

wagsbass says:

nice comparison.

rokeitor says:

just that i wan to watch, thanx mate nice video my prefred fenix 3 red belt…

劉仁光 says:

thanks for your detail explanation ^^

Davor Mitrović says:

How u get crossfit on fenix3?

M Micky says:

i bought the fenix 3. love it. but it is heavier. isn’t the 920 xt 25 grams lighter than fenix 3?

Matthew Risley says:

You produce videos that call for way more subscribers than you have. Keep up the good work!

Ps: will a forerunner 25 review be coming soon??

quito2382 says:

hey Jeff, i do alot of obstacle course races. Tough Mudder, Spartan, etc., is the Fenix 3 a good choice for that environment?

Emrah Gulden says:

I hear a lot of comments about 920 xt vs Fenix 3. They usually say that data and mesaurements on 920 xt is more accurate than the Fenix??

Snorre Liljegren says:

Link to full post dosent work 🙁

Vearya Vat says:

Does any of those two watches need the heart rate monitor strap? or do they have their built-in wrist heart monitor?

Andrew Smith says:

I have the 920xt and love it, very nice fit and looks great. the strap is soft and comfortable

getfitover40 says:

Great comparison review, very similar features but the Fenix just looks so much more rugged and for only $50 more I would go for it for sure just based on looks alone 😉

Cesar Rodriguez says:

You look a lot like my homeboy Scott.

Sports.Punk Bastian says:

Like it! But a question: did u discover any problems with the fenix? I heard of bugs with the gps… Thanks!

101fatfreddy says:

Hi Jeff great video as always, here in Australia the Fenix 3 cost $120 more than 920XT knowing this would you still buy the Fenix 3 over the 920XT?

Christian G says:

does the garmin 920 have its own heart rate sensor, or do you need a monitor strap…

paul barton says:

re swapping between a metal and silicone strap, is it easy enough to be practical? Would you do it daily for instance?
It’s one area Apple has nailed it.

Oscar Chalupsky says:

Good video’s how do you put 4 fields onto your Fenix is there a video?

Adrian Tap says:

A little mistake: the 920xt has a life of 15-15:30h in normal gps mode. Tested 🙂

Jérôme HENRY says:

thanks for this overview, i am now able to choose with more aguments

Nick _Medina says:

Jeff, I’m literally trying to decide as I type, which is the better Garmin for ME. I weight train mostly, run on the treadmill occasionally, and bike in the summer when I can. What’s the best watch IYO for that kind of activity? I’m worried the Fenix may be too much watch for me, and others too little! HELP!!

Brian Simonetti says:

Very nice comparison review Jeff, both watches go well with your Lulu knock off gear 😉

magna59 says:

Nice …….. first time I ‘ ve seen yourself . Nice review & great that we can hear the info , ‘cus you turn the muzac down to minimal . Keep up the great work .

Zach and Rachel Dyer says:

I love having good information before buying a product. You do a great job at being objective and giving relevant and reliable information. Keep it up! I’m going to get the Fenix3. Thanks for the help!

AlexeyDnepr says:

Fenix 3 vs. 920XT. Who win?

Brian Nielsen says:

Although Garmin watches aren’t smart watches, they seriously need to learn a few things from smart watch makers like Apple and Huawei in regards to hassle free setup, use and integration. Garmin’s products are… clumsy at best, despite still being the most comprehensive fitness trackers available.

The God Effect says:

Not sure if this was mentioned, but it appears the Garmin 920XT has a plastic crystal whereas the Fenix 3 even without the Sapphire, has at least a more durable mineral crystal. That makes a big difference in my book as the scratches on my cycling Garmin Edge 500 with acrylic face make it annoying to look at.


Hey people! Thanks for watching. I really hope you enjoyed this video. If you decide that you want to buy the 920XT or fenix3 and you don’t care which retailer you go through, please consider buying with my good friends at They help keep RizKnows up and running. Here are the links:
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Steven M says:

The Fenix 3 is too big for my wrist.

Joseph Herber says:

Thanks again Jeff! Just started watching your videos and I find them excellent, informative and helpful. Please keep going!

Will Forger says:

how much time the battery can handle in one day?

Alexis Soriano says:

Jeff is taking the world by storm, don’t forget us when you’re famous!

1QWEST143 says:

Thank you

Fit50Guy says:

Can anyone comment on what features are useful for crossfit and HIIT training? Can it monitor HR and estimate calories, etc, without a chest strap?

mikes1929 says:

I’d love a Fenix 3, but now you can get a 920xt with the HR bundle for $250.

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